• Show Date: 25/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Cheltenham & DCS – 25th February 2018
Bearded Collie
Post Graduate (3,2) 1st Styles’ Ragellie Timeless JW. 3yr B of good shape, feminine head with good width of skull and depth of muzzle. Nice neck into well made front. Level topline to a well made rear. True straight flowing mover with correct tail carriage. BOB Open (2,1) 1st Griffiths’ Nellbrook It’s A Mystery at Whizzbomb Nice 4yr D with pleasing head and eye. Nice overall shape, well made fore and aft with level topline and correct tail set and carriage. Good coat, just not as clean on the move as the B. RBOB Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Junior (3,1) 1st Knight & Malinowski’s Nothing Compare To U Du Bois Du Tot. 10mth D. Nice young man with pleasing head shape and good ears. Well made with a nice straight front, good body shape, well angulated rear and coat coming on well. Not quite settled on the move and seemed distracted by the B. RBOB & BP 2nd Davies’ Bonvivant Mistique**. 10mth B and what a lovely youngster. Super head and ears, good neck and body, well made fore and aft. Rather hormonal today which made her difficult to assess fully but once settled she moves well. Very promising once she settles down. Open (1,0) 1st Knight’s Legacy Av Vikholmen (Imp Nor) 5yr mature D with lovely head and eye. Well made forehand and correct topline to a well angulated rear. A bit out of coat but full of quality. Rather distracted by his mum at ringside but did settle and showed he could move well. BOB
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Terveuren) Junior (1,0) 1st Church & Kirk’s Invanse Indecent Proposal. 7mth B. What a sweetie. Beautiful head and eye with a lovely mask and super ears. Well made throughout and stands so naturally. Lovely body shape with good topline and tailset. A true mover but somewhat distracted by what was going on around her but once she learns her craft I look forward to judging her again. RBOB & BP Open (2,1) 1st Fletcher, Finnigan & Church’s Invanse Red Hot 2yr D. What a lovely boy. Liked his size and shape, pleasing head with nice mask. Good eyes and ears. Well made straight front, correct topline and well angulated rear. Super mover, true and clean plus correct in profile. Good tail carriage. BOB
Rough Collie Junior (2,1) 1st Benton & Smith’s Brooklynson El Dorado. 17mth. Still young and raw but with loads of promise. What a super head, long, lean, correct planes, nice eyes and good ears. Love his overall shape with his correct front and rear assemblies. Correct topline & tailset. True on the move coming & going, driving in profile and nice to see correct tail carriage. BOB Post Graduate (1,0) 1st Skinner’s Samhaven Time Is Money with Nikal. 3yr Tri B. Pretty B. Defined stop but nice eyes and very mobile ears. Well made fore and aft with nice forechest. Moves a little close but ok in profile. Open (1,0) 1st Farthing’s Ladnar one More Time for Didek Small feminine 5yr Tri B. Another with a little too much stop and ears could be better placed. Well made front and carrying a good ruff. Nice overall shape and good rear. Good tailset and carriage. Better mover of the 2, true coming and going, ok in profile with just enough drive. RBOB 2nd Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud To Be Back. 6yr Tri D. another with good overall shape, masculine through head and strong in stop. Ears rather wide. Well made fore and aft. Not as true coming and going as the winner, ok in profile with good tail carriage.
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Junior (1,0) 1st Bransby’s Mybeards Lexa. 10mth B. What a lovely balanced young lady. Love her size and outline. Pleasing head and eye, well made forehand with good lay of shoulders over good ribs , short loin and well made rear. Moves steady and true with presence and attitude. A lovely youngster. RBOB & BP Open (1,0) 1st Shrieves’ Mybeards Hope 20m and wow, another lovely B. Super shape and size, feminine head of good width and nice eye. So well made fore and aft. On the move she is so steady and precise with good tail carriage. BOB
Samoyed Junior (3,1) two very nice youngsters. 1st Dudek’s Easy To Love Carpathian White Smile for Blossomrain (Imp Svk). 16mth D. Loved this young mans shape. Oozes type and quality. Super head with dark eye, correct ears and good pigment. Well made forehand with forechest, good bone and straight front. Short coupled to a well made and well muscled rear. Correct tailset and carriage. Super mover, true, steady and with drive. Lovely. 2nd Lloyd’s Arianrhod Ghost Dance. 14mth B and another nice youngster. Pretty feminine head with good eyes and ears. A little longer cast than 1 but still balanced. Also not as tidy on the move. Open (5,2) Good class with 3 nice dogs. 1st Hunt’s Glynsam White Dream at Artisam 5yr D, just preferred his overall shape, head and ears over his brother. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders. Nice head with good ears and pigment. True straight mover with reach and drive in profile who presents a lovely picture on the stand. BOB 2nd Caudwell’s Glynsam Solar Storm. Litter brother to 1 with a number of similarities but also a number of differences. Shorter in back and hence squarer with a shorted muzzle. Preferred his eyes. Just as well made fore and aft but being shorter coupled he was not and tidy or as fluid on the move but still had the quality for RBOB
AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (5,2) 1st Kass’ Fostebrie Venchi Star at Kimarlaz. 7mth Briard D. Liked his outline & head. Pleasing eye and dark mask. Good neck and shoulders with nice forechest & straight front. Deep well sprung ribs. Lovely rear angles. Steady and true on the move. BP 2nd Head’s Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead. 8mth Cardigan Corgi B. Nice youngster with pleasing head and ears. Well made front with good forechest. Nice shape and well angled rear. Moved well with attitude. Post Graduate (8,2) 1st Southron’s Kastobri Dreamed A Dream. 20mth Briard B. Lovely shape, balanced and with pleasing head. Good neck and shoulders flowing into level topline, deep chest, ribbed back to nicely angled rear. Steady true mover. RBAVNSC 2nd Forman’s Suzdons Blue Raffaello. 22mth Masculine GSD. Super head and ears. Good front assembly with well laid shoulders and good forechest. Deep chest back to strong loin and well muscled rear. Moved well and made the ring look small. Open (3,0) 1st Such’s Norlyght Biassono 7yr Pyranean Sheepdog. What a super dog. Well made with a lovely head and eye. Balanced with good topline. Impressed by his coat, especially the coards. Well muscled and angled rear. Won through on his type, movement and presence. BAVNSC 2nd Cowley’s Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli. 4yr Puli. Very close call between these 2. Mature D, well made and carrying a full coat. True fluid mover.
AV Pastoral Puppy (5,2) 1st Head’s Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead. Corgi 2nd in AVNSC Puppy 2nd Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Rock Star. 7mth Lancashire Heeler. Not sure of her new surroundings today but did start to relax by the end and was much happier. Pleasing head and ears, well made front and lovely forechest. Level topline and well angled rear. Moved better once settled. Post Graduate (8,4) 1st Greening’s Kanamaren Hold My Heart. 19mth Border Collie. Lovely young B, eyecatching and of nice shape and size. Femenine head with dark eye but her ears can be a little wayward at times. Well put together with super front, level topline and good rear. Moved well. Well presented and handled. 2nd Such’s Norlyght Satu Juta. 4yr, Pyranean Sheepdog. Pretty feminine B. Nice size and shape and well made. A little unsure of her surroundings and moved better on a looser lead. Open (6,4) 1st Grant-Parkes’ Embagea Foolish Frolica at Parabar 20mth Lancashire Heeler. Gaining in confidence in every class. Like her head and expression. Well made front assembly. Moved so much better this time and started to show herself off.
Veteran (1,0) 1st Gowing’s Wildblue It’s the Business (Imp USA) ShCM 8 yr Border Collie D. Nice boy. Lovely size and shape. Masculine head of good proportions, nice eye and well set ears. Well made forehand, level topline to well set tail. Typey mover. 2nd Such’s Norlyght Biassono. Pyranean Sheepdog from AVNSC Open
Pastoral Charity Stakes Open (1,0) 1st Cowley’s Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli. Hungarian Puli from AVNSC Open 2nd Milligan’s Jotars Lies And Deceit with Alfsden. Australian Shepherd. Nice boy of good shape and pleasing correct head. Well made forequarters with well laid shoulders and good forechest. Level topline and well made rear. Moved well with correct reach and drive when he concentrated.
Pastoral Group 1st Hunt’s Glynsam White Dream at Artisam. Samoyed 2nd Winson’s Jandoes Cristal Sparkles at Meisan. OES. Really liked the outline and balance of this B. Well made with pleasing head. Short coupled and so positive on the move. 3rd Allison & Robertson Finnadian Cirius (Imp Fin). Finish Laphund. Good size and shape with lovely head and ears. Well made and a true mover. 4th Such’s Norlyght Biassono. Pyranean Sheepdog from AVNSC
Pastoral Puppy Group 1st Halliday’s Royal Croft Kaboom Key (Imp Serb). OES. What a sweetie, lovely shape, well put together and so together on the move. Could not be denied. 2nd Hackney’s Starvon Bring It On. Swedish Valhund. Lovely youngster. Solid and well built. Good head and ears. Such confidence on the move. 3rd Kass’ Fostebrie Venchi Star at Kimarlaz. Briard from AVNSC 4th Lancaster’s May’s Bellis Perenne from Cranberry Cottage. Border Collie. Promising young lady of good type. Nice shape and lovely head. Typey mover.
Ray McDonald (Judge)