• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Suffolk Agricultural Association

Suffolk Agricultural Association– 15th April 2018

Afghan Hound 

Junior (2,1) 1st Simpson & Fitzgerald’s Amore Azzurro Del Gran Pamir at Tajikh. 13mth but not a happy boy today but settled as the class progressed and stood at his best for the critique. Head of good shape with dark eye. Good length of neck to well made forequarters. Level topline through to a well angulated rear. Lots of puppy coat. When he settled and started to move it was “smooth and springy” and lovely to watch.

Post Graduate (1,0) 1st Bastille’s Andizhan Constantine. 4yr D. Masculine through head of good length and breadth. I would like a darker eye. Good neck to well laid shoulders. Level back and short loin. Good length to rear legs. Can be rather erratic on the move which could improve with practice for both handler and dog.

Open (4,0) 1st Knights & Stokes’ Alouann Cinnamon N’Nutmeg of Lelaps ShCM. A very close call between 1 & 2 with this 5yr B winning through. Pleasing head but preferred the muzzle of 2. Lovely skull and good eye. Super neck and shoulders with a lovely straight front. Level back and short coupling. Long well angulated rear and beautiful on the move. BOB
2nd Collett’s Laavas Opportunity Network. This 2yr B pushed all the way. I prefer her head which is of good proportions and shape with a lovely eye. Super length of neck to well laid shoulders. Level back with short loin and a lovely rear. Stood and moved a little wider in front but another good mover in profile and going away. RBOB
3rd Bastille’s Andizhan Constantine
Res Simpson & Fitzgerald’s Khorinyas Nickel at Tajikh


Puppy (3,2) 1st Tousent & Ingram’s Jojavik Camorra. What a super 8mth B. Love her outline, super head with dark eye flowing into a clean neck of good length. Well laid shoulders and lovely forechest. Good deep ribs, level topline and a correctly angulated rear. Correct tail carriage and moved well. BP & RBOB

Post Graduate (2,0) 1st Lake’s Granadeya Hope Cove. 2yr B. Liked her outline on the stand. Pleasing feminine head and dark eye. Good neck to lovely front assembly and nice forechest. Deep chest and loin. Well angulated rear. Moved true when settled.
2nd Heffernan’s Avamer Ethan. 2yr D. Presented a nice outline. Masculine head with good neck and front, deep chest with correct topline and underline. Hot so happy with me going over him today. Tail could be better but a nice mover.

Open (4,2) 1st Locke’s Jojavik Indian Pacific. WOW, what a super youngster. 2yrs, Masculine, powerful & balanced. Lovely head with good planes and a dark eye. Super neck & shoulders. Lovely forechest and a well-muscled front. Deep chest & loin to a well-muscled powerful rear completed the picture. A true powerful fluid mover, stood out for BOB then went on to win Working Group 1 2nd Remington’s Granadeya Monte Bianco. 2yr D. Finer throughout that 1 and squarer in outline. Pleasing head & neck, front angulation a little open. Good forechest, deep through ribs & loin. Moved well when settled.


Puppy (2,0) 1w/d 1st Baldock’s Gunnersnewfs All Or Nothing. 10mth B. Lovely young B of good proportions giving a balanced outline. Pleasing head with good neck and front. Level topline over deep, well sprung ribs. Good rear angles. So fluid and true on the move. BP & Working Puppy Group 1

Junior (1,0) 1st Martin’s Zentaur Rock Paper Scissors. 17mth B. In between coats at the moment but what is underneath is all there. Presents a nice outline with a feminine head of correct shape. Lovely shoulders and return or upper arm giving nice forechest with a straight front. Good depth of chest, level topline to a well angulated rear. True easy mover with reach and drive. Kept showing in the challenge where her competition struggled. BOB

Open (2,0) 1st Furnell’s Furndonbay Run The World ShCM. Loved the outline this 4yr B presented. Good head and eye. Muscular neck to excellent front assembly with super shoulders and good forechest. Nice depth and spring of rib, level topline to a well angulated, muscular rear. True coming and going with good reach and drive. Thought she would be my BOB but struggled on the move in the challenge and had to settle for RBOB
2nd Mayhew’s Sandbears More Than Class. 4yd D. Seemed to struggle today. A bit heavy through the head for me. Short strong neck to well laid shoulders but lacking forechest. Good depth and spring of rib, level topline and moved well.


Puppy (4,0)1w/d 1st Mariette’s Nellys Angels Mystery. 7mth B. Promising youngster, lovely feminine head of good shape & with dark eye. Super front with Forechest and good depth through chest and loin. Well angulated rear and moved with reach and drive. BP
2nd Parker’s Coltranna My Cool Dude. 6mth D at his first show and doing very well. Pleasing head with dark eye. Well made front, good depth of chest and a level topline. Good rear angles and very promising on the move with good reach and drive. 3rd Rawlings Rottphoenix Odin

Post Graduate (3,0) 1st Weber’s Hakkihause Valerie. Really liked this 20mth B for her overall shape and balance. Lovely head of correct proportions and a dark eye. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Would like more forechest but she has good depth through ribs and loin. Well muscled rear which she uses well on the move to give lovely powerful drive. BOB. Lovely to hear she later went Working Group 4
2nd Lee’s Leebee’s Just The One JW 2yr B, smaller in frame than 1 and longer through the body. Pretty feminine head of good proportions. Dark eye. Nice forehand with well laid shoulders, deep chest and level topline. Another good mover. Just preferred the size and stamp of 1. RBOB
3rd Sobkowiak’s Dahlroo First Impression


Puppy (1,0) 1st McNeill’s Dandisam Supers Plendid. 9mth D. Liked his overall shape. Pleasing head & well places ears. Dark eyes and pigment. Good neck and shoulders, well made straight front, short level back and deep chest. Good rear with correct tail set and carriage. Carrying a nice coat. Moved well, steady, true with reach and drive. BP and lovely to hear he went Puppy Group 2.

Post Graduate (2,0) 1st Glover’s Whitespirit Zilverschoon. 2yr B presenting a beautiful outline if a little in between coats today. Full of type. Feminine head of correct proportions, well set ears, dark eyes and pigment. Well made forequarters with good lay of shoulder and straight front. Short level back to a well-muscled rear. Excels on the move, true coming and going, so precise in profile. RBOB
2nd McNeill’s Fairvilla Imperial Dayne. 6yr D. Another nice specimen. Carrying a full coat and presenting a compact outline. Good head, masculine with dark eyes and pigment. Well made throughout. Not as settled on the move and running a touch close behind.

Open (3,0) 1st Roberts’ Ice Maiden Smile Yoshi And Us. WOW, 10yrs old and looking ½ her age. Presenting a lovely picture for size and shape. Carrying a good coat. Loved her head, super proportions, dark eye and pigment. Lovely neck and shoulders. Straight front, short back, correct tailset and carriage and a lovely rear used well on the move. Out-moved the youngsters to win BOB and then go on to win Pastoral Group 1
2nd McNeill’s Smiliesam Striking Ice. 3yr D and standing behind his Dam which is where his outline and breed type come from. Nice head with good eyes and ears. Well mad front and rear with short level back and correct tailset. Another good mover. Must be genetic. Close for RBOB but preferred the outline of the PG winner.
3rd Rolfe’s Samnouska King Of The Ice

Border Collie

Junior (3,2) 1st Carley’s Jupavia Echota. Standing alone but what a lovely youngster. 15mth B of super shape and balance. Lovely head & eye with good ears and a cheeky expression. Excels in front assembly, level topline, good depth of chest, short loin and good rear angles. Super mover, head carried low, true coming and going with good reach and drive in profile. Promising young lady who pushed for RBOB.

Post Graduate (1,0) 1st Brierley’s Goytre First Edition. 3yr D. Nice looking boy but was not concentrating today. Good head and eye but not wanting to use his ears. Well laid shoulders over well sprung deep ribs. Level topline to good rear angles. Moved well when not distracted by smells on the grass.

Open (5,0) 1st Carley’s Jupavia Arizona JW ShCM. 3yr B that oozes type. Feminine but with sufficient substance to work. Lovely head with good width of skull yet retaining femininity. Good neck and excels in forehand with good forechest and deep correctly sprung ribs. Level topline to well set tail and good rear angles. Correct movement. BOB
2nd Paton’s Nahrof Man Overboard for Willianways (Imp Aus). 3yr D pushed all the way. Eye catching and of good type. A masculine version of my winner in outline. Masculine head of good shape with correct eyes and ears. Lovely neck and shoulders, good forechest and depth of rib. Level topline and good rear. Carrying a nice coat but not quite as straight when coming toward as the winner. RBOB
3rd Buxton’s Shanmill Must Be Dreaming at Meisterwerk
Res Beaumont Kanamaren Trick Of The Tail at Borderbeau JW
VHC Brierley’s Bramblesaz Aqua Freedom

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (2,0) 1st Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave – NSDTR. Just 6mth and not living up to his name today but very well behaved. Pleasing youngster of good shape if a little up on the rear today. Liked his head with nice eye and good earset. Well made fore and aft with good shoulders and nice depth of chest. Steady mover. BP.
2nd Smith’s Affilto Aftershock to Arkenpoint – Italiane Spinone. 7mth baby. Another lovely puppy with good head and neck. Well made fore and aft with correct topline. Good depth through chest and loin. Steady mover, just not as together as 1.

Novice (3,1) 1st Shemming’s Quilesta Just Captivating – Large Munsterlander. 15mth B. A very elegant young lady. Pleasing head and eye with good neck and well placed shoulders. Lacks forechest but good depth. Short deep loin to well angled rear. Moves with grace and elegance. Very nice going away and in profile.
2nd Solomon’s Elkysar Dress To Impress – Retriever (Curly Coated). Another 15mth. Not happy today and not looking her best on the stand. Settled as the class progressed. Good shaped head with light eye. Shoulders not as good as 1. When settled topline was more level and moved better.

Graduate (5,1) 1st Maddran’s Narddamway Chasing The Pace – Spaniel (Sussex). 3yr B. Nice B of good shape and length of leg. Feminine throughout. Well made fore and aft with a level topline. Good depth and strength of loin. Moved well with good tail carriage.
2nd Connolly & White’s Defalco Raffaello of Nguvu - Bracco Italiano. Thought this 2yr old was my winner but not happy on the stand. Still loved him for type and movement. Good body proportions, masculine head of correct planes. Level topline and excels on the move.
3rd Smith’s Tynsil Taggart to Arkenpoint – GWP
Res Hurrell’s Bellacurlys Hamilton Merc – Retriever (Curly Coated)

Open (7,0) 1st Yarrow & Nunn’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Iryssa – Brittany. What a super typey young lady. Love her type and shape. Lovely head and neck. Excels in forehand with well placed shoulders and good forechest. Deep well sprung ribs to a short loin. Level topline and correct rear angles. Typey on the move, not overdone. BAVNSC & Group 2
2nd Maddran’s Meggamooch Razzle Dazzle at Narddamway ShCM – Spaniel (Sussex). Mature, masculine 5yr D. Super shape with a masculine head of good proportions. Nice length of neck to Well made front. Correct topline, deep, well sprung ribs to a well angled rear. Lovely mover. RBAVNSC
3rd Newson’s Tivalake More Than Wishes – NSDTR.
Res Harrison’s Riccini Abrielle JW ShCM – Italiane Spinone
VHC Watling’s Drysika Dasher – GSP

AV Gundog

Puppy (8,1) 1st Wright’s Chazbaz Glam Girl – Spaniel (Cocker). 7mth Black Cocker. Just loved this young lady from the start. Super shape, feminine head of good shape and proportions with dark eye. Super front assembly, well put together with well laid shoulders and forechest. Good spring and depth of rib, level topline and short coupling. Correct rear angles and a free, steady true mover with reach and drive.
2nd Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave – NSDTR. (AVNSC Puppy) 3rd Revill & Taylor’s Julita Rhubette – Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Res Weeks’ Bluebraes Match Dot Com – Retriever (Golden)
VHC Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket – Irish Setter

Junior (7,3) 1st Lewis & Levene’s Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarch - Irish Setter. Lovely balanced 17mth D. Super head and eye, good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Correct depth of chest. Lovely gentle slope to his topline when stood correctly to a well angled rear. Good tailset and carriage. Moves with drive and true coming and going. Lots of promise.
2nd Wells’ Pearlbarn Peroni - Retriever (Golden). 12mth, not quite as balanced as 1. Masculine head with dark eye. Good neck and shoulders. Lovely deep well sprung ribs. Well made front but needs to mature and develop behind to complete the picture. Moved well.
3rd Shemming’s Quilesta Just Captivating – Large Munsterlander

Post Graduate (15,10) 1st Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo - Spaniel (Cocker). What a difference a year makes. I remember this young man when he was just 6mths. Grown up to a lovely size and shape, well proportioned head with dark eye and soft expression. Well made fore and aft, level topline and a sound true mover with good drive.
2nd Mullett’s Poundmeadow Brief Encounter - Retriever (Golden). Liked the outline of this boy. Masculine but not course with pleasing head and dark eye. Lovely front assembly with deep well sprung ribs, level topline to well angled rear. Sound and true on the move.
3rd Fawcett’s Helenwood Cool Breeze - Spaniel (Cocker) Res Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me - Pointer
VHC Steadman’s Pearlbarn Prince Of The Glen - Retriever (Golden)

Open (6,2) 1st Wells’ Pearlbarn Pot Of Gold - Retriever (Golden). 3yr boy. Good head and eye. Well put together in front with deep well sprung ribs. Nice rear angles. True sound movement which won him the class.
2nd Finch’s Int Sh Ch/Nl Ch Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss JW – Weimaraner. 3yr B. Liked her but she did not always look comfortable on the stand. Feminine head of good shape. Lovely neck and shoulders, straight front with good forechest, deep brisket & ribbed back to a well muscled loin. Lovely rear angles. Moved well but a little less tidy behind than the winner.
3rd Fawcett’s Jayzander Lets Tan Again - Spaniel (Cocker) Res Cracknell’s Princess Leia

Gundog Group

GP1 Wright’s Chazbaz Black Lace - Spaniel (Cocker). What a lovely young lady. Loved her shape, feminine head, dark eye and soft expression. So well put together and a lovely mover, true with reach & drive.
GP2 Yarrow & Nunn’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Iryssa – Brittany Best AVNSC
GP3 Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch - Irish Setter. Nice to see a typey, racy Irish of the correct shape. Lovely head and neck, well made fore and aft and when he concentrated moved true with reach and drive.
GP4 Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca – Weimaraner. Love the shape of this B on the stand . Pleasing head, well made with level topline and lovely rear angles. Moved with ease.

Gundog Puppy Group

PGP1 Pounds-Longhurst’s Rosgar Dolly O’Dare among Mossburn - Retriever (Golden). What a lovely young lady. Well made with pleasing head, good neck into well placed shoulders. Well sprung deep ribs, level topline and well angled rear. Moved with ease and drive.
PGP2 Wright’s Chazbaz Glam Girl – Spaniel (Cocker). See AV Gundog Puppy
PGP3 Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave – NSDTR – AVNSC Puppy
PGP4 Revill & Taylor’s Julita Rhubette – Spaniel (Welsh Springer). Another very promising youngster. Feminine of correct size and outline. Lovely colour, pleasing head & nice length of neck. Well made fore and aft. When relaxed she has a lovely topline. Moved with ease showing drive.

Ray McDonald (Judge)