• Show Date: 17/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Pearce Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wrexham & District Kennel Society


Graduate 1 (0) 1st JANSKI BUGUROVSKI

Just 12-month top size quality male. Clean full back skull, good strength through foreface, correct bite and good sized dentition. Good eye and pleasing expression. Balanced throughout and although framework in place he was giving a lot away in maturity and a way from being a finished picture. Moved soundly and freely in front and behind – with purpose covering the ground easily. Good ribbing with well-placed elbows. Maintains topline and overall profile on the move.

Open 1(0) 1st & BOB, TERRIER GROUP 2. 

 CH JANSKI KALLIOPE JONES (RE IMP) Another quality male, a size smaller than kennel mate. Mature and well-conditioned. Pleasing head, clean back skull balanced with body. Good eye and overall expression. Good shoulder and good ribbing giving strength through topline. Good quarters, moved freely and soundly, maintaining outline in profile, well presented.



Mature 6-year-old male. In good coat. Strong masculine head, well boned and balanced proportions. Moved freely and in good condition, presented well.


Puppy 1(0)


SINGRETTS PLAYING WITH FIRE – Airedale Terrier. Quality 7-month male. Upstanding forward temperament. Good head clean back skull balanced with foreface. Well set ears which he used well, good eye and expression. Good strength through foreface good dentition. Well balanced throughout, well laid shoulder, good topline good strength through loin and well-muscled quarters. Moved soundly and freely with purpose, showy outlook. Good ribbing, in good coat and condition and well presented. Promising future.  

Junior 2 (0)

1st JEONTY LETTY BE MAGIC- Glen of Imaal Terrier. A little unruly in the ring and in full coat with a lot of undercoat evident, that said she was well groomed and presented. Good strength to head, good eye and expression. Good strength to foreface and underjaw, good dentition. Good bone and well ribbed, with good strength through topline and loin, good quarters. Moved freely and soundly.

2nd KREMENETSKI D’GIULIETTA DI VERONA ATELIB (IMP RUS)- West Highland White Terrier. Feminine and showy outlook, well set ears, good eye pleasing expression. Lacking in strength beneath the eye and foreface. Short and well ribbed, moved soundly and freely. Not presented in best condition.

Post Graduate 1(1)

1st GLORFINDEL EFFORT AT SUNABIL-Skye Terrier. Mature quality bitch shown in beautiful coat and condition. Pleasing head, well set ears with good feathering, good eye and strength through foreface, good dentition. Well set shoulder, good depth and spring of rib, well-muscled quarters. Moved soundly but reticent on the move without drive.

Open 2(1)

1st, Best AVNSC, TERRIER GROUP 1. ZIPPOR MISS SKYE – Sealyham Terrier. Quality bitch in good coat and condition and presented to full advantage. Well balanced throughout, with good bone but maintaining feminine outlook. Good head and pleasing expression when using ears, good dentition. Well set shoulder, well ribbed up. Good pasterns and feet. Good strength through loin and quarters. Moved soundly and freely with purpose and drive.


1st. Sealyham Terrier, ZIPPOR MISS SKYE .  2nd Cesky Terrier, CH JANSKI KALLIOPE JONES (RE IMP) .  3rd Welsh Terrier, PENPARC SKYFALL .  4th Jack Russell Terrier, CALDBECK SPICE IS NICE


1st Airedale Terrier, SINGRETTS PLAYING WITH FIRE.   2nd Jack Russell Terrier, CALDBECK SPICE IS NICE .