• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Racheal Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

Junior Handling Association

All handlers dressed extremely well all with well-presented dogs.

6-11 years (5 from 7 in attendance)

1st – Miss Lauren Bridges a very polite and confident young lady with a real rapport with her chosen breed the black and white border collie. Knowledgeable about the breed and use. Excellent shadowing whilst I made my way among the line-up and on the individual inspection. Showed the teeth precisely and was aware of the dogs position at all times. Wonderful to watch her move the dog around the ring and again knew exactly where she needed to be whilst talking to the dog. A clear class winner.

2nd – Miss Charlotte Wilson again another polite young lady handling a Schipperke. Although one of the clearly younger exhibitors and choosing a table dog this didn’t stop her asking me if she could have assistance lifting the dog safely up. Once on the table confident with teeth and standing and although she knew the breed wasn’t aware of the use so maybe a little doggie knowledge might be useful. Listened to instructions and carried it through with tidy use of the ring.

3rd – Miss Evie Parks with her chosen partner the Labrador had the biggest dog in the line-up. A friendly young lady with both myself and the dog and clearly enjoyed being with him. Not the easiest of dogs to keep still with his happy tail but she kept eye contact with him and yet was aware of my placing and the room within the ring. Again could do with more doggie knowledge on breed use.

Res – Miss Paige Wells chose the most unusual breed the Canadian Eskimo Dog and only a 6 month old puppy! Despite his young age and his lack of ring/handling experience she tried from beginning to end to keep him focused and still. She was a little untidy on her lines for the out and back and triangle as her focus was on the dog listening and getting around the ring which I admit she made great use. With more practise she will certainly do very well as the dog was indeed “handled”.

VHC – Master Ryan Hook handled a gleaming Japanese Spitz and he looked the part in his smart suit. Shadowing was well coordinated and movement was straight. I just felt there was no rapport or flair with the dog and what was requested was completed. I would like to see more engagement with the chosen dog.

12-16 years (2 from 4 in attendance)

1st – Miss Gabriele Bojaroviciute clearly the younger of the two handlers and with her choice of the Miniature Poodle knew the breed and the use quite confidently telling me in great detail. Shadowed well whilst standing on the table and straight in to show the teeth concisely. Seemingly an easier choice to handle wasn’t the case and she worked with the dog at all times keeping lines tidy, encouragement to get the tail up on the move and placed and still on the stand.

2nd – Miss Greta Bojaroviciute and her Standard Poodle seemed to struggle from the start! He certainly had other things on his mind but the handler didn’t give in and although very unwilling she still managed to show teeth and shadow and complete the up and back although didn’t move her position for the triangle.

Adult Handling

All handlers were smartly dressed and although an unusual mix of breeds used all were well presented.

17-35 years

1st – Kelly L Bailey with a friendly faced Estrella Mountain Dog. Clearly knows her breed and her dog keeping him stood in good position or correcting him the whole time. On the move her lines were straight and made excellent use of the ring having a larger dog. Up and back was direct and kept her eye on my position the whole time just on the triangle passed in front but clearly to keep him going steady around the ring. A lovely handler to watch with a lovely rapport with her dog.

36 years + (3 from 5 in attendance)

1st – Michelle Jones and her chosen breed the Hungarian Puli seemed a great team. Confident with him every step of the way and in the line-up was the first to be in the right position when being shadowed. Did all that was asked in a calm and confident manner but in the correct pace for the dog.

2nd – Tracy Cronin sporting a bright red suit which was very smart chose a Siberian Husky which stood out with her. Knew the breed and use. Kept eye contact and charge of her dog at all times and although a little slow on the shadowing did manage to keep the dog stood or corrected when moving her around. Lines could do with being a little straighter but moved at the correct pace.

3rd – Sandra Evans chose the Rottweiler and a nice male. She had a good rapport with the dog and handled him at a good pace on the move, confidently on the stand and whilst showing bite. I learnt

afterwards this was her first time ever in a handling class which explains why she placed herself between the dog and myself on the manoeuvres. With more handling this will change as clearly handling a dog of this type was no challenge.