• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Racheal Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

Canadian Eskimo Dogs

This breed is my passion and I felt so excited to be judging them for the very first time. It’s difficult to be able to judge a breed that is generically small but also that one is so heavily involved in. So I would like to say thank you to all those that exhibited under me. I was thrilled to see an entry of 8 dogs. All of the dogs exhibited were absolutely pristine and presented well, a real credit to all the exhibitors. I would also like to comment on the temperament of all the dogs too. Each and every single one was friendly and happy and I think I gained a kiss from every one of them. Fantastic to see such joyful dogs in the ring and also so good with each other. Keep up the good work breeders and owners.

Junior Dog and Bitch

A fabulous first class with four lovely youngsters. Two dogs and two bitches of varying colours and markings.

1st – Harpan Wilson Bay a red and white male that really stood out from the four when he entered the ring. A gentle but cheeky expression with yellow eyes that were set obliquely and surrounded by the warming brown pigment. Strong jaws and white dentition with scissor bite. Well furred ears and masculine head. Strong neck with already a good covering of mane and cape over the withers of harsh type. His chest is still developing but nice depth leading to strong front leg assembly with good bone and length of leg. Carrying even weight overall with a nice length of loin. Rear was at first a little untidy on the stand but showed straight and true on the move. A good development of muscle on the inner and outer thigh, fabulous for a young dog. With a lovely tail up and over the back and wagging when stood. Best Puppy in breed.

2nd – Harpan Galena Bay also red and white but a much darker red than first. A feminine bitch with the same qualities of number one although darker pigment and less coat as one would expect of a female. She stood and moved with ease although needs to settle more so a better view of her lovely gait and profile can be viewed. Ample leg length, moderate bone and again that cheeky expression. She and number one could easily swap places depending on mood.

3rd- Harpan Charlotte Bay stunningly striking grey and white bitch with black markings. Oblique and dark eye with black pigment. Beautiful face and head with lovely furred ears and stands in a confident stance. Slightly heavier in weight all over than two giving the impression of being shorter in leg and loin. Not as light as two on the move. This one is maybe not at the same growth stage as two but will watch her with interest as she grows.

Res – Harpan Pelly Bay a male with grey and black patches of colour over his head and body. He’s a lovely friendly boy beautifully marked and with a lovely harsh coat. Dark eyes and pigment with thick well furred ears. Another calm and well behaved boy but he’s carrying a little too much puppy fat right now. Had a level topline on the stand and on the move although the extra weight gave him some roll.

Post Graduate

1st – Gerifreki Lysanders Love ** a buff female in nice condition. Lovely ear and eye placement giving a pleasant expression with those lovely yellow eyes and brown pigment. Moderate in bone, with good leg length and slightly longer than tall. Chest deep enough and broad enough and excellent spring of rib. This girl really looks like she can pull and work with the attention and confidence in her expression that shows she has intelligence. Nice tuck up to an angulated rear with excellent muscular condition to inner and outer thigh. Bang on level topline on the move and carried tail up all the time even on the stand showing she’s boss in the ring. My best of breed on the day.

2nd – Gerifeki Oberons Jester ** a white male with buff areas also in nice condition. I loved everything about this male in fact more so than the female. Everything he has as her just in a more masculine way. A stunning mane and cape over withers too showing he’s a truly impressive male. On the stand he stood wide but on close inspection I found his rear construction sound to touch, lovely angles and with excellent muscle. I feel the small ring and handler did him no favours today as he paced on the move at every chance. Truly one with experience can see a working dog in this paced gait but this no change in movement gave me no choice.


1st – Gerifreki Duke Of Athens ** - Standing alone in this class he certainly stands out. A large white male with grey head markings. Everything about this boy is on the larger scale but not all to his advantage! Good bone for his size across the board. He certainly has an excellent coat with a really impressive mane and cape which reached down his back to a super tail. For me his head is a little overdone in width giving a slightly rounder eye but the colour and pigment is fitting. More depth of rib than I would like and little spring and also somewhat narrow. On the stand his topline slightly sloped and on the move although that improved it was still slightly off level. He handled the small ring and floor well on the move and was very focused on his handler. His muscle tone and body condition was very good and even on close inspection of his front and rear he was a very happy boy.

Racheal Bailey (Akna)