• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Port Talbot & Neath Canine Society

Beagle Junior (2 entered, 1 absent) 1st Anthony’s Ospreagle Bone Idol 14 mth tri d pleasant expression, solid neck, deep chest, good bone, medium stifle, tight feet, solid action. Graduate (3,0) 1st Mitchell & Wright’s Huntshill Teasel, compact profile, feminine expression, good eye, slightly arched neck, deep chest, level topline, good stifle, free striding action 2nd Cornell’s Bellvalley Annabell From Bronlly’s, l/w b, alert expression, good muzzle, stop, eye and ear set, good shoulders balanced with hindquarters, easy action 3rd Bidey’s Raimex Rio Open (4,1) 1st BOB and Group 4 Cornell’s Bellvalley Pearl From Bronllys ShCM, lovely compact shaped tri b with excellent expression and balanced movement, dark nose and eye, long ear, deep chest, strong pastern, level topline, good stifle and second thigh used to advantage on the move. 2nd Mitchell & Wright’s Huntshill Tornado JW, tri d of good size and length, well balanced angulation front and rear, solid topline, pushed hard 3rd Anthony’s Sweetwells Share The Spirit at Ospreagle. Deerhound Open (2,1) 1st BOB Paisley’s Hyndsight Fields of Gold 14 mth b with cheeky expression, high set ear folded back, strong neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, well bent stifle, well set tail of strong base tapering to tip, easy action, just needs a bit of training and some confidence in owner.

Irish Wolfhound Open (2,1) 1st,BOB & Group 2 Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asanol Among Neckrebagh, d of great substance, large noble head, good wide muzzle, small rose ear, dark eye, strong long neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed back, strong pastern and hock, covered ground with solid topline. Saluki Graduate (1,0) 1st Smithson’s 2 yr b/t tri, good long head and muzzle, dark eye, long neck into well laid shoulder, good rib, good correct feathering ears, legs, feet and tail, solid topline, balanced front and rear, covered ground Open (2,1) 1st & BOB Smithson’s deer grizzle b Chisobee’s Betty Boop, melting expression, good long muzzle, pleasing eye and ear, long deep brisket, strong loin, well feathered hindquarters and feet, effortless action. Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) Junior (6,2) 1st BPIB & Puppy Group 3 Beach’s Beachdax Diamond Diva 6 ½ month b/t bcute expression, slight bow and crook, level topline, good amount of rib and short strong loin,well angulated front and rear, covered ground well, 2nd Beach’s Beachdax Red Hot Blaze son of BOB winner 7 mth shaded red d similar comments to one, good topline, balanced angles easy action. 3rd Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Luck Graduate (3,0) 1st Zaivej’s Formula Uspeha Style red do pleasing expression, good topline, deep chest, well angulated front and rear, steady easy action 2nd Beach’s Mario Klara Difino (imp SVN) chocolate & Tan d good angles front and rear, just preferred strength of loin of first Open (4,0) 1st  & BOB Beach’s Izia Klara Difino (imp SVN) d red d good forechest, pleasant expression, level strong topline, good rib well back, good angles front and rear, covered ground with ease 2nd Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Sunshine JW ShCM red d good profile, and head carriage, deep chest, well ribbed, good topline, steady action 3rd Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. Dachshund (Long Haired) Open (3,0) 1st, BOB, BIG and BIS Lewis’ Trixhund Paddington Bear,  red d, long  skull, balanced muzzle, almond eye, and high set ear all giving intelligent expression, long arched neck carrying head proudly, well laid shoulder, prominent sternum, deep chest with plenty of heart room, well ribbed back, well muscled hindquarters, lovely jacket and tail feathering, free easy action with front reach and rear drive. 2nd Lewis’ Trixhund Hi De Hi 8 mth red b very similar qualities to winner, everything in the right place but lacking the maturity and coat still worthy of BPIB and RBPIG. 3rd Best’s Lawshon Flawless AVNSC Hound Graduate (1,0) 1st BAVNSC, BPAVNSC & Puppy Group 4 McCarthy’s Basenji Westlawn Ruby Slippers, 11 mth r/w b well chiselled cheek, slight stop, dark almond eye, arched neck into well laid shoulder, short body, deep chest, solid topline, good tail set, free positive action. Open no entries. AV Hound Puppy (8,5) 1st Min Smooth Dachs Beachdax Red Hot Blaze 2nd Min Smooth Dachs Formula Uspeha Style 3rd Long Haired Dachs Lawshon Flawless, AV Hound Open (4,1) 1st Zaivej’s Min Smooth Dachsund Redgi Prado Sybella, pretty face, deep chest, short rib, good rear angles, steady action, 2nd Bristow’s Whippet Glasrhedyn Now or Never, alert expression, good stop, arched neck nto well laid shoulder bladed bone, strong pastern, good chest, easy action, 3rd Long Haired Dachs Lawshon Flawless Hound Group 1st Long Haired Dachshund Lewis’ Trixhund Paddington Bear 2nd Irish Wolfhound Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asanol Among Neckrebagh 3rd Whippet Jones’ Glantam Gabrielle Of Galemira, feminine b of good profile, sweet expression, arched neck, straight forearm with bladed bone, brisket well let down, ribbed well back, strong hindquarters and second thigh, free easy action 4th Beagle Cornell’s Bellvalley Pearl From Bronllys ShCM Hound Puppy Group 1st Whippet Snelgrove’s Kamasal Starlight Rascal At Huntinghill, sweet little b with good profile, just perfect bone for her age and sex, deep chest, good ribs, balanced throughout, carried herself with presence on a long effortless stride. 2nd Long Haired Dachs Lewis’ Trixhund Hi De Hi 3rd Min Smooth Dachs Beach’s Beachdax Diamond Diva 4th Basenji McCarthy’s Westlawn Ruby Slippers.

Tibetan Spaniel Open (1,0) 1st BOB & BIG Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love JW ShCM 2 ½ yr gold b slightly domed skull, good fringed ear, good muzzle and cushioning, ample chin, dark oval eye, strong neck, well laid shoulder, slight bow to forelegs, deep chest, solid topline, well set and plumed tail, well furnished buttocks, moderate stifle used to advantage with easy brisk ground covering movement. German Spitz (Klein) Open (4,0) 1st & BOB Williams Serian Skyfall, 4 yr pale gold b, light nose, good shoulder and chest, solid topline, best mover in class 2nd & BPIB Hughes & Forrester’s Radajasa’s Mary Touvestre For Candease 6 mth b pleasing expression, good ear set high, strong neck and shoulder, level topline, moved with ease when settled 3rd  Hughes & Forrester’s Indizak Red Winter German Spitz (Mittel) Open (4,1) 1st & BOB Hewett’s Spellcast Talk Tidee brown d good spitz head, with good bite and alert expression, ears set high small and triangular, clean neck, into slightly sloping shoulders, deep chest, solid topline, medium stifle, good abundant jacket preferred his more positive movement over 2nd Hughes & Forrester’s Marlais Moonlight Serenade Over Candease, black d good eye and ear, definite stop, solid neck, deep chest, level topline, good stifle. 3rd King’s Studholme Kiss Again Of Grizwold Boston Terrier Graduate (7,2) 1st, BOB, BPIB, & Puppy Group 4 Rees & Scott’s Philabar’s Huflepuff At Talkaccatur 7 mth brindle d, short skulled, compact profile, black nose, round eye and small ear giving a look of inquisitive intelligence, good shoulders and depth of chest, well sprung rib and strong loin, low set tail, covered the ground on the move. 2nd  Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Sassie Lassie ShCM  4 yr b pleasant head and expression, good eye, compact profile, deep chest, good rear likes her dinners. 3rd Connor’s Ringablok Diamond Open (4,0) 1st Connor’s Ringablok Pearly Princess Well balanced b bitch compact shape with picture of strength, level topline, moderate stifle, strong pastern, would prefer tighter elbow on the move. 2nd Rees & Scott’s Talkaccatur Gonzales b d good profile well up for size, balanced front and rear, level topline, covered ground 3rd Scipio & Lightfoot’s Taravon Shooting Star French Bulldog Junior (2,2) absent Graduate (3,1) 1st Connor’s Penymorfa Surabaya Sun Of Ringablok sturdy fawn bitch cheeky expression, bat ears flat skull, strong neck, deep chest, solid topline, strong hindquarters, used on the move 2nd Morgan & Williams’ Gwynsel Chains Of Love, black b alert expression, bat ear, good shoulders, well ribbed, tight tail Open (2,1) 1st & BOB Connor’s Judeffrey Jovial Of Ringablok, fawn d flat skull, fine wrinkle, bat ear set high, strong neck, deep chest, strong pastern, solid rear quarters used to advantage on the move.Japanese Spitz Graduate (4,0)1st & BOB Roper’s Kessaku Ice And A Slice At Tokosha d  with lovely white coat, wedge head and good high set triangular ear, dark eye, straight forelegs with tight elbow, deep chest, strong loin, moderate stifle, easy action 2nd Johnson’s Bekwey Living Doll, cheeky girl with good ear use, not as much coat as the boys, but full of type, balanced throughout just preferred free movement of 1st. 3rd BPIB & Puppy Group 3 Prout’s Maho Mirai Luke At Kessaku, good jacket, kind expression, level topline, time is on his side Open (1,0) 1st Church’s Sanyinko Silver Spirit 2 ½ yr b lacking in coat but good profile, head ear and eye, deep chest, solid topline, covered ground. Japanese Shiba Inu Graduate (3,0) 1st BPIB, BPIG and  pleased to see RBPIS Protheroe & Johnson’s Belezza Forte Izami Katsuro 6 mth d alert foxy expression, good ear use, slightly arched neck, good forechest, tight elbow, deep chest, strong loin, so balanced, covered ground with ease 2nd Protheroe & Johnson’s Takashi Kimiko Kioko Eymi intelligent expression, strong neck, level topline, balanced front and rear, strong loin, not as effortless as 1st on the move 3rd Parry’s Xclusive Design By Incipita Vita Open (4,1) 1st  BOB & RBIG Skivington’s Hokkaido Yoshi Lad At Ajatiaza JW ShCM red d foxlike expression, arched neck, good shoulder, tight elbow, deep chest, solid topline, moderate stifle, brisk light action 2nd Protheroe & Johnson’s X’ray Hot Vision Incipita Vita (Imp Cze) d of good profile and bone, alert expression, good ear and skull, solid topline, balanced front and rear 3rd Protheroe & Johnson’s Dar Chingiza Sunshine. Keeshond Open (4,1)1st BOB, BPIB, Group 4 and RBPIG Lindsay’s Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (imp NOR) 10 mth b pleasing alert intelligent expression, good wedge head planes, flat skull with small triangular ear, strong neck into well laid shoulder, good ruff, strong forechest and foreleg, well ribbed short back, well set curled tail, profuse trousers, moderate stifle clean easy movement. 2nd Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower mature d of good balance and profile, good ruff, deep chest, solid hindquarters, brisk action 3rd Lindsay’s Mezanda Melys Sparkles. Miniature Schnauzer Open (6,0) Tough decision just preferred balance of  1st BOB and Group 3 Prevett, Thomas & Mainwaring’s Raileve My Fair Lady b/s b strong feminine head of good length, blunt muzzle with good moustache and beard, oval eye with bushy eyebrow, slightly arched neck carrying head with pride, well laid shoulder, straight foreleg, strong pastern, good chest and slightly sloping topline strong loin, free action with reach and drive 2nd Williams’ Habanera Eldzh Hope For Lyzahro (imp) black b with square profile, deep chest, solid topline easy action 3rd Prevett’s Raileve Calamity Jane. AVNSC Utility Graduate (6,5) 1st O’Connor’s Dalmation Dalamanti Diamond Raider 15 mth d pleasant expression, good front and hindquarters, level topline, deep chest, covered the ground stood and on the move Open (3,2) 1st Eades Chow Chow Ch Maixing Kissed By Fire JWShCM 4 ½ yr shaded red b broad muzzle, blue tongue, oval eye and small ear giving a knowing expression, strong neck, well laid shoulder, strong well boned foreleg, deep chest, ribs sprung well back, solid topline, well muscled hindquarters, with free short action. AVNSC Utility Puppy (4,3)1st Snell’s Boston Terrier Rushingwell Sweet Serenity For Sonduriya 9 mth bitch, cute face, balanced skull, arched neck, strong pastern, level topline, goods stifle. Utility Group 1st Tibetan Spaniel Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love JW ShCM 2nd Japanese Shiba Inu Skivington’s Hokkaido Yoshi Lad At Ajatiaza JW ShCM 3rd Miniature Schnauzer Prevett, Thomas & Mainwaring’s Raileve My Fair Lady 4th Keeshond Lindsay’s Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (imp NOR) Utility Puppy Group 1st Japanese Shiba Inu Protheroe & Johnson’s Belezza Forte Izami Katsuro 2nd Keeshond Lindsay’s Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (imp NOR) 3rd Japanese Spitz Prout’s Maho Mirai Luke At Kessaku 4th Boston Terrier Rees & Scott’s Philabar’s Huflepuff At Talkaccatur.

Judge Fred Ellingford