• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Tibetan Spaniel Club

Tibetan Spaniel

Special Award Classes

Special Award Junior (8 entered, 2 absent) 1st Mesdammes Wallis Baga’s 6 ½ mth dark sable black mask d good length muzzle with good width of chin, dark oval eye and slight lift to ear gave this boy a very cheeky expression, slight dome to skull and moderate width of head correctly proportioned to body, clean neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest with ribs well back to strong loin. High set tail carried correctly over back, moderate stifle and strong hindquarters gave him a balanced positive movement. 2nd  Hourihane’s Amcross Pandita, 12 mth red gold b, bright alert expression, small head, with ears set high and slight dome to skull, strong neck, good spring of rib, level topline, coat laid flat and silky, acceptable furnishings, hare feet, balanced angulation front and rear used to advantage on move, just preferred overall package of the d. 3rd James’ Lydanstone Bryana Special Award Post Graduate (7,2) 1st Misses Breeze & Styles’ Hilsar U Can’t Ignore A Nora, and like name like nature I couldn’t ignore this dark gold b, of good body proportions and small head, her length of muzzle and oval eyes gave her a very pleasing Tibetan expression, a clean strong neck into well laid shoulders and balanced upper arm, slight bow and strong pasterns, solid topline and strong loin, moderate stifle, correct tailset, silky coat texture, laid flat with good furnishings on legs and tail, covered the ground with a busy action. 2nd  Miss B A & J C Wallis Baga’s Velrok Elvenstar paler gold b, good muzzle, happily alert expression and twinkle of the eye, ears set high with slight lift on small slightly domed skull, well set on neck carrying head proudly, deep chest ribbed well back, good angles front and rear, tight body coat, good fringes, teapot handle tailset, straight positive action. 3rd Stevens’ Rhubik Dressed To Impress Special Award Open (9,4) 1st Hourihane’s Bajenta Parti Parvati At Amcross beautifully proportioned and sized particolour b good length muzzle and oval eye giving a sweet feminine expression, correctly domed skull with medium width between correctly set ears, clean strong neck and proudly carried head, well laid shoulder, good forechest, balanced forearm and slight bow to front legs, strong pastern, well ribbed extending back to strong loin, solid level topline, moderate stifle with well let down hock, small hare feet. Silky top coat lying flat with good feathering on legs, well plumed tail carried over back, busy, true action easing around the ring. 2nd Butler’s Amcross Priya at Bajenta, slightly darker gold b with pleasing expression, pleasing profile of correct size, standing slightly longer than tall with rectangle of light underneath, oval eye and good ear set on correct skull, good forequarters, deep chest, level topline, moderate stifle and clean easy action, pleased to note she is the dam of the class winner 3rd Lilley’s Knattings Riverdance to Kensing JW (imp Swe) definite male amongst the bitches, pleasing expression, good skull, strong neck, solid topline, balanced front and rear, coat and shawl at good stage for maturity, easy ground covering action.

Judge Fred Ellingford