• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

AVNSC Hound Junior (2,0) 1st Fortnum’s Saluki Ariane Luzia (imp USA) 15mth, d good feathering between toes, ears and hindquarters, long narrow skull, dark eye, long ear, long neck, deep chest, moderate stifle with flowing action 2nd Bridges’ Irish Wolfhound Barrassy By Definition, strong powerful d with a friendly expression, strong neck, good angles front and rear, good jacket, good muscling with easy action. Post Graduate (6,0) 1st Garratt, Oakey & Owen’s Saluki Glenoak Lunah From Caryna long narrow skull, slight stop, long ear and feathering, long neck into sloping shoulders, deep chest, medium stifle, flowed around the ring, 2nd Dove’s Afghan Bharasseyduran Aziah (imp NL) Black Mask Red b long foreface, oriental expression, long neck, elbows close to rib, solid topline with drop from pins to croup, good angles front and rear used well on the move. 3rd Allenby’s BFDB Rangali Tinkerbell Open (3,0) 1st Garratt & Oakey’s Saluki Ch Caryna Neferti JW ShCM cream b easy action and easy on the eye, long, pleasing head and expression, long silky feathers on long ears, long well muscled neck,  well laid shoulder, good forechest, deep brisket, long straight forelegs with strong pasterns, good ribbing with strong loin and definite tuck, moderate stifle with low hock, smooth driving action BAVNSC and G1 over the moon to watch her be awarded BIS 2nd Allenby’s Rangali Tigger BFDB d pleasing expression, solid neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, good length of back, well sprung rib, solid topline, well angulated front and rear, well let down hock, proper tail carriage and gorgeous harsh jacket, wish he didn’t mess his handler about and settled to the job. 3rd Kelly’s Bonaforte’s Kelly’s Hero Hound Group 1st Saluki Ch C Neferti JW ShCM 2nd Whippet A To Be A Lover At Brynnsimeon 3rd Wire-Haired Dachshund Chambers’ Tendrow I Am Legend With Elderkine, super smart b with alert expression, good forechest, lots of ribbing, good angles front and rear, motored around ring. 4th Ibizan F Valenta Hound Puppy Group 1st Whippet K Its Now Or Never At Jakile 2nd Mini Smooth-Haired Dachshund Kerry’s Kireton Hebe, deep chest pleasing head, reach and drive 3rd Haggerty’s Smooth-Haired Dachshund Smooth Performance, like name like action but not as together as the others.AV Hound Veteran 1st Garratt & Oakey’s Saluki Ch Caryna Meilichia ShCM 9 ½ yr b good feathering, level topline, straight viewed front and rear, good angles, easy action 2nd Ireland’s Whippet Kendeci Tailwind At Jakile 7 ½ yr silver b, deep chest, tight feet, solid topline, good angles with well let down hocks, 3rd Carey’s Mini Smooth Dachshund Sapphire Crystal Girl Of DebbieJay