• Show Date: 22/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bedford & District Canine Society

Perthshire Canine Club

Open Show 22nd September 2018

Best In Show at this friendly show was the Coton De Tulear Craig’s Cotonkiss Moonrock ShCM, very alert boy who filled the ring with his presence, good dark pigmentation, with black nose, good mouth, slightly rounded skull, round eye and well set ears, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest, straight front legs, deep chest, ribbed well back, length slightly longer than height, low set tail, strong loin, straight hindlegs all used to advantage on the move. RBIS Wynne’s Siberian Husky Mydisa Golden Deelishus medium sized gentle b foxy expression, almond eye, high set triangular ears used well, medium length arched neck, deep chest, good length of rib, strong loin, good angles front and rear, light easy action covering ground with ease. Best Minor Puppy In Show Ewan’s Cocker Spaniel Graigdean Willie Nelson, 7mth parti d with merry cocker tail, solid topline, good ear set low and well furnished, strong neck with clean throat, good bone, deep chest, balanced angles front and rear giving good reach and drive. Best Puppy In Show Tillet’s Gordon Setter Fieldtalk’s Lady In Red 9mth b broad slightly rounded skull, square muzzle, inquisitive expression, long clean neck into well laid shoulder, good depth of chest and spring of rib, held topline at all times, driving round the ring with ease. Best Veteran In Show O’Brien’s PBGV Caldewriver Despicable Me 7 yr old tri d with friendly alert expression, square muzzle, slightly domed skull, good ear set and length, strong muscular neck, deep chest, well boned, strong pasterns, ribbed well back, level topline with strong loin, good balanced angulation front and rear used to advantage on the move. Akita (8 entered, 4 absent) 1st Davies’ Hachibi Let Me Entertain You At Shinzam well boned b dark muzzle, broad skull, high set erect ear, muscular neck , strong front with good forechest, deep chest, good ribbing and strong loin, level back, moderate stifle, strong tight feet, moved with look at me attitude, pleased to see her awarded 1st Utility Group. 2nd Hunter & Pirie’s Casakura Moonbeams almost 8 mth silver b, alert expression, deep chest, good bone, solid topline, moved with confidence 3rd Crawford’s Louiston Hurricane Abby. Tibetan Spaniel Puppy (2,0) 1st McDonald & Taylor’s Balgay Ro Ra Ma 9 mth g b, dark nose, good ear set and fringe, strong neck, good shoulders, deep chest, level topline, good coat, easy action, 2nd Campbell’s Tulibell Freddie Krugger 11 mth d well up for size, dark muzzle, oval eye, slightly domed skull, good forechest, topline and tail set, medium stifle used well Junior (3,0) 1st McDonald & Donaldson’s Balgay Thu Trem 15 mth dark sable d presenting a slightly longer than tall profile, pleasing expression, well laid shoulders and deep chest, solid topline, good furnishings and tail set, covered the ground stood and on the move. 2nd McDonald’s Balgay Norbu pretty 12mth b, good dark muzzle, slightly domed skull, strong neck, good shoulder and stifle, moved well 3rd McLean’s Balgay Konke Graduate (5,2) 1st Campbell’s Tulibell At Hogwarts g b with pleasing expression and correct ear lift and furnishings, deep chest, strong hindquarters, hare foot, busy positive action, correct forequarters and fore chest scored over  2nd McDonald’s Balgay Kha Ba Bu g b dark mask, good eye, good forechest and spring of rib, medium stifle and ground covering action. 3rd McDonald’s Vonvue Gracelands At Balgay Open (11,3) 1st BOB and Group 2 Coughtrie’s Ch Tulibell Star Struck With Jazpiper g b presenting a typical profile, small head sitting proudly on her strong neck when stood and on the move, oval eye and correct ear set with slightly domed skull giving a pleasing expression, well laid shoulder and deep chest, solid level topline and correct coat laying flat, well set tail with good plume, balanced rear angulation and strong hock giving definite busy true movement. 2nd McLean’s Susu Aladdins Cave, g d, dark mask, on good muzzle, pleasing expression, strong neck, deep brisket, level topline, good ribs, medium stifle covered ground with ease 3rd Cassidy’s Jazpiper First Addition Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) Open (5,0) 1st , BOB & Best Special Puppy In Group Black’s Chinzaes Hes Bonzer 11 mth chocolate/tan d cheeky expression on round head, well laid shoulder, level topline, arrogant tail carriage and movement with attitude, 2nd Black’s Chinzaes Chocolate Bomb choc/tri b with white forechest, round head with pleasing eye and alert ear, good chest, strong loin and moderate hindquarters 3rd Mills’ Royal Harry’s Delight. Chihuahua (Long Coat) Open (9,2) 1st BOB & Group 4 Chalmers’ Bonni Lasi Irs (Imp Kaz) silver sable d alert expression, good ear lift, clean neck into well laid shoulder, good forechest, level topline good tail set and plume, medium stifle well let down hock used to advantage on the move. 2nd Joiner & Byrne’s Dacatelo Choose Life dark sable d watchful expression doesn’t seem to miss a trick, slightly longer than tall with pleasing coat and tail feathering, solid topline, balanced angles easy action 3rd Sangster’s Kirlasidh Taste Of Honey Griffon Bruxellois Open (3,1) 1st & BOB MacKenzie’s Grajenco Oliver 3yr red rough d proportionately big head with pleasingly large round eye, small high set ear, good beard, strong neck, deep chest with short level back, brisk active movement with drive 2nd MacKenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It b/t b cheeky expression, good neck, balanced angles, solid topline, easy action would prefer a little less weight. Affenpinscher Open (3,1) 1st & BOB Ferrier’s Rangiamaria Lucy Locket 12 mth b, good triangle between nose and eyes with high set ear causing a friendly but alert expression, square profile with good ribs, good angles front and rear giving a jaunty action on the move.2nd Ferrier’s Ingerdorm Affenlicious For Rangiamaria, well padded b with everything in the right place, cheeky expression, square profile, balanced throughout. Papillon Graduate (2,0) 1st Wilson’s Amicae Badger 21 r/w d good butterfly body, and ear fringes, dark nose, pointed muzzle, arched neck into well laid shoulder, straight forelegs, deep chest, good angulation front and rear, in good jacket, balanced action 2nd MacGregor’s Sweetbriar The Poser (TAF) 7 mth baby, good basic construction and markings, happy boy needs to grow some coat moved with free easy action Open (5,0) 1st & BOB Reid’s Phylcher Heartbreaker cheeky boy with excellent head markings, ear and fringes giving papillon character, medium neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest ribbed well back, well turned stifle and hare feet, flowing silky coat, well furnished on rear of legs and tail, eased around the ring 2nd Taylor’s Adnamashan Craigland For Pamhurst, b/w d pushed hard just preferred head markings of 1st. presented a slightly longer than tall profile, solid topline, good ribs and strong loin moved with drive. 3rd Reekie’s Powerforce Hogmanay. Pomeranian Graduate (6,1) 1st Stewart’s Zaandam Mr Tee alert foxy expression with good dark eye, strong neck, cobby body with good rib and strong loin, well coated, profuse tail carried well over back, very definite brisk movement. 2nd Hillan’s Pommanias Lightning light gold d cheeky fox like expression, deep chest, well angulated, moved with free action 3rd Black & Black-Bunce’s Zaandam Sorcerer Blak Magic Open (5,0) 1st Bob & Group 3 Adamson’s Sylvids Thistle Do JW ShCM Pale gold d oval eye with intelligent expression, high set small ear, short strong neck into well laid shoulder, well ribbed deep chest, short back with strong loin, balanced rear angulation used to advantage on the move 2nd Black & Black-Bunce’s Yarburg History Love For Zaandam d orange b dark nose, foxlike expression level topline, well angulated front and rear, covered ground freely 3rd Hillan & Hillan’s Pommanias Midnight And You Pug Graduate (4,1) 1st Ferguson’s Tartanmops Diamonds N Coal 11 mth black d Happy expression, black open nose, good muzzle, dark round eye, arched neck, into sloping shoulder, solid topline well sprung rib, well turned stifle, steady easy action with slight roll 2nd Reid’s Portlycharm Raffles For Hugieboogie fawn d dark eye & pigment, button ear, strong neck, strong forelegs, level topline, good stifle, positive action, 3rd Mulholland’s Zobear Dolly Mixture At Marillium Open (3,0)1st & BOB Reid’s Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie ShCM light fawn d cheeky expression, good forechest, deep chest, strong coby body with ribs well back, strong loin, moved with drive 2nd Mulholland’s Karanstar Sir Eat A lot Marillium apricot d good dark pigment, good angles front and rear solid topline moved with drive 3rd  Haddow’s Bright Brilliant Ikaros Pekingese Open (6,4) 1st & BOB Cassie’s Palacegarden Emma At Winann silver sable b good envelope ears framing face well, round eye, dark nose, good substance, ribs well back, moved well with typical roll 2nd Cassie’s Bilanciato’s Queen Of Darkness At Winannblack b typical head, good angles front and rear, good substance, pity she wouldn’t raise her tail, good coat and positive action. Japanese Chin Open (7,5) 1st & BOB Lindsay’s Anjuli Beryl JW preferred balanced head markings of this b large black nose, well cushioned muzzle, well feathered ears well set upon rounded skull, cobby body with good ribs, well feathered legs good turn of stifle moved with reach and drive. 2nd Burns Sleepyhollow Calamity Jane pretty small b pity about the loss of eye, well balanced with good angles front and rear, well coated and feathered moved with style. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Graduate (6,1) Good class headed by 2 Blenheim dogs just preferred movement of 1st Drennan’s Calaten Star Trouper, well domed head with dark black nose, low set long ear with plenty of feathering, arched neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, level topline, low hock padded well feathered feet, moved with reach and drive 2nd Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash At Eversbabes, alert inquisitive expression with dark round eye, good skull and ear, strong medium neck, good forechest, well angulated front and rear 3rd White’s Carleny Diamond Button Limit (6,0) 1st C Star Trouper, 2nd White’s Carleny Northern Light b/t b with sweetest expression, good head carriage, good angles front and rear, level topline, easy action 3rd Byers Braemarra Taylor At Linetive Open (3,0) 1st & BOB White’s Carleny Sweetest Of All, good head, eye, ear and muzzle giving alert expression, medium arched neck into well laid shoulders, elbows tight to deep chest, well ribbed, level topline, well angulated front and rear giving easy ground covering action with reach and drive. 2nd B Taylor At Linetive, 3rd in previous class, Blenheim d with dark nose and eye, good ear feathering, strong neck, level topline, true movement 3rd Hargrave’s Carleny I Dreamed A Dream AVNSC Toy Graduate (5,1) 1st Murray’s Happypaws Fancy Free Coton De Tulear b pleasant sweet expression, solid neck into well laid shoulder, solid topline, good stifle, whispy cotton coat, drove around the ring. 2nd Doran and Clemenson’s Bichon Frise Beautipets Begonia, good triangle of dark eyes and black nose giving typical expression, good forechest, square profile, well groomed coat, good tail carriage, moved with ease 3rd Allan’s Miniature Pinscher Allanbru Rose Tico Open 1st BAVNSC, BIG & BIS Craig and Craig’s Coton De Tulear Cotonkiss Moonrock ShCM 2nd Bayne and Smith’s Bichon Frise Manoir’s Mr Moonlight JW ShCM slightly rounded skull enhanced by coat, high set ear, dark eye and nose set in triangle, good bone , deep chest and forechest, solid topline, well set and plumed tail, strong loin and well turned stifle, moved with reach and drive. 3rd Murray’s Coton De Tulear Happypaws Carefree  Toy Group 1st Coton De Tulear Cotonkiss Moonrock Sh CM 2nd Frame’s Chinese Crested Elfallons Crazy Moon ShCM b h/l b, chiselled cheeks, good crest, good angles, solid topline, moved with reach and drive 3rd Pomeranian Sylvids Thistle Do JW ShCM 4th Long Coat Chihuahua Bonni Lasi Irs AV Toy Special Minor Puppy (7, 1) 1st & Best Special Minor Puppy in Group Stewart’s Pomeranian Earnpride Dancing Gold just 6 mth g d cheeky attitude shown in his eyes and expression, stood square giving typical profile for breed, good coat and tail carriage, brisk easy action 2nd Chihuahua Symon’s Bramerita Here’s Trouble At Charabri round head good ear and set, strong neck, level topline moved with attitude 3rd Ritchie’s Pug Abukadra Bedazzled At Cheolview AV Toy Special Puppy (7,2) 1st Chihuahua C Hes Bonzer 2nd Pug T Diamonds N Coal 3rd  Miniature Pinscher Allanbru Rose Tico AV Toy Open (5,0) 1st Coton De Tulear H Fancy Free 2nd Sangster & Sangster’s Chihuahua (Long Coat) Kirlasidh Angel in the Wings, sweet b good ear use, pleasing expression, good angles front and rear finally got tail up to take place 3rd Cassie’s Pekingese Blevwils Oops I Did It Again At Winann AV Toy Special Veteran (8,4) 1st & Best Special Veteran In Group Lindsay’s Japanese Chin Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva At Anjuli ShCM, broad rounded skull with good ear set, good dark nose and eye giving alert expression, good chest strong loin, level topline, well turned stifle, well feathered hare foot showed some of the youngsters how to move around the ring 2nd Smith’s Papillon Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken lovely butterfly shape and ear and fringes, strong neck, good forechest and topline, moved with reach and drive 3rd Adamson’s Pomeranian Veltuds Summer Lovin AVNSC Working Graduate (2,1) 1st & BAVNSC McTaggart’s Bullmastiff d Tarbhore Limited Edition big round head, watchful expression, good wrinkle, solid topline, good forechest, medium stifle used on the move AVNSC Working Open (2,2) Absent Working Group 1st Siberian Husky Mydisa Golden Deelishus 2nd Campbell’s Rottweiler Jianerot Cuba At Julzez ShCM strong built alert b with correct angles front and rear, solid level topline, deep chest covered ground with ease 3rd Bell & Newlands’ Leonberger Debbollinby Kruz Control For Wasserhund powerful looking good black muzzle, dark eye, strong neck, good shoulders and hindquarters used to advantage 4th Geddes’ Newfoundland Tartandug Nae Bother From Vivaldibears, black dog with white blaze and toe markings, cheeky alert expression good neck into well laid shoulder, solid topline, easy loping action.AV Working Special Minor Puppy(5,3) 1st & Best Special Minor Puppy In Group Todd’s b/t Doberman Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy For Toffarbach (Imp Serb) well balanced head and profile, tight feet, good angles front and rear used to advantage 2nd  Campbell’s Rottweiler d  Julez Cayo Cruz, alert expression good skull and ear set, strong neck solid topline easy action. AV Working Special Puppy (5,2) 1st & Best Special Puppy In Group Baillie & Shaw’s Rottweiler d Stairvale Frazer JW 11 mth good angles, deep chest, medium stifle, strong pasterns maturing well definite true movement 2nd Cockburn’s Rottweiler b Shamtrubea Mina Marker 9 ½ mth b cheeky expression, good ribs well back, tight elbows, good angles front and rear covered ground AV Working Open no entries AV Working Special Veteran 1st & Best Veteran In Group Young’s Doberman b/t d Malibray Lagavulin strength all through on this boy with easy ground covering action, well chiselled cheeks,  good eye with alert expression, clean neck into well laid shoulder legs straight viewed from front and rear, deep chest with ribs well back, strong loin, medium stifle 2nd Wynne’s Siberian Husky Elfin Lady Silver Cloud At Mydisa dam of RBIS and we can see where it came from, pleasant expression, alert ear set well, strong neck, good angles front and rear, moved with drive.  AV Bred By Exhibitor 1st Paskins Long Haired Dachshund Kindeace Scarlett O’Hara b pleasing expression. Good muzzle good length of back carried well on well angulated front and rear drove around ring 2nd  Shepherd’s Dalmation Dalfire Bling In Spots sweet b good angles needs to settle to job 3rd Matheson’s Finnish Lapphund Thistleglen Belladonna AV Not Bred By  Exhibitor 1st Ritchie’s Irish Wolfhound Broughadowey Raiden At Torrfionn, powerful boy of good breed profile, alert expression, good head to muzzle length, well fringed , strong neck into well laid shoulder, good bone and forechest, elbows tight to deep chest, ribs well back , strong loin good angles front and rear used to advantage covering ground with ease. 2nd Warden’s Golden Retriever Eyevalley Macallan Of Glentochty ShCM handsome boy with happy expression, good neck chest and rib, well feathered tail good angles moved with drive 3rd Bothwell’s Australian Shepherd Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant At Norcis ShCM  AV PCC Puppy Stakes 1st Paskins’ Dachshund (Long Haired) 10 mth d Cedavoch It’s Taboo At Kindeace long conical skull, muscular neck, good shoulder, deep chest, level topline, moved with drive. 2nd Warden’s Golden Retriever d Nobleman Tak The High Road To Glentochty 11 mth well chiselled cheeks and wide muzzle giving biddable expression, clean neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, solid topline, covered ground effortlessly 3rd Bothwell’s Australian Shepherd Dialynne Sophia Loren Of Norcis AV PCC Open Dog Stakes 1st  Irish Wolfhound B Raiden At T 2nd Dachshund (Long Haired) C It’s Taboo at K 3rd Warden’s Golden Retriever E Macallan of G AV PCC Open Bitch Stakes 1st Phillips & Wiseman’s Saluki Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (imp Rus) Sh CM b/g b long skull and muzzle, clean neck, good shoulders deep chest, strong loin, good stifle well feathered, gentle easy ground covering action, 2nd  Paskins’ Long Haired Dachshund Ch Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace another well balanced ground covering bitch from this kennel, good skull and expression, deep chest well angulated, solid topline 3rd Thomson & Maree’s Basset Hound Zanabek Cautious AV PCC Brace Stakes 1st Slack’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniels pair of Blenheims balanced so alike and moved together in tandem 2nd Black’s Chihuahua (Smooth) cheeky pair of Chocolates made me smile all day 3rd McIntosh’s Basset Hounds The Sheana Martin Memorial Stakes Open 1st Irish Wolfhound B Raiden At T 2nd Saluki Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (imp Rus) Sh CM 3rd Long Haired Dachshund Ch Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace.

Judge Fred Ellingford