• Show Date: 25/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Beagle Junior (5 entries, 1 absent) 1st Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Freezya Assets (AI) 9mth t/w  b melting expression, strong clean arched neck, straight forelegs, solid topline, well sprung rib, strong loin, well let down hock, tight feet, well set and carried tail, free easy action when settled. BPIB and 4th in Puppy Group. 2nd Jones & Jepson’s Bayard Adam Guessing For Eardley, 10mth tri d masculine profile, well laid shoulder, solid pastern,  deep chest, good rib, level topline, tight feet, good stifle just preferred hind action of 1 3rd Edge’s Jalhar Gives You The Edge Postgraduate (2,2) absent Open (6,2) 1st, BOB & BIG Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Maid In America, compact profiled tri b with dark eye and nose, good equal muzzle to skull, good length clean neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, tight elbow, straight foreleg and strong pastern, solid level topline, strong muscled loin, good turn of stifle with well let down hock, correct tail set and carriage, free driving ground covering action. 2nd & RBOB Phillips & Keyte’s Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShCM, 5 yr good honest tri d hound, alert expression, strong neck, good shoulders and forechest, deep chest, ribbed well back, solid topline, good tail set, easy action 3rd Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Tish Hughes. Saluki Post Graduate (1,0) 1st & RBOB Cole’s Cesaria Z Gibesovy Zahradky, red b long muzzle, slight stop and large d oval eye giving gentle expression, good ear fringe, long neck, deep narrow chest with heart room, moderate stifle, long feet with ample feathering on feet, tail and thighs, easy action. Open (2,0) 1st & BOB Garratt & Oakley’s Ch Caryna Neferti  JW  ShCM graceful looking cream b with aloof expression, long skull on strong long neck, long straight forelegs, good feet and feathering, deep chest, definite tuck and strong loin, balanced angles front and rear, low set feathered tail, clean, light, effortless driving action 2nd Cole & Mintz’ Voice Of My Heart Neshema Tova Isrjch, pleasing expression, slight stop, good ear, arched neck, good forechest, balanced front and rear, moved with reach and drive.

Judge R J (Fred) Ellingford