• Show Date: 22/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Peter Pavey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

York Canine Association




Many thanks to all the exhibitors who turned out on this extremely hot day to support this show and myself. Also thank you to the Committee for the opportunity to judge at this very well run show.


PUPPY (2,1A)

1. Pinkerton’s “Bareve Bronwen” 9 month old puppy bitch of good size and proportions, she is so outgoing and is full of quality and breed type. Typical head of feminine appearance and outlook, pleasing eye and expression, good coat and well furnished brows and beard, ample ribbing, and is extremely well muscled throughout. She never put a foot wrong and could not be denied BOB, BP & PG2.


1. Lovatt’s “Beechillawn I’m Free with Shirostar” 2 year old upstanding male, masculine head, dark eyes, good face furnishings and ear set. Well developed body proportions, muscled hindquarters, moved ok just a little proud of his tail.

2. Thornton’s “Bareve Bat Out Of Hell” 12 month old male, super head and expression with good facial furnishings straight forelegs, chest still needs to develop, strong topline, good harsh coat, moved well.

OPEN (2)

1. Pinkerton’s “Barave Bruevinka” 2 year old bitch who is completely balanced in outline, feminine head with intelligent expression. Good depth to chest, strong topline, in fit hard condition, moved around the ring with drive and enthusiasm. RBOB

2. Thornton’s “Bareve Bokkraal” 3 year old male of good make and shape, good head proportions, not the angles of winner, good harsh coat, moved well.



1. Brown & Burn’s “Enryb Champers Party at Pothouse” 10 month old puppy dog this was his first show, and he was very well schooled. He is a little up on the leg at the moment, he has super bone, lovely head with super expression, straight forelegs, well developed chest. Moved well with ground covering stride, at just the right pace with his handler. BP


1. Hesford & Campbell “Gunalt Move It To Pipwell” 2 lovely bitches headed this class, my winner is a 14 month old bitch of excellent breed type, balanced in outline, beautiful feminine head of equal balance, pleasing expression. Clean through the neck and front, excellent bone and feet, body of correct proportions, level topline, tail well set and carried. In super condition, initially on the move she tended to have her nose to the ground, but once she got into her stride she moves with plenty of reach and drive. RBOB

2. Watson’s “Oakswarren Krystal Ice” 16 month old bitch and another one of excellent breed type with a lot to like, pleasing head and expression, strong neck, body developing well, quite well ribbed back, strong through the loin, moved well.

3. Brierley & Needham “Grausturm Hairy Potter” (Imp Aus)

OPEN (16, 3A)

What a fabulous class, I felt quite honoured and humble to be able to have the opportunity to judge such fabulous quality dogs.

1. Yewdall’s “Gunalt Adorable from Ladwey” 2 year old quality bitch, lovely make and shape, beautiful head and melting expression, strong elegant neck, pleasing front, well developed chest, excellent bone and feet. Excellent body proportions, strong topline, which she maintained both standing and moving, pleasing tail set and carriage. Presented in hard muscle tone and even in the extreme heat, looking like she could go all day, moving she is sound and true in all directions. Handled to best advantage BOB and G3.

2. Simpson, Dawson & Clarke “Sireva Senna With Coastedge” Another quality bitch that I really liked, she is so full of breed type, balanced in outline and is so well made all through. Feminine head with super expression, good neck and shoulders, good body proportions, moves true fore and aft and covered the ground effortlessly.

3. Perez-Powell “Sh Ch Gunalt By Ek at Soncaro (AI)



1. Jarvis “Hawklawn Summer Breeze” 2 year old bitch lovely head with a soft expression. Good angulation fore and aft, good spring of rib, strong quarters which she used to her advantage on the move.

2. Wilson’s “Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose” 5 year old medium sized short coupled bitch with good front and strong topline. Presented in super coat and condition, not the movement of winner.

3. Lawson’s “Wansleydale Dorian Gray”

OPEN (4,2A)

1. Loynd’s “Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW”. 2 year old beautiful feminine bitch who screams quality and breed type. I absolutely loved her head, and melting expression. Excellent neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs and strong quarters, level topline, she is presented in excellent coat and condition. On the move she has plenty of reach and drive and an excellent side gait. BOB & G2

2. Wilson’s “Abiwrose Blue Musketeer” 7 year old male of good make and shape masculine head with super expression, good body proportions, in good coat and condition, just not as active on the move as winner. RBOB



1. McDowell’s “Gwendariff’s Gonna Do It For Bydales) 2 year old up to size male but is balanced for height top length ratio, clean outline, gently sloping topline, masculine head, dark eye with super expression, in super coat and condition, well muscled rear, moved very well. BOB

2. Jarvis “Lowdon Sleepy Time” 2 year old feminine bitch, good head, dark eye and pleasant expression, pleasing overall shape and outline, good coat and condition moved well.

3. Gardner’s “Danwish On High” (AI) 6 month old puppy dog lovely head with melting expression, straight forelegs, good bone and feet. Gently flowing topline, good tailset, good rear angulation, moved very soundly both ways for one so young BP & PG 4


1. Loynd’s “Anlory Poaches Brook Join Crimbledale” 4 year old bitch of good size, make and shape, feminine head and gentle expression, good topline, good angulation fore and aft, presented in excellent coat and condition, Moved very well. RBOB.



1. Cooke & Barker “Radstorm Legal Eagle” 10 month old GSP up to size puppy bitch, pleasing head with kind intelligent expression, good length of rib and good breadth of loin, still a little raw at the moment, but she is well angulated and very steady on the move. Best AVNSC Puppy.


1. Watson’s “Oakswarren Everglow” (AI) 13 month old Hungarian Vizsla bitch who is sound and well made in all areas. She is of good breed type, plenty of substance, good body proportions, good topline and tailset, deep in rib and good angulation front and rear. Well muscled and presented in good condition. Moved very well

2. Dunn’s “Meadowpoint Look To The Stars” 16 month old Pointer male, masculine head, straight forelegs, good feet, good strong slightly arched neck, good body proportions, well muscled throughout.



1. Watson’s “Oakswarren Eclipse” AI, 13 month old Hungarian Vizsla bitch and litter sister to my Junior winner, this young lady ticked all the boxes for me, she is very feminine full of style and quality, she is so sound throughout. Super feminine head and is presented and in the best of muscle tone and condition. Good quarters fore and aft, good body proportions, moderate angulation. Her movement is positive and true and has a fabulous outgoing temperament. BAVNSC & G1

2. Chu’s “Ohana Hills Cashmere Effect (Imp)” 18 month old American Cocker male, masculine head with rounded skull, clear stop, full eye with chiselling underneath. Compact and strong body, short coupled and powerful quarters. Moved very well covering the ground well.

3. Stanhope’s “Vonsarall Bronte Molygate” Large Munsterlander

OPEN 7(,1a)

1. Brown & Burn’s “Sh Ch Magregor Threesacrowd at Pothouse” JW ShCm 4 year old GSP who is all male and so full of breed type, typical in outline, masculine head with super expression, good quarters fore and aft, he was presented in excellent muscle tone , he has the correct coat texture, strong topline, excellent mover covering the ground with ease. RBAVNSC

2. Gardner’s “Alenea Game Reserve with Danwish” 2 year old Irish Red & White Setter, this young dog is really starting to come into his own. Lovely head and expression, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm, straight forelegs, good rear angulation, balanced all through, presented in fabulous condition, powerful mover.

3. Kitchen’s “Crumpsbrock Rather Regal Von Elkemutt” Large Musnterlander


1. Watson’s “Oakswarren Eclipse” (AI)Hungarian Vizsla

2. Loynd’s “Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW”. English Setter

3. Yewdall’s “Gunalt Adorable from Ladwey” Weimaraner

4. Walkling’s “Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili” Clumber Spaniel


1. Walkling’s “Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili” Clumber Spaniel, really fell in love with this young lady she is so full of breed type. Beautiful head, ears well set, lovely eye and expression. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Well developed forechest and depth of brisket, good spring of rib, strong bone and round feet. Well muscled hind quarters with a moderate angulation. On the move she has excellent reach and drive.


2. Pinkerton’s “Bareve Bronwen” German Wirehaired Pointer

3. Kyna Minnie Caldwell For Anlasana” Cocker Spaniel

4. Gardner’s “Danwish On High” (AI) Irish Setter


PUPPY (5,3a)

1. Walkling’s “Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili” Clumber Spaniel

2. Gardner’s “Danwish On Song” (AI) 6 month old Irish Setter puppy bitch very pretty head and expression, balanced in outline, good bone and feet, developing very nicely for her age, presented in excellent condition, very sound on the move.


1. Lawson’s “Wansleydale Dorian Gray”English Setter

2. Palmer’s “Dreamist Rock”N”Rye at Colmeir” Cocker Spaniel



1. Yewdall’s “Gunalt Adoptable to Ladwey” ShCm 7 year old Weimaraner bitch who is full of breed type and is so well put together, loved her head and intelligent expression, very clean in outline, she is in fantastic muscle tone and condition, moved and showed very well.

2. Dunn’s “Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer” ShCm at nearly10 year old this Pointer bitch does not look her age, pleasing head and expression, well ribbed and in good muscle tone. Good rear angulation, moves well both coming and going and in profile.

3. Whiting’s “IrShCh Hejocsabai Turul at Cragvallie” (Imp Hun) Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla