• Show Date: 08/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Peter Matfin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Poole Canine Club


8TH JULY 2018

Thank you to all concerned, The Committee, & Officers but on a wonderful show, and my two stewards for the day were just fabulous, it was a long hot day for all, which was a bit of a nightmare trying to keep dogs cool, Judging started 9.30am, and with a delay in another ring, and being asked to judge other breeds and an extra group for reasons I wasn’t aware of it was 6.40pm that I declared my BIS.


AVNSC Working Post Grad.

1st.Robinson. Chalards Love Is In The Air At Robinsteck (Boxer). A nice Female Boxer, good Clean head, nice earset, good outline, moved freely. 

AVNSC Working Open.

1st.Robinson. Gravity Pulls To Robinsteck (Boxer) A good male, stood proud, nice powerful head, good eye and earset, he had a good outline, well balanced, BOB Group 3.

AV Working Puppy.

1st. Aplin. Merrybear Krystal For Alsden. (Newfoundland). A good 10mth old bitch, typical of the breed, she had a love strong but feminine head, perfectly angulated body, a good specimen of the breed, with a good future. Puppy Group 2.

2nd. Plummer. Aritaur Ginerosity. (Dobermann) A lovely 10mth old bitch, well balanced for a youngster, good reach of neck, nice outline, correct angulation, moved well.

AV Working Veteran.

1st.Anderson. Cherubini Midnight Wolf. (Malamute) A lovely 8 yr old bitch of good qualities, she had a pleasing eye and earset, good reach of neck, strong shoulders, and in wonderful condition for her age, and in good coat, moved with drive.

Working Group 

Group 1. Newton. Shlarra Smooth Mover (Great Dane). A 10mth old dog of outstanding qualities, he had a good head, strong neck, perfect outline, angulation to die for, I have no problem saying his future is going to be fabulous. Also Puppy Group 1, RBIS & BPIS

Group 2 Everley. Manzart Vogue. (Dobermann). A1yr old bitch, in wonderful condition, good typical head, nice reach of neck, pleasing throughout, moved well.

Group 3. Gravity Pulls To Robinsteck (Boxer) Repeat

Group 4.Trim & Bishop. Royceprides Calypso. (Bullmastiff), a good 13mth old bitch, nice feminine head, good angulation, strong but feminine throughout, moved well.

Working Puppy Group.

Group 1. Newton. Shlarra Smooth Mover (Great Dane). RBIS & BPIS

Group 2. Aplin. Merrybear Krystal For Alsden. (Newfoundland). 


Bearded Collie Puppy

1st. Poulter. Ceilamear Rising Star At Poppybriar, A lovely young puppy bitch, who wanted to play, so happy she was, nice head, everything as it should be, nice angulation, moved freely. BP & Puppy Group one.

Bearded Collie Post Grad.

1st. Davies & Fear. Ceilmear’s Royal Marine. Nice strong head, dark eyes, good pigmentation, nice deep ribs, good throughout. BOB.

2nd. Fear. Ceilmear’s Harris Tweed. A good typical dog of excellent qualities, moved freely and with drive.

3rd. Poulter. Ceilamear Amazing Grace At Poppybriar.

Bearded Collie Open.

1st. Davies & Fear. Ceilmear FourLeaf Clover. A quality bitch with a nice sweet head, good pigmentation, scissor bite, nice topline, and in good coat, move well.

2nd. Poulter. Ceilamear Amazing Grace At Poppybriar. Again pleasing to the eye, she had a good head, correct eye and earset, level topline, moved ok.

Rough Collie Special Yearling.

1st. Tungate. Prince Of Sunlight Let Me Love You. A good 15mth old bitch, of wonderful qualities, her head was of the well blunted clean wedge that’s asked for, well arched neck, and good shoulders, sound throughout, moved well. BOB

Rough Collie Post Grad.

1st. Tungate. Prince Of Sunlight Let Me Love You. Repeat

2nd. Munday. Amalie Lynmead Hello Holly. A nice 3yr yr old bitch, of also good qualities, good head, scissor bite, strong neck, well angulated, moved freely.

3rd.Marques. Deanjan Dynamite Boy.

Rough Collie Open.

1st.Tungate. Prince Of Sunlight Let Me Love You Repeat.

2nd Jones. Danrox Wicked Breeze. A almost 4yr old bitch, nice nice, correct eye and earset, nice topline, correct angulation, moved ok.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Open.

1st Tadd. Jacko du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno (Fra Imp) JW SHcM. He had a good strong head, Almond eyes, small ears, strong and even jaw, a good short neck, broad chest, sound throughout, moved freely and powerful. BOB & Group 3.

2nd. Tadd. Kricarno Kornish Kontessa. A good strong bitch of similar qualities as 1st, but very feminine, moved soundly.

AVNSC Pastoral Post Grad.

1st Jordan-Davis. Blackfyre Nefarious Intentions (Imp) (BSD Terv), This one typical of the breed, had a well chiselled head, medium sized eyes, correct earset, a good supple neck, and deep chest, correct in all quarters, moved well.

2nd. Hood, Glaholm & Wilding. Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey. (Buhund) A nice almost 2yr old dog, slightly built well balanced throughout, correct head with mobile erect ears, scissor bite, good angulation and pleasing topline, moved well.

AVNSC Open.  

1st. Hood & Collins. Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. SHcM (Buhund) A over 7 yr old dog of outstanding qualities, correct head that the breed asks for, medium neck, lean straight legs, hindquarters moderately angulated. Correct throughout, moved with power and drive. BOB Group 2, BVIS

2nd.Jordan-davis. Norylght Omatikaya. (BSD (Terv) a nice 8yr old bitch, correctly constructed to the breed standard, enjoyed her day out.

 AV Pastoral Puppy.

1st. Poulter. Ceilamear Rising Star At Poppybriar Repeat

AV Pastoral Post Grad.

1st. Warren-Sinclaire. Meretrix Harley Isds. (Border Collie) A 4yr old dog, with a pleasing head, scissor bite, good length of neck, level topline, very good angulation, moved well.

2nd.Poulter. Ceilamear Rising Star At Poppybriar Repeat

AV Pastoral Open.

1st. Warren-Sinclaire. Moshanta Movin On Out JW. (Border Collie) A lovely bitch of good qualities, pleasing head, good eye and earset, scissor bite, good topline, precfect angulation, moved well. Group 4.

AV Pastoral Veteran.

1st. Hood & Collins. Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. SHcM (Buhund) Repeat

2nd.McShane. Milesend Drama Queen. (Sheltie) A grand lady of 12yrs old, good very good condition for her age, everything as it should be, and tail carried down on the move, well done.

3rd. .Jordan-davis. Norylght Omatikaya. (BSD (Terv) 

Pastoral Group.

Group 1.Cooper. Wyckwood Ice Blue. (Sheltie) 3ys old dog, stunning, he had a lovely head, good eye and earset, nice topline, perfect angulation, in beautiful coat, moved well.

Group 2. Hood & Collins. Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. SHcM (buhund) BVIS

Group 3.Tadd. Jacko du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno (Fra Imp) JW SHcM. (Pyrenean)

Group 4. Warren-Sinclaire. Moshanta Movin On Out JW. (Border Collie)

Puppy Group 1.Poulter. Ceilamear Rising Star At Poppybriar, (Bearded Collie)


AVNSC Terrier Post Grad.

1st.Ferris & Russell. Wyeafon Percival. (Aust Terrier) A lovely 15mth old dog, strong, alert, and sound throughout, head flat with moderate width, correct eyeset and colour, small erect ears, well constructed body, moved free and forceful as asked for in the standard. BOB, Group 1.

AV Terrier Open.

1st. Small. Tilmoray Turtle Dove (Border Terrier) A 6yr old bitch, A lovely bitch of outstanding qualities, everything were it should be, and credit to the breed 

AV Terrier Veteran.

1st. Small. Badgerbeck Tree Pipit At Tilmoray JW. SHcM. (Border Terrier) A 9 yr old Bitch, with a good strong head very typical of the breed, moderate length of neck, body deep and narrow, good angulation, moved well.

Terrier Group

Group 1.Ferris & Russell. Wyeafon Percival. (Aust Terrier) 

Group 2.Turner. Crillee Maximus The Cool. (Airedale) A 8mth old dog he was outstanding, correct head, good neck, well laid shoulders, back short and strong, straight and level, powerful quarters, small feet and compact, moved so well..

Group 3.Fear. Barley Legal Coconut Caramel (Imp NLD) (Dan Dinmont) A 2yr old male with a good head, nice neck, perfect topline, well laisd shoulders, moved strong and straight with ease.

Group 4. Steele. Digaden Get Up And Go. (parsons). 16 mth old bitch, she had a nice wedge shaped head, good neck, nice topline, and good quarters, moved well.

Puppy Group 1.Turner. Crillee Maximus The Cool. (Airedale) 

Puppy Group 2.Turner. Harkline Ruffian At Tidestaff. (Staffie) A nice bitch in good condition, good outline, stood proud, all as it should be.moved with drive.

Toy AVs

AVNSC Toy Puppy

1st. Richardson. Tiaran Andante Star. (Bichon) 10mth old bitch, very much a baby, she had a lovely head, scissor bite, dark eyes, good pigmentation, lovely angulation, moved well. BP, Puppy Group 3.

AVNSC Toy Post Grad.

1st. Hughes & Crawford. Beauborne Cassandra. (Grffon). 2yr old bitch, well balanced throughout, large head rounded of moderate width, eyes well placed, alert the whole time, short back, with well sprung ribs, moved freely with drive. BOB.

2nd. Fry. Lazy Daz. (Coton de Tulear) A 19mth old bitch , as the standard asked slightly longer than high, she had a nice head, dark eyes, pigmentation perfect, strong jaw with a scissor bite, good depth of brisket, well muscled in the right places, moved well.

3rd.Edwards. Tonsarne Emmerson With Sharbour (Affenpinscher)


1st Faithfull. Hamlock The Conspirator At Jon Evelyn ( Affenpinscher) a 3yr old bitch, she had a nice head, dark round eyes, short straight neck and back, well sprung ribs, with a good high tailset, finished off with a good harsh coat, moved ok.

2nd. Hughes & Crawford. Cobblehill Gucci With Beauborne, (Griffon) A 16mth old bitch, in good proportion for a youngster, everything as it should be, good eye and earset, correct skull size, wide chest, short back, good muscled thighs and good length. Small catlike feet with black foot nails. Moved ok.

AV Toy Puppy

1st. Grant. Moretonia Passion Parade At Moorheath. (Chinese Crested). A lovely bitch at 7mth old, slightly rounded skull, dark eyes, low set ears, scissor bite, slightly arched neck, chest broad and deep, rump well rounded, let down hocks, a nice picture, moved well.

AV Toy Post Grad.

1st.Hollister. Voxel Ux November Rain Avec Hollichi (smooth Chihuahua) A 15mth old dog, small, Dainty and compact as the standard asks, he was very alert, well rounded skull, muzzle short, eyes large and round, neck slightly arched, nice topline, hocks well let down. Dainty small feet, moved well.

2nd. Rogers & West.Doobyave Chilin Lyka Vilain (Long Coat Chihuahua) A young dog again, as asked for in the standard, alert small dog, good head, eye and ear placement correct, well laid shoulders, good turn of stiffle, moved ok.

3rd.Fry. Lazy Daze (Coton De Tulear)

AV Toy Open.

1st. Mootaz. Peme Rose For Tazapash. (Pug).A 5yr old bitch of good quality, large head, dark eyes, small thin ears, slightly undershot mouth which is correct, slightly arched neck, short cobby body, the movement was as it should be viewed from the front, the rise and fall action, moved well.

2nd. Faithfull. Riogaioch Coraline At Jonevelyn. ( Affenpinscher) a 2yr old bitch, she had a small head , round eyes dark of medium size, short straight neck, straight front legs, hind legs well set under under her body, moved well.

3rd. Hollister. Sibirskiy Brend Shine Beauty (IMP) (Smooth Coat Chihuahua)

AV Toy Veteran)

1st. Snell. Yustin Z Jasne Hvezdy At Moretonia (CZE IMP) (Chinese Crested) A 7yr old graceful dog, medium to fine boned, typical crested head, ears low set, lean neck, medium to long body, rump well rounded, angulations correct for the breed, moved ok. 

Toy Group.

Group 1. Davis. Minitopo Le Filippo Per Jemalsheva (Italian Greyhound) a 3yr old male, of outstanding quality, slender in all proportions, a long flat narrow skull. Large eyes full of that lovely expression that this breed ooses, rose shaped ears correctly placed, long graceful neck, deep chest, good length of rib, well muscled thigh, low tailset, also carried low, moved with that lovely high step, free and straight. BIS

Group 2. Blackie & Knapp. Cridensa Coltrana (CKCS) a 3yr old dog, which had a nice head, large dark eyes, long high set ears, scissor bite, neck of moderate length, good spring of rib, good angulation. Moved well.

Group 3.Snell. CH. Moretonia Kindle Fire. (Eng Toy Terrier) a 4yr old dog with a long flat narrow skull, dark eyes, good earset, scissor bite, graceful neck slightly arched, nice topline, with good angulation, moved well.

Group 4. Hollister. Voxel Ux November Rain Avec Hollichi (smooth Chihuahua) Repeat.

Puppy Group 1. Blackie & Knapp. Verheyen Paris With Cridensa. (CKCS) A 7mth old bitch, of outstanding breed quality, corect head, well set eyes and ears, good shoulders, nice topline, all as it should be, moved so well.

Puppy Group 2. Warren. Neerodan Made To Sucseed. (E.T.T) A 7mth old dog, who had a nice head good eye and earset, good reach of neck, nice topline, perfect angulations, moved well.

Puppy Group 3.Richardson. Tiaran Andante Star. (Bichon) Repeat.

Puppy Group 4.Skinner. Coltham Choirboy. (Long Coat Chihuahua)an 8mth old dog, typical of the breed, compact and small, with a well rounded skull, large eyes, slightly arched neck, level back, hocks well let down, small feet, moved well. 


AVNSC Utility Open. 

1st. Bull & Warren. Zaralee Hussell And Bussell With Starferry. (IMP) Shar Pei) 21mth old bitch, a good head, flat, board moderate stop, top of the muzzle slightly padded, almond shaped eyes, small thick ears, scissor bite, well laid shoulders, good topline, everything as it should be, moved well. BOB.

AV Utility Puppy.

1st Plummer & Bingham. (Tibetan Terrier) 8mth old dog, he had a nice head, large eyes, good V shaped ears carried correctly, strong muscular neck, compact powerful body, good depth of brisket, nice angulation, moved soundly.

AV Utility Post Grad.

1st.Klumbys. Kugou’s Moxie Glowing Star. (Toy Poodle) 2yr old dog, A good skull, almond eyes, good low set ears, nice length of neck, well laid shoulders, nice topline, in good proportion throughout.

AV Utility Open.

1st Doyle. Haylesdown Honoria,. (Standard Poodle) a 3yr old bitch, with outstanding qualities, she had a good head corect eye and ear placement, pigmentation perfect, scissor bite, correct angulation, nice topline, move well.

AV Utility Veteran.

1st. Bevis CH Malia The Next Verse By Starlance JW. SHcM (Tib Spaniel) a male of good size, with a small skull carried proudly, dark eyes, medium ears, short strong neck, moderate boned forequarters, 

A good long body, nice spring of rib, and a high tailset, moved well, Best AV Veteran.

2nd. Borrett. CH Kelban Mae Blossom At Tibama (Tib Spaniel) an 8yr old bitch again of outstaning qualities, as 1st, but very feminine, moved well.

3rd. Williams. Santonshire Smarty Pants. (Min Schz)

BIS. Davis. Minitopo Le Filippo Per Jemalsheva (Italian Greyhound) Write Up Above.

RBIS Newton. Shlarra Smooth Mover (Great Dane). Write Up Above

BPIS Newton. Shlarra Smooth Mover (Great Dane). Write Up Above

RBPIS Rudkin. Keydax Layla For Dynastydax (Min Smooth Haired Dach) A 9 mth old bitch, with a typical good head, nice clean correctly placed eyes, good pigmentation, good length of body, nice angulation, everything correctly placed, moved so proudly, deserved her placing.

BVIS Hood & Collins. Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. SHcM (buhund) Write Up Above

BEST RES OF BREED Davis Jemalsheva Dolce. (Whippett) a nice show dog of almost 3 yrs old, good head, nice eye and earset, good reach of neck, neck outline and showed so well.

Peter Matfin. ASHLANTIE: