• Show Date: 27/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone & Northolt CS – 27th December 2018

Had a very good time and found some lovely dogs – what more could a judge want? Thank you to the committee, my stalwart steward who kept things moving, and to all exhibitors.

Any Variety Not Separately Classified – Working:

Puppy (2,1)

1. Dwyer & Wallace’s Articrainbow Heatwave at Thundaspirit. Alaskan Malamute. Lovely 6 month male at his first show. Good head with correct eye and ear shape and placement, good neck and balanced angulation front and rear. Good topline and good strong body of pleasing proportions. Correct double coat presented well, with a waving well-furred plume to finish the picture. Showed he could move out when settled. BAVNSC Puppy

Yearling (2,1)

1. Bielecka’s Tenshi With Red Ribbon (imp Pol). Great Dane. 17 month male harlequin. Imposing and powerfully built with good bone and tight cat feet. Handsome head tops good length of neck and good topline with strong loin. Deep in body with good underline. Strong in rear. Moved with drive. BAVNSC

Post Graduate (0)

Limit (2,1)

1. Cole’s Quen Star Sagitta Isla Bonita Jamaica Sunrise (imp Pol). Leonberger. Elegant, but with substance, well presented 3.5 year old bitch showing a pleasing profile standing, but was distracted and wanted to be elsewhere. Feminine head, strong neck and body of good proportions. Nice for bone and correct tight round feet. Moved ok.

Open (2.2)

Working Group:

1. Kelly’s Casemates Gandalf. Very smart and impressive Boxer who showed all the time. Moved out with purpose and drive.

2. Coldwell’s Zentaur Ain’t No Thang JW ShCM. 2 year old Newfoundland bitch of quality. Lovely outline. Impressive, well-made but still feminine. Presented in super condition, showing well and moving as she should.

3. Bielecka’s Tenshi With Red Ribbon (imp Pol). Great Dane. (as above)

4. Simms & Eagles’ WWP18 Arcticskies Artful Dodger at Spiritmist. Siberian Husky.

Working Puppy Group:

1. Simms & Eagles’ WWP18 Arcticskies Artful Dodger at Spiritmist. Siberian Husky. My Adult Group 4, this lovely youngster just had to take this nice Puppy Group. Super typical Sibe head, good body proportions, presented so well and shows like a trooper! He has presence even now and is a joy to watch on the move. Was delighted to see him take BPIS.

2. Pearn’s Bonmac Jackanory. Boxer: Super-smart, 9 month bitch puppy – very feminine, super outline, well-muscled and moved with drive.

3. Dwyer & Wallace’s Articrainbow Heatwave at Thundaspirit. Alaskan Malamute. (as above)

4. Coldwell’s Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (AI). Newfoundland. Very promising baby – just 6 months and already the showgirl. Type and soundness, a nice package.

Swedish Vallhund

Puppy (2)

1. Dodd’s Tanellis Bloomin Primrose. Really lovely 10-month bitch puppy. Loved her good wedge-shaped head with lovely ears, good length of neck, and correct length to height ratio. Strong and sturdy youngster, but feminine. Correct angulation showed on the move which was free and she was straight coming and going. For me she had the edge today and was pleased to award her BOB and BPIB and later Group 3 and Puppy Group 1.

2. Wilton’s Meddobe Anna Travis. Not as forward or as settled in the ring as 1. Very pretty in head with good flat skull, correct ears and lovely eye shape and nice to go over. A little erratic on the move today.

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (1)

1. Zbilut & Yacomen’s Starvon Deja. 19 month very nice junior bitch. Pretty, feminine head with good ears and good eye shape, but prefer a little darker in colour. Good length of neck and depth of chest. Neat side gait, just needs to tighten a little in front. Developing nicely.

Open (3,1)

1. Wilton’s Meddobe Spice’s Endeavour. 2 year old male. Attractive head with nice eye; ears could be firmer. Good neck and topline. Nice front angulation. Took his place today on more positive movement.

2. Dodd’s Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Very pretty bitch, who I see from the catalogue is the dam of the BOB. Very feminine bitch with lovely head and super ears; good proportions. Slightly finer in build. Moved ok.

Any Variety Not Separately Classified – Pastoral:

Puppy (0)

Yearling (3)

1. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis. Smooth Collie. Fabulous 18 month bitch, combining elegance and workmanlike neatness. Correct head with lovely expression, super eye and ears. Her balance and proportion stood out for me. Correct front and rear angulation. Movement showed good stride length and drive. BAVNSC. Group 1

2. Meads’ Silvarcea Fun In The Sun. Australian Shepherd. Nice young tri bitch with lovely copper trim, presented well. Pretty head not overdone in any way, sufficient neck and nice body proportions. Not as settled in the ring as 1, and this showed on the move.

3. Wilenczyc’s Nellinka Christmas Khaos at Kashiba. German Shepherd.

Post Graduate (0)

Limit (1)

1. Meads & Fuller’s Silvarcea Reggae Fusion at Ozways. Australian Shepherd. I really liked this 5-year-old bitch. Lovely merle jacket with clear copper trim. Pretty head good neck set on correctly angulated front. Neat and with correct body proportions. Sound on the move.

Open (1)

1. Benton’s Oakestelle Venus De Milo. Dam to the Yearling winner and another quality bitch. 5-year-old merle, shown in lovely body and has obviously shared her type with her daughter. Elegant, super head and expression with lovely, typical outline. Was a very close decision in the challenge, where I felt she was just slightly out-moved by the youngster.

Pastoral Group: Good quality across both groups making for touch decisions.

1. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis. Smooth Collie (see above)

2. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting On The Ritz (AI) Border Collie. Lovely combination of showman with proper form who would be able to do a job of work. Shown in super condition and moved just as he should!

3. Dodd’s Tanellis Bloomin Primrose. Swedish Vallhund (see above)

4. Shipp’s No More Heroes Du Cols De Sea-Wind (imp Fra). Rough Collie. Glamour with moderation and sound on the move.

Pastoral Puppy Group:

1. Dodd’s Tanellis Bloomin Primrose. Swedish Vallhund (see above)

2. White’s Wichahpi Angpetu. BSD (Groenendael). Really lovely BSD puppy bitch. Elegant, feminine head with correct length and lovely ears, giving super expression. Typical in outline and presented well. Moved out briskly.

3. Margetts’ Collingvale Cava. Rough Collie. Very attractive, well made bitch. Very sound on the move.

4. Austin’s Miraje Frozen Again for Hysteps (AI). Border Collie. Promising young male showing good type and sound on the move.

Judge: Penny Roberts (Archaeus)