• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

Sherringham & DKA Open Show – 16th September 2018

Critique for Pastoral Groups and individual breeds + AV/Stakes

A lovely show and luckily the weather was kind to us. Thank you to the hard-working committee for putting on such a good show and my stewards who helped make sure all was kept on track. Some lovely, quality dogs made the day complete for me.

Alaskan Malamute

Special Yearling bitch (1)

1. Lond-Calke’s Icewolf King of the North. At 9 months this young man is coming along nicely. Good breed type with correct overall proportions and correct bone. Very attractive malamute head, good strong neck, length of body to leg length, correct moderate angulation and correct bone. In good puppy jacket well presented. Moved out well. Very promising. BP

Limit (0)

Open (2)

1. Lond-Calke’s Icewolf Devil May Cry. Strongly built 7-year-old male. Lovely head with correct proportions and well-placed neat ears giving overall lovely expression. Good strong topline, firm loin. Strong bone, good legs and feet. Would like a little more length of leg, but overall this boy makes a very pleasing and typey picture. Moved out well. BOB

2. Blaney’s Viking Fenrir Kin of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (imp DE). 4-year-old male who had the extra length of leg, but not the overall balance of 1, providing a squarer picture on the stand. Attractive head and neck; very good feet. Shown in good quality jacket, well presented. Moved ok. RBOB.

Siberian Husky

Puppy (2)

1. Simms & Eagles’ Arcticskies Artful Dodger. 8 month male with the most attractive of heads with lovely expression. Super dentition which he showed me with a smile! Strongly built, but I liked his overall proportions; in super full puppy coat which was presented beautifully. Moved out well. BP

2. Brown’s Polarcreek Tanya. 10 month bitch of very different, lighter-framed, more racy type, accentuated by the fact that she left her undercoat at home. Very pretty head, lovely length; just lacking a little in front angulation. Moved neatly and lightly.

Junior (2)

1. Simms & Eagles’ Arcticskies Artful Dodger - repeat

2. Brown’s Polarcreek Tanya - repeat

Post Graduate (1)

1. Simms’ Arcticskies Eyecatcher – and she certainly caught my eye today. Just a year old, a lovely feminine girl with good head, correct ears and striking expression with her beautiful blue eyes. Loved her balance – sufficient length with good rib and loin; leg length in proportion and good but not excessive bone. Not in full coat, but sufficient and correct in texture. Well presented and shown. Moved out with freedom and ease. BOB.

Open (2)

1. Simms’ Arcticskies Thunder Snow. Handsome 19 mo male. Substantial boy with good head and correct his ear shape and placement. Good length of neck, moderate angulation front and rear, good length of body and sufficient leg. I felt he was carrying a little too much in body, but his overall fitness and condition first class. Moved out soundly. RBOB.

2. Brown’s Deshka’s Cassiar Dyr For Polarcreek JW. Very feminine and pretty 18 mo bitch of very different stamp. Light and racy outline. Lack of coat emphasising her lack of body and maturity up against the mature male. Neat and sound on the move.

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

Special Yearling (0)

Limit (1,1)

Open (1)

1. Thompson’s Valson Elvis. 7 yo male, shown in beautiful fit condition. Lovely clean head, correct elegant outline, good bone. In profuse coat, well presented. Neat and typical movement. A lovely boy and a deserving BOB

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Special Yearling (1)

1. Andrews’ Delator Mazin May. Just 6 months, this very pretty puppy bitch already showing promise. Attractive head, correct neck and front assembly; good coat. Needs ring confidence, but that will come. When focused, she shows a spectacular, typey outline and moved soundly when settled. BPIB/RBOB

Limit (0)

Open (1)

1. Elliott’s Sulanevaeh Raul Thane. Handsome 2 yo male with beautiful head and expression. Super construction throughout. Lacking undercoat, but topcoat of correct texture and he was presented well. Really sound on the move and a pleasure to watch. BOB.

Old English Sheepdog

Special Yearling (2). Two delightful puppies – almost the same age.

1. Joyce’s Raynham Good Day Sunshine. 11 months bitch with super compact cobby outline in amazing puppy coat – harsh and abundant and beautifully presented and good muscle tone. Very much the ‘baby’ but enjoying herself and showing lovely outgoing personality. A real picture standing and, when settled, moved well. BOB/BPIB.

2. Pullen, Rutland & Porter’s Honky Tonk Blues For Meadowbears. Young man with slightly off-square outline. Strong masculine head and good construction and shown in good coat and condition. Lacked the sparkle of 1 but moved out well. RBOB

Limit (0)

Open (0)

Swedish Vallhund

Post Graduate (0)

Open Dog (1,1)

Open Bitch (1,1)

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (0)

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (0)

Open (2)

1. Smith’s Portnall Elrich Zu Sarocal (GSD). Really nice 2 year old male with good outline without exaggeration. Handsome head, good neck leading into moderate topline and strong rear. Sufficient bone. While not in full coat, what he had was in good condition and true clear colour. Beautiful side gait, moving strongly. BAVNSC.

2. Hudson’s Weetoneon Jive Bunney (imp Fra) (Hungarian Puli). I liked this young man, who showed typical Puli approach to life. Very nicely constructed with super front angulation – which translated into very good movement. Coat still to reach peak, but cords developing well. Moved out briskly. Liked him a lot. Close decision between these two. RBAVNSC

 AV Pastoral

AV Puppy (3,3)

AV Limit (5,3)

1. Brierley’s Goytre First Edition (Border Collie). Classic B/W male, neat and workmanlike with lovely, well presented coat. Very attractive head, correct bite, lovely body proportions, neat bone and good feet. Moved out well.

2. Elliott’s Goytre Bamburgh Beach Babe (Border Collie). Very pretty bitch, B/W with attractive tan markings. Nicely constructed, and with that alertness that is such a feature of the breed. Looked keen to work. Moved well.

AV Open (6,4)

1. Hudson’s Weetoneon Jive Bunney (imp Fra) – as before (AVNSC)

2. Brierley’s Bramblesaz Aqua Freedom (Border Collie). B/W with good head and lovely expression. Top end for size, but good in body, with neat bone and good feet. Needs to curb an enthusiastic tail – but sound on the move.

AV Pastoral Special Beginners (5,1)

1. Young’s Furzeland Devon Blaze Avec Cocosamel (Samoyed). Really nice 3 year old with biscuit tipped ears. Well-constructed frame with beautifully presented correct texture coat. Good bone and correct feet. Moved out well.

2. Elliott’s Sulanevaeh Raul Thane (BSD Terv) – as before in breed class.

3. Elliott’s Goytre Bamburgh Beach Babe (Border Collie)

4. Pullen, Rutland & Porter’s Honky Tonk Blues For Meadowbears (OES)

AV Veteran (10,3) Quality Veterans – a privilege to go over them.

1. Young’s Kimeekasams Miss Chief (Samoyed). 9 years old. Beautiful bitch I have had pleasure of judging in the past. Pretty feminine head, lovely, heavily biscuit-shaded coat presented to the highest standard. Super bone and real ‘Sammy’ feet. Moved smoothly and easily round the ring. A cracking veteran. Very pleased to see her go on to take the Veteran ‘Finals’ for Veteran in Show.

2. Baker & Pettitt’s Myriehewe Ellie At Lakebank ShCM (Shetland Sheepdog). Another breed with such lasting qualities and this 7 year old bitch looked every inch the showgirl in her prime. Lovely clean head with correct planes, nice eyes and neat tipped ears. Super tri-colour coat presented well. Lovely outline standing and sound on the move.

3. Benton’s Ch Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle (Smooth Collie)

4. Talman’s Zeelukzak Simply A Lady for Miakra (Samoyed)

5. Frosdick’s Tamlin Prince Rainer (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

Pastoral Group:

Very pleased with the strength of quality in the adult group. Tough decisions – which is good!

1. Syrett’s Ch Ganseblume Enchantress JW ShCM. Fell in love with this beautiful Lancashire Heeler bitch. Just coming up to 4 years old. Neat and workmanlike combined with femininity and elegance. Has real star quality – she draws the eye! On the move she does not disappoint. Very pleased to see her go RBIS

2. Young’s Kimeekasams Miss Chief (Samoyed) –as above AV Veteran.

3. Frosdick’s Elmsmere Co Star For Kalwig (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

4. Thompson’s Valson Elvis (BSD, Groen)

Pastoral Puppy Group:

1. Salmon’s Potterdale Piper (Bearded Collie). Lovely Beardie baby. Super head; overally balanced outline and looked just ‘right’. Good puppy coat well presented. Lovely construction translating to free, easy and effortless movement.

2. Chase’s Ganseblume Tangerine Dream (Lancashire Heeler). 10 mo bitch puppy of lovely type. Pretty and feminine; nothing coarse about her, but a true working dog. Even though she was new to the showring she owned it with her personality, quality and soundness.

3. Howard’s Jack Mack’s Va Buidhinn of Shandlimain (Imp Deu) (Smooth Collie)

4. Aaron’s Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge (Shetland Sheepdog)

Best Reserve BOB Pastoral

1. Benton & Smith’s Brooklynson El Dorado

AV Members Open Stakes (9 present) Super quality class to end the day. Thank you to exhibitors.

1. Pilkington & Ellis’ Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck (Spaniel, Cocker).

2. Hicks’ Phoenie’s Moonlight Sonata (Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired)

3. Roberts’ Fanmatrix Oh What A Night (Pointer)

Judge: Penny Roberts (Archaeus)