• Show Date: 12/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Thetford & District Canine Society


12 AUG 18



1. Pullen/Rutland/Porter’s Honky Tonk Blues for Meadowbears. (OES). Well muscled and good proportions, balanced and well angulated, easy gait and profile, Best AVNSC.

2. Wallis/Baga’s Morval Nainen Varda at Velrok. (Finnish Lapphund). Balanced and in proportion, glimpses of profile movement. Would prefer more muscle, pleasing head and expression.

3. Down’s Elessar Rainbow by Design. (Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)).


1. Smith’s Kazeti Uri. (GSD). Masculine head, hopefully will grow into its ears! Good croup and front angulation, better on the move once settled.

Post Graduate

1. Smith’s Portnalle Elrick Zu Saroval. (GSD). Masculine head, well muscled and covered ground well. Fit feet but attention span of a gnat!

2. Doran’s Starkherz Issy. (GSD). Weaker behind than 1, good shoulder and moved well in profile. Head not my preference.


1. Down’s Elessar Angels Design. (Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)). Nice expression and expressive ears. Good croup and shoulders and nice feet, level on the move, Reserve AVNSC.



1. Fuller/Holligan’s Silvarcea The Perfect Storm. Tidy feet and in good weight, nice croup and balance, good length of neck and covered ground well on the move, BOB.

2. Morley’s Trijem Return of the Magic. Good feet, adequate balance and length of neck. Nice and parallel on the move but not the reach in profile of 1.


1. Morley’s Ch. Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude JW. In excellent muscled condition, nice bone, masculine head and good croup. Needs to tighten up a little bit coming to and lacked a bit of forward extension on the move but perhaps this was down to handling.



1. Cutler’s Ch. Littlehive Daisy Chain Around Lankeela ShCM. Pleasing head, alert and moved with enthusiasm, in good coat and nicely balanced, novice handler but puppy’s quality shone through, BP.

2. Bowes’ Bowanne Bright Future. 13 months, would prefer more parallel front but well balanced and in excellent condition, just being naughty today!

Post Graduate

1. Thompson’s Foxthyme Billie Jean. Nicely balanced, head still to mature, very sprightly on the move, good croup and nicely muscled.

2. Cutler’s Trogwood Rio Round Lankeela. Balanced and well muscled, just lacked the concentration on the move of 1.


1. Syrett’s Ch. Ganseblume Enchantress JW ShCM. A touch longer than I would prefer but excellent profile movement, pleasing head and expression. Steady on the out and back. Would prefer better coat, BOB.

2. Syrett’s Lankeela Tracy’s Qutie. Moved well and good croup, just lacked the extension of 1. Was a bit more sturdy and compact, construction doesn’t marry with movement.



1. Harvey’s Harvlan Magic Mystery. Nice substance, square and well muscled, would prefer cleaner head, good under-jaw and feet, BOB.

2. Taylor/Lay’s Izzamoor Athena at Wivendene. Really promising, nice head and balance. Unfortunately had an incident in the ring with a wasp which put her off just as I was going over her.

Post Graduate

1. Peck’s Manic Keep it Real for Enesha. Good bone and feet, would prefer less wrinkling over nose, head a bit too square. Body square and covered ground well and well muscled.

2. Taylor/Lay’s Taranut Tymeline at Wivendene. Good under-jaw. Needs to have more cheek and for head to fill out more. Finer than 1st, possibly more to come but still stood on good feet.


1. Turner’s Tigalian Double Date. Again head? Square dog, well-muscled with good croup and tidy feet.



1. Flaxman’s Nelstephbern Madamoiselle. Pleasing head, very pretty, good bone and croup. Distracted and being a little naughty. Glimpses of good reach in profile, BP.

Post Graduate

1. Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun. Covered ground well in profile, pleasing head and expression. Really well muscled, good croup and nice feet.


1. Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun. Previous class, could be handled to better advantage. BOB.

2. Connelly’s Shirdees Top Gun. Would prefer a touch more leg as a little short in proportion to body, moved well, excellent bone but lacked the muscle and condition of 1.


1. Border Collie. Well balanced, muscled and moved beautifully, good croup and feet.

2. OES. Seen and judged.

3. Shetland Sheepdog. Moved very well, nicely balanced, pleasing head and some muscle.

4. Lancashire Heeler, seen and judged.


1. Smooth Collie. Beautiful balance and good muscle. Lovely feet and correct head.

2. Previous – OES – just lost enthusiasm to challenge.

3. Border Collie. Well muscled and balanced, pleasing head.

4. Shetland Sheepdog. Balanced and feminine, just lacked muscle, wish it would have covered a little more ground on the move.