• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paulina O'Gorman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Gundog Club

South Western Gundog Club Open Show

21st April 2018


Judge: Paulina O’Gorman – Berrymeade

Many thanks to the Committee of the South Western Gundog Club for the invitation to judge bitches at this lovely show and to all Exhibitors who entered their dogs.  I had some lovely girls to go over and some decisions were not easy to be made. Although the weather didn’t seem too promising to begin with, the sunshine finally came out and make the day even better.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I was extremely pleased to see my Best Bitch, and with agreement of my co-judge BOB, winning Best In Show.  

I found a couple of bitches on rather the heavy side, but the majority were in great shape.


1. Cole’s ROOKSBURY PHANTASIA This girl caught my eye in the large class of quality puppies. This almost 12 months old girl with a happy attitude seemed to enjoy her day out a lot. Very feminine head, good length of neck, well laid back shoulders, good forechest, level topline. Straight in front and rear, with correct length of leg, lovely cat-like feet and good bone. Good front and rear angles, very balanced with excellent bend of stifle. Short coupled and with correct set-on of tail, she was presented in a great coat and condition. Level mover. BPB and with agreement of my co-judge BPIB

2. Gebhard’s CALACAREY RAGAMUFFIN ROSE Nearly 8 months old and another promising youngster, and as I found out later, presented by an inexperienced handler, which I would have never noticed – well done! I liked her feminine head and expression. Well off for bone, good length of leg and lovely feet, well let down hocks. Correct front and rear angles, correctly set tail, short coupled. In good coat. She moved well keeping her level topline but preferred the front of number 1.




2. Smyth’s KADAKA KISSAGRAM Just over 12 months old with kindly expression and very good pigment. She was presented in excellent condition, a pleasure to go over. Lovely outline of this darker golden bitch with the correct length of leg, good bone, tight, cat like feet. Excellent angles front and aft, straight front and rear, well sprung ribs and correct topline. Very balanced with correct set on of tail. Moved soundly. She was very close to number 1, but preferred the overall balance of number 1.



1. Miss & Mrs Hill’s TAMNIARN FORGET ME NOT SANDAULA JW ShCM One that truly took my breath away the moment she walked into the ring. I have been watching her since a puppy, maturing slowly and turning into this lovely girl who I had a chance to go over today. She was shown in excellent condition and glowing, deep gold coat.  Beautiful head and expression with great pigment, good, strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good chest, fore and aft angulation, straight front, good length of leg, well under body and round feet. Well-bent stifle and well let-down hocks. Short coupled with excellent topline which she kept level on the move. Moved with drive covering the ground. This happy, waggy girl was expertly handled and truly at one with her handler. Best Bitch and with agreement of my co-judge she was BOB. I was very pleased to find out that she then won BIS.

2. Collis’ & Tregaskis’ STEVAL HIGH SOCIETY Another freestanding girl with a happy attitude. This 19 months old bitch with rich gold colour was shown in great condition. Feminine head with excellent pigment, good length of neck & good chest. Good front and rear angulation which allowed her to move freely. Neat feet, straight front and rear, correct set on of tail. She was very focused on her handler and seemed to enjoy her day out.



1. Mr & Mrs Ellis’  SHEARSTONE DIVA IN DECEIT AT GOLDLEIGH Mid gold, 5.5 years old girl with lovely, feminine head with kindly expression, good reach of neck. Straight front, good front and rear angles, cat-like feet. Well ribbed, straight topline which she kept on the move. Moved well and was pleased to see another one with a happy personality enjoying her day out.

2. Mr & Mrs Lees’ SILVERBARROW SECRET IN LACE BY DENMARELLA JW Darker gold than 1, shown in good coat. Correct head but would prefer slightly smaller ears. Good chest, straight front and deep chest. Good front and rear angles, good set on of tail. Moved well with drive, but slightly longer in loin than 1.

3. Harvey’s & Anderson’s ALIBREN HOT SPICE FOR ASHIQUA

OPEN BITCH (13, 5a)

1. Mr & Mrs Taylor’ PANDREFT HARMONY FOR HATTIE Very balanced, a true pleasure to watch on the move. In excellent condition and mid gold coat. Pleasing head and expression, good length of neck and well laid back shoulders. Good front and rear angulation, correct length of leg and well bent stifle. Good chest, well ribbed, short coupled. I was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Turner’s GRAIN OF GOLD ARWEN OF AMILONE (IMP SWE) Very similar to 1, again having all the qualities of number 1. She moved beautifully and at one with her handler. Another one in fantastic condition. It was a tough choice, but I preferred the head of 1.