• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paulina O'Gorman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society All Breed Open Show

10th June 2018

Judge: Paulina O’Gorman (Berrymeade)

Labrador Retriever


1. Williams’ Ferngwydir Purple Heather 8.5 months old chocolate bitch slightly lighter built than the others but stood out for her overall balance. Typical head and expression, correct bite, clean neck. Straight front and good feet. Not exaggerated with correct angles both fore & aft and good spring of rib. Level topline and correct set on of tail. Slightly shy at first, but with a little bit of encouragement she was comfortable for me to go over her and once settled moved out well with ease and drive holding her level topline. BP

2. Mrs & Mr Thorpe’s Thorpewillow Teal Nearly 9 months old yellow boy with a happy attitude, a kindly, typical expression, ear set & correct bite. Straight front, good feet and correct front angulation, but on the day I preferred the bitch’s rear angulation and topline. Well ribbed. Moved well with drive carrying his tail correctly.

3. Young’s Potterspiney Hidalgo


1. Woodall’s Thirlmere Echo Falls This black boy, just under 16 months old, stood alone in his junior class today presenting overall balance. Typical head and expression, good size ears and dark eyes, clean neck of correct length flowing into well laid back shoulders. Straight front, good front and rear angulation, level topline, deep through the heart, good bone and correct set on of tail. Moved with reach and drive.


1. Young’s Potterspiney Angel Delight 3.5 years old black bitch beautifully presented by her young handler who I was very impressed with, not only for her handling skills but her great manners. Beautiful bitch, balanced throughout with a typical head and expression, good length of neck, straight front and correct angles, both front & aft. Short coupled, well sprung ribs, good overall condition this girl was presenting a level topline, held on the move, as well a correct set on of tail. Moved freely covering the ground well and I was happy to award her RBOB

2. Mrs & Mr Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare At Ravoakar JW Just over 2 years old boy with a very happy attitude enjoying his day out. I liked his overall balance and good condition. Pleasing head and expression, good size ears and clean neck. Straight front, tight feet and correct front and rear angulation, good bend of stifle. level topline. Good coat and tailset true to type, good set on of tail, sound mover.

3. Young’s Potterspiney Allanon


1. Young’s Potterspiney Killian A balanced 3.5 year old black boy with a happy attitude and lovely head and expression. Well muscled neck with good length, straight front, well angulated in front and aft, correct topline, deep through heart. Correctly set tail held level with topline when moving with ease and drive.

2. Williams’ Ferngwydir Simons Princess A chocolate, 3.5 year old bitch presented in good condition. Typical head and expression, although I would prefer slightly smaller ears. Correct angulation on both front and read, correct ribs, good topline. True to type tail and coat. Moved well, but I did prefer the overall balance of the class winner.

3. Woodall’s Thirlmere Echo Falls


1. Lambert’s Mattand Excuse Me Sir JW Beautifully balanced, this black, 2.5 years old girl stood out for me today for her ring presence, outgoing temperament and happy attitude. Lovely, feminine head and correct ears, good length of neck. Very true to type with lovely angles on front and rear, good length of leg well under body, deep chest, good bone, and excellent topline. One that makes you smile when going over. Presented well in great condition. Moved so well I didn’t hesitate to award her BOB and I was very pleased to see her win GROUP 1.

2. Linjor Sessile Oak At Ravoakar ShCh I liked the typical head and expression of this yellow boy of 4.5 years. Good size ears and set correctly, good angles both front and rear. Great overall condition, good topline and correct set on of tail. He moved with drive and soundness.

3. Young’s Potterspiney Richochet

Flatcoated Retriever


1. Walker’s Lizzlog Brewing Bettie 11.5 months old bitch with the sweetest of temperaments and at one with her handler. Pretty, feminine head and expression, correct eyes, good length of neck. Balanced throughout with no exaggeration at all, great front and rear angles, firm topline, good coat, good condition. Straight in front and rear, she moved freely, flowing through the ring. BOB & BP and I was very pleased to see her win Gundog Puppy Group 1.

2. Mr & Mrs Hewerdine-Miller’s Lizzlog Wee Drop Of Mischief Another lovely girl in this class and a litter sister to the winner. Just like her sister, very balanced with no exaggeration, pleasing head and expression, lovely angulation, however I did prefer the set on of tail of number 1. Presented in great condition, moved well.

1. Mr & Mrs Nelson’s Cuillinoir Lunedale At Byeways This nearly 18 months old girl stood alone in her junior class today and was presented in good condition. Typical head and expression, good reach of neck, good straight front and front angulation, firm topline that she held well on the move. Needs to strengthen in hindquarters.

1. Walker’s Lizzlog Chicago Showgirl Another lovely bitch and as it turns out a half-sister to my puppy winner. At just under 3 years old presented in great condition and good coat. Typical head and kindly expression, dark eye, feminine. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, good front and rear angulation, well ribbed. Correct set on of tail and straight front and rear. Moved truly with reach and drive. RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Nelson’s Cuillinoir Lunedale At Byeways

1. Hedges’ Blacktoft Quickstep Of Satinbaze Just over 5 years old bitch in good body condition but presented in not the best of coats today. Correct size, lovely head and correct eyes, good neck and straight front, good feet. Well ribbed, firm topline, correct tail set but rather more rear angulation than front. Moved with reach, well handled.