• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paula Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Barking Canine Club

        Barking Canine Club – Saturday 29th September 2018     

Heartfelt thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge and providing me with such helpful and pleasant stewards on the day.  It was a real privilege for me and I would like to thank all exhibitors for providing me with such a lovely entry and their good grace.    


Puppy:  (2,0)  1. Fulcher’s Saluki Classicus Amani at Khandibah, graceful male who created a lovely balance outline when stacked.  I particularly liked his correct deep chest and moderately narrow front; forelegs were straight and long from elbow to wrist, and he has a lovely long neck and laid back shoulder.  Good head proportions which were long and narrow.  He moved with the required smooth and flowing gait, very graceful to observe.  One to watch in the future.  Very pleased to award him Reserved best AVNSC Hound, Best Puppy AVNSC Hound and Puppy Group 1.      2. Herbert’s Pharaoh Hound Doucais Raggedy Man at Darusmar, nice head & expression, used his ears well, long neck, typical top line with slight slope down to croup. Just needs a little more time as his front was quite narrow.   

Junior: (1,0)  1. Weston’s Basset Hound, Longmynd Zodiac, 14 months male, tri, nice head and expression, strong neck leading into good shoulders, good front, nicely boned, good overall balance to this boy and evident when he moved.  Strong hindquarters with good tail carriage moved well both front and rear with the required smooth and powerful action when moving.   Very pleased to award this young male Best of AVNSC Hound and Hound Group 1.        

Limit:  (2,0)  1. Jansons Deerhound, Nixophel Crystal Rose, 18 months and in good coat, good depth of chest, just a little loose in front movement but she is still very young.  Nice feminine head, and good overall balance.    2. Willsone’s Aksaifleet I’m Cougar, Basenji, adult red male.  Nice head and the most lovely small hooded ears, short level top line, lovely orange coat colour.  Just needs a little more practice with his handler to really get the most out of their show days.   

Open:  (2,1)  1. Jansons Deerhound, Nixophel Carnelian Red, 18 months male, litter brother to Crystal Rose and similar type just needs a little more time.  Nice head and front but just needs to strengthen in rear movement.  Shown in good coat and condition.  I liked his overall type and I am sure will mature well.       


Puppy:  (2,0)  1. Fulcher’s Saluki Classicus Amani at Khandibah, the same applies as above, such a handsome puppy.  2. Bullis Min SH, Amaffrey Betcha by Golly Wow, super moving Min Smooth at only 8 months, lovely head and expression, high set ears, and moderately long in body as required.  He just needs to improve in front over time.    Two lovely puppies.   

Junior:  (1,0)  1. Kitchen’s Min S H, Swingletrees Roses Are Red at Tarkdash, Well balanced throughout, good chest, nice head and expression, hindquarters full and strong.  Shown in good coat and condition.  Nicely presented by her handler on the day.     

Limit:  (2,0)  1. Tresh & Wilson’s, Whippet, Hamiltonhill Minnie Da Minx, balanced bitch, very good hindquarters & second thigh, feminine head & expression, well set and carried ears, good neck & shoulders, moved well front and back.    2. Lockyear & Price’s Whippet, Ronchanelli Welcome News, balanced male shown in good muscled condition, with nice head, and good rear angulation.  Just a little wide in front.   

Open no entries   


Veteran:  (5,2)  1. Wilson’s, Whippet, Demerlay First Kiss for Hamiltonhill, lovely bitch, good front and feet, nice head and expression and beautiful outline especially on the move.  2. Seago & Gibbard’s Dachshund SH, Ch. Amilida Dramatiker, super movement in profile which caught my eye, gleaming coat and condition and held his outline well on the move.  3. Wood’s Beaujons Tickled Pink ShCM, PBGV.    

Judge Paula Steele (Akmar)    Ends….