• Show Date: 12/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paula Hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Perthshire Canine Club

Perthshire Canine Club

12 May 2018

Part Gundogs and Group

What a lovely atmosphere at this very well run show and thank you to the Club for inviting me to judge my first Gundog Group and their super hospitality. I had a great day and really enjoyed the experience. A small entry but still had plenty to choose from.

Cocker Spaniel Graduate (2-0)

1st Duncan's KENWAD GUCHI BOO OF DUNHERL Blue roan bitch with a lovely feminine head, good pigment presented a lovely balanced outline, ok feet, good topline which she held on the move, she moved well fore and after and carried her tail well. Presented and handled well. BOB

2nd Thomas's VITTADOR FENELLA Blue roan bitch who unfortunately left her clothes at home, slightly longer cast than winner, I would have preferred tighter feet, shown in good hard condition and moved well.

Cocker Spaniel Open (1-0)

1st Mason & Clubb's LYNSHOW KYLE Red coloured dog, in good hard muscular condition, although wouldn't want him carrying any more weight, has the most wonderful kind head and soothing expression, balanced angles fore and after with a good width of thigh. Moved well but didn't have drive of BOB winner.

Flat Coat Retriever Graduate (2-1)

1st Stewart's CIARDUBHAN FIRE OPAL 23mth old dog, well up to size, strong masculine head with good pigment, standing he presents a balanced outline, lovely straight front with ok feet, level topline still immature so has to body up, shown in hard condition with good second thigh, moved with drive.

Flat Coat Retriever Open (2-1)

1st Cullen's ORKHATOS LUCAS AT AUCHINBRECK ShCM This dog impressed me with his overall ring presence and is so well made, shown in hard condition which showed as he moved with drive around the ring, covering the ground with ease. Not in the best of coats, excels in forehand construction with a good depth to chest, good layback of shoulders with corresponding length of upperarm, short coupled, good feet, pleasing head with a lovely happy disposition about him. BOB, G2

Labrador Retriever Graduate (7-2)

1st Nicol's HOLSKY BACK IN BLACK 9mth black bitch who was a delight to go over, she has the most wonderful head with such a sweet expression, lovely black nose with wide nostrils, good layback of shoulder and upperarm of equal length, would prefer tighter feet, good depth of chest for age with barrel ribs, shown in hard condition, correct tailset and good width to base, she moved so well for her age with good drive. Shown in coat of good condition. BOB

2nd Thomson's ASTRID LINDGREN AT STRATHHUNKER 16mth yellow, not quite the pleasing head of winner, good overall balance with excellent forehand, deep chest with elbows close, short coupled, the best of feet, shown in hard condition with good second thigh, moved well.

3rd Douglas & Dawson's BINNAIG BAYAMO

Labrador Retriever Open (6-2)

1st Thomson's CRICKLECREEK CADDRIS AT STRATHHUNKER Yellow all male dog, good overall balance, pleasing forehand construction, standing is very attentive to owner, nice straight front with good feet, dense coat of good texture, shown in hard condition, Just felt the Grad winner was better on the move today.

2nd Rooney's FREWLINGS FIRST REPORT FOR TARALOCH Black bitch with a good outline, excellent pigment, good layback of shoulders and topline, good depth of chest, lovely bend of stifle, shown in hard condition moved well.


German Shorthaired Pointer Graduate/Open (1-1)

German Wirehaired Pointer Open (1-0)

1st Ramsay and Ferguson's HELSINGTON VESUVIUS 3 year old dog, who, with his owner were at their very first show. He has a masculine head of good proportions, with a nice beard and good overall eye shape, would prefer more length to upperarm, ok layback of shoulder, coat of good texture, shown in the hardest of conditions, moved with good drive whilst holding his shape. I wish you both well and hope you enjoyed your day.

Italian Spinone Open (2-1)

1st Osborne's INOSTRICANI OLENA AT IMPYCELYN a very raw 12 mth bitch who has a lot of maturing to do, pleasing head with lovely pigment, ok front for age and good feet, good overall balance, needs to mature in body, coat of good texture, moved ok but would prefer better tail carriage. BOB

Weimaraner Graduate (3-0)

1st White & Scougall's SILVERKELVIN CASSIEOPIA Feminine bitch who won with her more positive movement, presents a pleasing outline, clean muscular neck leading into nicely placed shoulders and ok length of upperarm, would prefer better feet, chest of good depth with good spring of rib, carrying just the correct amount of weight, shown in hard condition, moved out well with good ground coverage. BOB

2nd McMahon's SILVERKELVIN JUPITER 7mth old dog, who must have a bright future, so well made for his age, excels in forehand constructions, well arched feet, good overall body proportions, movement was a little erratic, but once settled has an easy free stride with great coverage. I hope his handler manages to get him back on track on being assessed.


Weimaraner Open (1-0)

1st White & Scougall's SILVERKELVIN RISING STAR A lovely mature bitch to go over, good overall balance, with a very pretty head with good pigment, good straight forelegs, well arched feet, chest of good depth with well sprung ribs, I wouldn't want any more weight, well developed hindquarters with excellent second thigh. She lost out in the challenge as she did not have the same drive as BOB.

AV Gundog NSC Graduate (4-1)

1st Dobbin's DONARDEN DREAM BABY (ESS) Very pleasing balanced outline, a lovely balanced head with the kindest of expression, complemented with good pigment, straight forelegs, nice deep chest with closely fitting elbows, carrying the correct amount of weight, coat of good texture and presented to perfection, movement was a joy to watch as she moved with drive from well muscled hindquarters.

2nd Taylor's MISCHITIKALS COOKIES N CREAM (American cocker) who is just 12 mths old, well rounded head, eyeballs are nicely rounded, has a soft expression, very clean neck, leading to good shoulders, nicely bodied up for age, short coupled with angulated stifles, well let down hocks which she used well as she moved with drive. Not quite the presentation of winner but very well handled.


AV Gundog NSC Open (4-2)

1st Dobbin's SH CH DONARDEN MADAME BUTTERFLY (ESS) I was very impressed with the overall body proportions on this lovely bitch, very compact body and excellent forehand construction, beautiful head with lovely eye shape, such a kind expression, enhanced with lovely pigment, muscular neck of good length, good depth of chest with elbows close to body, good width of thigh, well muscled hindquarters movement was a joy to watch as she moved effortlessly around the ring, her side profile is lovely. Beautifully presented and at one with her handle on the move. I did not hesitate to award her BOB and later G1 and she was still showing well in the BIS ring at the end of the day.

2nd Osborne's ISLANZ LETS GO DUTCH AT IMPYCELYN (WSS) who moved better in this class although close behind, pleasing head and good pigment, well bodied, with good bend of stifle, nice straight forelegs. For me he was too heavily trimmed which takes your eye when standing and moving.

AV Gundog Special Minor Puppy (9-3)

1st McDougall's RIGERIN MERRIE MELODIES AT TORCARHIAN (Golden Ret) 6 mth old blonde who is so well made all through, has a sweet head and good pigment, lovely flow of neck into good should placement, the straightest of front for age, good topline and tailset, moved well for her age, very promising. Delighted to see her go Reserve Special Minor Puppy in Show.

2nd McMahon's SILVERKELVIN JUPITER (Weimaraner)


AV Gundog Special Puppy (4-0)

1st Nicol's HOLSKY BACK IN BLACK (Lab)

2nd McMahon's SILVERKELVIN JUPITER (Weimaraner)

3rd Douglas & Dawson's BINNAIG BAYAMO (Lab)

AV Gundog Graduate (6-4)

1st Thomas's VITTADOR FENELLA (Cocker)


AV Gundog Open (4-2)

1st Warden's EYEVALLEY MACALLAN OF GLENTOCHTY ShCM (Golden Ret) I judged this dog 12mths ago and how he has matured in that time, has the most wonderful head, so full of breed type and with the most gentle expression, has dropped nicely into his front and has bodied up well, level topline with a good tailset, not the flashiest of movers but he moves with a free easy stride showing good ground coverage.

2nd Longland's ALANWOOD SERENE OASIS Yellow lab bitch who is attentive to handler, sweet head with kind expression, lovely feet, good bend of stifle, not in as hard condition as winner.

AV Gundog Veteran (3-0)


2nd Rolland's MOLLY'S COCOA BLUSH AT STRATHLANA Chocolate lab, what a sweet girl, she has the most compact outline and stands foursquare which presents a very balanced outline, the kindest expression with slight frosting around her muzzle, lovely angulation fore and after, she moved with a good stride holding her topline, in hard condition for age, pushed the winner hard but she just lacked condition in coat which I'd expect for age. I wish her well.



GROUP 3 Murchison's PAWSWORD PAPERBACK WRITER (Irish Setter) Good overall outline, shown in glorious coat of deep colour, good angulations fore and after, presented in hard condition used to advantage on the move.


Also shortlisted were the Labrador and Weimeraner

BEST SPECIAL MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP Golden Retriever – pleased to see her awarded later with Reserve Best Special Minor Puppy in Show.

BEST SPECIAL PUPPY IN GROUP Labrador Retriever – was still showing well and looked a picture in the big ring.

BEST SPECIAL VETERAN IN GROUP Flat Coat Retriever - delighted to see go on and take Reserve Best Special Veteran in Show.

Judge Paula Hill -Sandaula