• Show Date: 09/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Irish Terrier Society

SOUTHERN IRISH TERRIER SOCIETY -Limited show-December 9th 2018 


Thank you to the Southern Irish Terrier Society for the invitation to judge their December Limited show. The show had a lovely relaxed festive feel and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was lovely to see several puppies making their debut in the show ring and this show was the perfect setting for them to do so.  


Beginners d or b-2 entries, 1 absent 

1st Jones’s Montelle Sweet Dream-7 year old girl, well presented and handled quite well. Is a good size. A touch weak in rear movement but overall very typical.  


Veteran d or b-1 entry 

1st Nevill’s Rosemonelle Isabella-lovely type, good bone, good in rear, steady showgirl and finished up a well deserved best veteran in show. In great nick for her age with good body weight and muscle tone.   


Puppy d-2 entries 

Two babies making their debut and enjoying every minute of it.  

1st Bamsey’s Holman Celtic Wizard-lovely eyecatching youngster, I was immediately drawn to his super head with lovely ears which he used all the time, lovely outline, good mover for one so young and in lovely bloom. Very promising. Even at this tender age he more than deserved the  best male award and BOS in show. Was also best puppy in show.  

2nd Nevill’s Norakim An Storr at Rosemonelle-another promising youngster, nice racy outline and I saw some good movement as he settled. Delightful temperament and hopefully will do well as he settles down.  


Junior d-1 entry 

1st Cooke’s Montelle Look of Gold-13 months old and maturing well, ok expression, super outline and lovely tailset and carriage. Good ribbing , lovely jacket . Still a bit of a baby in his head so not the easiest dog to handle. A worthy res best dog.   


Post grad d-2 entries 

1st Simons’ Saredon Red Berry-won the class on outline and overall presence, nice and racy, a bit untidy on the move, ok in head, good coat texture, could carry some more furnishings, very good show temperament.  

2nd Veillet-Lavallee’s Montelle Design in Gold-not as racy as the winner and a bit heavy all through. Not really helping his handler. Ok in head with a good bite.  


Limit d-1 entry 

1st Montelle Design in Gold-was 2nd in the previous class and decided to move a bit better here. Well done.  


Open d-1 entry 

1st Redman’s Applerock Lord Stefan-another veteran in good body and with decent muscle tone. Needed a bit more coat and furnishings. Tail a bit low set.  


Puppy b-4 entries, 1 absent 

We had fun here with three raw babies all starting to find their feet.  

1st Redman’s Holbam Celtic Little Minx-typical baby, good on the move, nice headed girl with decent ears. Lovely temperament. Promising.    

2nd Ruffles and Williamson’s Holbam Celtic Erin-I see that she is litter sister to the winner. She matched her sister in movement and overall presence. Lovely coat and condition.   

3rd Moore’s Norakim Eileen A Chara-another charming baby. Was a bit overawed by the occasion and when she settles she will give herself a better chance.   


Junior b-2 entries 

Close decision between these two girls.  

1st-McIver’s Pinleygreen Golden Rocket-I liked her substance and she moved slightly better in front  

2nd Blair’s Montcoffer Truly Love-racy and elegant but a bit fine all through and a bit untidy on the move.  


Novice b-2 entries 1 absent 

1st Pinleygreen Golden Rocket 


Limit b-3 entries, 1 absent 

1st Fielding’s Erredwiltsir Ruby Red Rose at Danderlett-this one caught my eye as soon as she set foot in the ring. Great showgirl and a lovely racy outline, super neck and shoulders which gave her an exquisite outline on the move, very elegant, a little close behind, well presented and handled and her maturity in body and mind took her though to BB and ultimately BIS. 

2nd Bannister’s Holbam Celtic Nuala-scored in body and bone, good body condition and muscletone, not quite as eyecatching as the winner . 


Open b-3 entries, 1 absent 

1st Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Sunmer ShCM-very typy lady, decent head, well off for bone, correct proportions, decent rear and good tail. Different in type to the BB but gave her a run for her money. Res BB 

2nd Ruffles’ Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar-I see that she is the mother to the winners of the two puppy classes so has proven her worth. Has her figure back and now needs to grow her furnishings and firm up again in topline. Super tail.   


Best coat or colour d or b 

1st Holbam Celtic Summer Sh CM 

2nd Montcoffer Truly Love 


Paul Eardley