• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Highland White Terrier Club (England) Ltd




It was a pleasure to judge this breed club open show. I received a warm welcome in a lovely spacious venue and there were enough quality dogs to provide for an interesting competition. What more could one ask for.

Many thanks to my two helpful stewards.

Special beginners d or b -1 entry

1st-Jasper’s Clavalshay Carry On Clio-14 months old and a good size. Nice tail set and carried it well. A bit untidy on the move. Well handled .

Minor puppy d-1 entry

1st Trudgeon’s Leng Bara Brith -delightful temperament on this baby who must not grow any more. Head developing well, front needs to tighten, good tailset and good rear.

Puppy d-1 entry

1st Smith’s Lingbeck The One And Only-nice sort, his outline and overall proportions caught my eye, assertive and used his ears well, a bit untidy in front, good rear. Promising.

Junior dog-1 entry

1st Burns’ Burneze Wild At Heart-quality boy, looks a picture standing, a touch long in foreface for me and still needs to “drop” however he is very showy and has a good rear. Lovely coat texture. It will be interesting to see how he matures. Res best dog.

Graduate dog-2 entries

1st Corri’s Inverglen Master Mariner-the correct compact proportions of this boy immediately caught my eye, he was beautifully presented, possesses a nice head, ok in neck and shoulders. I just wish that he had more drive behind as I liked his type.

2nd Milner’s Juanne Rufus The Ruffian-lived up to his name as he was a bit of a ruffian in the ring. Good head, lovely coat texture, a bit heavy all through for me.

Open d-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Paco Rooban-it was an interesting contest between these two boys. This one put in the better performance, ok in head, a touch long in body, front a bit untidy, ok in rear, well handled and presented.

2nd Purchon’s Lindenka I’m Dexter-this one looked lovely when stacked, lovely headed boy, super coat texture, firm level topline, unfortunately was reluctant to really show himself. Pity.

Veteran d or b-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Fryer’s Ch/Int Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry (re-imp)-this 8 year old boy looks great. He immediately draws the eye with his super outline, he is so compact with a level topline and tail bang on top. Stood up well to examination and there is a decent skull underneath his head furnishings along with correct head proportions. I loved his attitude and he really drove out from the rear. Best male and ultimately a well deserved BIS. Easy to see why he is made up. He is the mature finished article.

2nd Pearson’s Winowski Mr Chips-not in bad form for 10. Not quite as assertive as the winner. Decent coat texture. Wel handled.

Minor puppy b-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Burns’ Burneze Maid To Order-I think that we would all like to order one like this. Such a pretty puppy, a raw baby but with so much promise. Super outline, great temperament , tail in just the right place, head developing well and moved beautifully front and rear. I could not resist her for res best b and she was ultimately best puppy in show.

2nd Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Carysell-a touch rangier than the winner and not as correct in foreface, however she put on a good performance for one so young, handled well on the table and is a prospect.

3rd Weston’s Lawleyway Willow

Puppy b-1 entry

1st Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Moon-super type, correct in head proportions, lovely mouth, good coat texture, nice outline, just a touch narrow in rear. Should have a bright future as she matures.

Junior b-2 entries

1st Burns’ Burneze Follow My Lead-lovely feminine girl, good proportions, pretty head with good use of her ears, I loved her neck and shoulders, lovely outline on the move with the tail in the correct place, good on the move up and back and one of the best movers today. Will look even better with maturity when she fills out. BB and res BIS.

2nd Jasper’s Clavelshay Carry On Clio

Novice b-1 entry

1st Jasper’s Clavelshay Hurry Up Harriett -nice type, decent proportions good head, attractive outline with tail on top and good in rear. Promising.

Graduate b-5 entries-3 absent

1st Fryer’s Hopecharm Pretty Penny-ultra compact, pretty- headed girl, moved well up and back, good temperament. I would prefer her just a bit more up on the leg for balance.

2nd Goodwin-Nolan’s Hey Jude Heart of the Ocean-was a bit unsettled in the ring but stood up to examination on the table, nice headed girl, coat was a bit wavy.

Mid limit b-7 entries, 1 absent

1st Burns’ Tweed Telling Stories For Burneze -an interesting contest between the first two in this class. This one was not as eye catching as the second when stacked, however as the class went on she won on outline and movement. Lacking a bit of coat and a touch fine for me but she is nicely headed, moves well in all directions and has correct proportions.

2nd Storey’s Lizandycris Dior for Nossimp-this one looked like the winner when she was stacked. She was really well presented in decent jacket of good texture with plenty of furnishings and she possesses a super head. Unfortunately on the move she did not hold that lovely outline and the tail carriage was a touch low.

3rd Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krumble

Paul Eardley