• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Terrier Club Of Devon And Cornwall

THE TERRIER CLUB OF DEVON AND CORNWALL Sunday 21st October at Culm Valley Sports Centre I received a very warm welcome from Jean Rundle and her committee and this led to a lovely day with the terrier folk down in Devon. Thank you also to my super steward who made everything super- efficient. Airedale Terrier Graduate (1 entry) 1st Hunter’s Hazenaide Who Are You-8 months and quite mature. Looked better when he settled and then I was able to appreciate his outline, his good rear and his lovely well carried tail. BOB Smooth Fox Terrier Graduate -3 entries, 2 absent 1st Brookes & Wildig’s Zetamaz Carbon Copy-nice youngster, good outline and lovely rear, good tail set and carriage, is maturing nicely and is well muscled. BOB and was in my final cut for BIS. Open -2 entries, 1 absent 1st Brookes’Snugglewood’s Mefisto of Zetamaz-nicely headed boy, mature with good muscle tone, just preferred the rear of his kennel mate. Wire Fox Terrier Graduate-2 entries 1st Ebdon’s Stunning Luxe J’Aime La Vie at Flashback- ultra feminine with a decent head, nice short back, tail on top, good neck and shoulders, would prefer a little more strength in rear. BOB and in the final cut for BIS. 2nd Watkin-Jones’s Gilnivers Tully-bigger all over than the winner and not as good in front. Good temperament and well handled. Scottish Terrier Puppy-2 entries, 1 absent 1st Tyler’s Divadell Dr Feelgood-a touch apprehensive but when he settled looked much better. Lovely headed boy, good bone and substance, ok in rear, could be shorter. BOB Kerry Blue Terrier Open-2 entries, 1 absent 1st Pinfold’s Cyres Adonis-nice size, typical Kerry attitude, decent head, nice ears, good front and put on a good show to finish BIS 4. West Highland White Terrier I enjoyed sorting the Westies out and thank you for the lovely entry. Puppy-2 entries 1st Gaydon’s Bellevue Here We Go Again-pretty as a picture this one, eyecatching sort, presents a lovely outline, feminine head, good topline, sound mover and excellent presentation and handling. Looked super in the best puppy in show competition. Asked for it and got it. Well done to her young handler. 2nd Ash’s Hillcloud Torrent-another good prospect. I particularly liked her head and neck leading into well placed shoulders. Good topline. A touch straight in stifle. Is probably slower than the winner and will be interesting to see her when more mature. Junior-3 entries, 1 absent 1st [sorry , no name in the catalogue]-compact girl, good texture of coat but needed a little more of it, good outline on the move. 2nd Chambers’ Satgrove Bony Circinus-bigger sort who was a bit untidy in ears and a bit longer than the winner. Ok on the move. Post graduate-5 entries, 2 absent 1st Domachowska’s Domedna Little Minx-won the class on overall outline, in profile held herself well with good head carriage, a bit of a hooligan. 2nd Jasper’s Clavelshay Hurry Up Harriet-this one looked like the winner when stacked presenting a good silhouette and up on her toes. However on the move she persisted in sticking her neck out. Open dog-2 entries, 1 absent 1st Thomson’s Ashgate Ayton-stood alone but would have coped with some competition. Lovely outline and probably the best feet of the day. Good neck and decent rear. Coat was ultra hard which means that he is waiting to furnish up. Res BOB. Open bitch-2 entries 1st Gaydon’s The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri-this girl is maturing well, in lovely coat, good condition, lovely short back, assertive mover , feminine and very typical. BOB and a well deserved Res BIS 2nd Yearling’s Peakstones Mia Maxi-placed third in the post graduate class. Looked a bit too low to the ground and not helping her patient handler. Clean and tidy and a good bite. Jack Russell Terrier Graduate-2 entries 1st Phipps’ Katilley Action Packed at Tufterslodge-nicely headed boy, a bit long and low, was more settled which won him the class. 2nd Phipps’ Chatmoss Chatterbox at Tufterslodge-longer sort and a bit untidy in front, plenty of terrier sprit. Open-1 entry 1st Phipps’ Fair and Brave Great Glen at Tufterslodge -better proportioned than the two boys, held a decent outline and ok jacket. BOB Irish Terrier Open-1 entry 1st Brookes’ Ch Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz-super showman, on his toes all the time, clean head, super outline, good rear, lovely jacket and well presented. BOB and BIS 3. Lakeland Terrier Graduate-1 entry 1st Evans’ Ralphina All About Kevin-nice headed boy, super jacket and very well trimmed and presented. Promising. Open -1 entry 1st Evans’ Eskwyre Red Mist to Ralphina-I liked the outline of this one, equally well presented and trimmed, carried herself well and maturity won the day. BOB Welsh Terrier Open-1 entry 1st Watkin-Jones’ Little Blossom of the Sky-super tan on this exhibit, a bit bigger than I prefer, typical head and a delightful temperament. BOB AV Special Veteran 7-10 years -3 entries 1 absent 1st Deacon’s Dandie, Ch Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave-remarkable for her age, good size, lovely outline with gentle curves, good head, typical eye and melting expression, super. 2nd House’s Soft Coat Glendowan Tarquol-lovely to see this boy with maturity, super coat and condition, lovely temperament and unlucky to meet the sparkling Dandie. AV Special Veteran 10 years and over -2 entries 1st Grant’s Soft Coat Kellynack The Fabulous Fox-nicely balanced, feminine, good coat with correct texture, steady and good on the move. 2nd Gaydon’s Ch Bellevue Town Town Flirt at Gilbri-beautiful Westie looking absolutely spot on. Unfortunately decided to give her young handler a hard time. Pity. AV Minor Puppy-3 entries 2 absent 1st Hayes’ Norwich Ragus Seven Jumps-well named as she gave 7 jumps in the brace class when she appeared with her kennel mate. Lovely type, good head, nice proportions and shows lots of promise. AV Puppy-4 entries, 2 absent 1st Parker-Tucker’s Cairn Tom Tricks Incredibly Ilay of Uniquecottage (Imp Swe)-this boy is starting to look really good. I love his temperament and attitude, good outline, super head, assertive sound mover. Once his coat comes in should do really well. Finished up 4th in the best puppy competition. 2nd Ragus Seven Jumps AV Bred By Exhibitor Open -3 entries, 2 absent 1st Lloyd’s Norfolk Orison Midnight Stroll-lovely coat colour and texture on this girl and lovely temperament and showmanship. AV Not Bred By Exhibitor Open-4 entries, 2 absent 1st Hayes Norwich Ragus Fabulous Clown-pleased to see this boy again now that he has matured. He has “dropped” and no longer looks leggy. Typical head and expression, steady showman and looks good when free standing. 2nd Ragus Seven Jumps AV Open-1 entry 1st Ragus Fabulous Clown AV Brace or Team -4 entries 1 absent 1st Pile’s team of Border Terriers-all very typical and difficult to separate. Good coats and pelts on them all. 2nd Lloyd’s brace of Norfolks- well matched and won their place on their steady performance. 3rd Hayes’ brace of Norwich-the antics of the puppy in this brace had us all amused. BIS Deacon & Hill’s Dandie Dinmont-Cassencarrie Choirmaster -for BIS I chose this lovely Dandie. There is a tendency to be a bit harder on a breed that one has an interest in, however this boy could not be denied. Great outline with absolutely no exaggeration at all, just gentle flowing curves. On the table I was able to appreciate his beautiful head, super eye and great expression. Moved well in all directions holding a lovely outline with tail carriage spot on and he showed so well. Super crisp coat and beautifully prepared. Asked for BIS and got it. Res BIS Gaydons Westie The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri BIS 3 Brookes’ Irish Ch Turith The Lawyer at Zetamataz BIS 4 Pinfold’s Kerry Cyres Adonis BPIS Gaydon’s Westie Bellevue Here We Go Again Res BPIS Phipps Border Tufterslodge Wotapndwoz-I liked the type of this Border. Promising head, super coat, decent size and proportions, spanned well and moved like she could go all day. Promising. BPIS 3 Molineux & Ford’s Staffie Druidhawk Polly Toodle- this youngster was in lovely condition with his coat gleaming, the makings of a good head, decent proportions and put on a good performance. BPIS 4 Parker-Tucker’s Cairn Tom Tricks Incredibly Ilay of Uniquecottage Best veteran in show Cawley’s Manchester Terrier Victor James Montague – a new one to me and he really impressed me. Lovely outline standing and moving and a sound moving boy. Lovely temperament. Paul Eardley