• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pat Hutchinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Premier Open Show – 22 July 2018

Border Collies, Rough Collies, Shelties & Pastoral Group 


Puppy (no entries) 

Jun (2,1)  1. Harnett’s Chartleygems Gabrielite. One yr old b/w b of good type. Well balanced with good angulation fore and aft, good reach of neck, sufficient bone and substance and neat tight feet. Head handled well with dark eye, tip ears and kind, intelligent expression. Moved freely with good drive. BOB.

PG (2, 2 ab) 

Limit (no entries) 

Open (2)  1. Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden. Close decision between 1 & 2 but this 5 ½ yr old b had the sweeter expression of the two. B of good height/length ratio though a tad long in loin. Good reach of neck and angulation. Balanced head with tip ears, dark eyes and well filled foreface. Moved with ease. RBOB. 

2. Green’s Borderpride Future Dream At Rubywings. Shorter cast 10 yr old b in excellent condition. She moved with ease despite her age and a little extra weight. Balanced head with good muzzle, dark eye and prick ears but not quite so sweet in expression as 1. 


Puppy (1) 1. Whitaker’s Siluto Over The Blue Moon. Raw 6 ½ mth b/m b. Happy and promising pup with sweet temperament. A bit leggy at present and will need some time to mature. Coat of correct texture but colour still needs to clear. Sweet head and expression with correct ear carriage, excellent reach of neck and angulation. Moved quite well, with level back and correct tail carriage but needs to tighten at the rear - this should come with correct exercise and maturity. BP/PG2. 

Jun (2) 1. Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl. Promising tri litter sister to Puppy winner, with similar attributes although this girl is presently shorter on the leg than her sister. She excels in neck and angulation and is a trifle stronger in head than sister. Moved quite well though needs to tighten at the rear. 
2. Cook & Watkins’ Whatacoo Blaze Of Glory. 1 yr old b/m b, developing along the right lines. Well merled coat of clear colour, sufficient angulation fore and aft, fair bend of stifle, ample depth of chest and spring of rib. Head well balanced though cheeks need to fill out as yet to improve expression. Moved OK though tail a little high. 

Grad (1, 1ab) 

PG (2,1)  1. White’s Mejola Dangerous Liaison. Upstanding and elegant 2yr old b/m d in great coat and condition with good depth of chest, spring of rib and reach of neck. Stood with dignity showing off his balanced shape. Clean wedge head with flat skull, sufficient stop and underjaw, and correct ear carriage. To be critical, his eyes, although dark and obliquely set, are a tad on the small side. He covered the ground freely and with good drive and extension, holding his topline level and tail low. Will watch his career with interest and pleased to award him BOB/Gp4. 

Limit (1)  1. Whitaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto. B/m dam of puppy and junior winners. Well balanced b of correct height/length ratio and in good coat of correct harsh texture. She has a fair reach of neck, good length of rib cage and angulation though tends to stand with hind legs underneath her which detracts from her overall shape. Head of correct proportions with flat skull, good muzzle and underjaw, and correct ear carriage giving sweet expression. Moved quite freely but would prefer more drive from the rear. 

Open (5,2)  1. Cook & Watkins’ Aniesh Forever Blue With Whatacoo. Elegant b/m b in good body-fitting jacket of correct texture, with sufficient bone and substance and good reach of neck. Head handled well with sweet expression and her sweeter eye and more correct ear carriage gave her the edge over 2. Moved freely. RBOB. 

2. White’s Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola JW. Heavily coated tri b in super bloom. Well constructed b with super bone and substance, good angulation, well turned stifles and neat feet. Head handled well but not quite the expression of 1 as her ears tend to break too low. She covered the ground well, with drive. 

3. Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream


Puppy (1)  1. Parry’s Gemshells Indigolite. 10 mth b/m b developing along the right lines. Good angulation, fore and aft, and fair reach of neck. Head of parallel planes though skull needs to flatten. She has a well filled muzzle and ample underjaw. Moved quite well for a pup, holding her topline level. BP 

Jun (no entries)

Grad (1)  1. Parry’s Gemshells Shades Of Gold. Shaded s/w b in good coat of correct weather-proof texture. Sufficient bone and substance and good depth of chest. A little steep in upper arm which affects her reach of neck and this tends to make her appear a little stuffy and over-long in back. Balanced head with flat skull and good underjaw, and sweet eye but would prefer ears to be carried a little tighter. Moved freely. 

PG (1)  1. Parry’s Gemshells Onyx Apache. Tri d in gleaming condition and with correct harsh textured coat. Brother to my Grad winner and similar comments apply. Better front angulation would lead to a better reach of neck and the elegance required. However, his head and expression pleased and he had tighter ear carriage than his sister. He moved well, holding his topline level and tail low. RBOB. 

Limit (no entries) 

Open (2,1)  1. Rowan’s Ch Degallo The Vindicator At Rowancrest JW. This 7 yr old shaded sable d oozed ring presence and certainly drew the eye! I did not realise until afterwards that I have judged him twice in the past – awarding him Best Puppy, and five years ago I awarded him a Pastoral Group. I am delighted he has fulfilled his earlier promise and is now a well-deserved Champion. So typical of the breed, he stood out for his elegance and overall balance, and was presented to perfection as always. He excels in head qualities and expression, reach of neck and angulation, with ample depth of chest, spring of rib, well turned stifles and neat tight feet. Moving freely with good extension, drive and style, I could not deny him BOB/GP2. 


Puppy (no entries) 

Jun (no entries)

PG (2)   1. Cowley’s Somogyi Betyar Bodza At Kashbeluli (imp Hun). Well balanced black Puli b with good reach of neck, good head pattern with sufficient stop, rounded muzzle, good mouth pigmentation and dentition, and lively expression. Well corded coat hid a well-constructed body with good angulation, tight elbows and well-turned stifles. Moved freely with typical short and quick-stepping gait. She beat the Puli Open class winner because of her more typical movement and dentition. Best AVNSC Pastoral. 

2. Erwin’s Hoscar Border Breaker. Black and tan Lancashire Heeler b with pleasing profile. Excellent reach of neck and level back with good length of rib and depth of chest, good angulation fore and aft. Sweet head and expression. A bit lethargic on the move.

Open (1)  1. Cowley’s Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli ShCM. Upstanding black Puli d with long corded coat covering a well-constructed body with excellent reach of neck, short back, deep chest and good angulation. Head handled well with lively eye, well filled foreface and good mouth pigmentation. Movement not so sprightly as Puli PG winner, possibly due to the humid weather conditions. Res Best AVNSC Pastoral. 


 Puppy (1,1) 

Jun (2 – 1ab, 1 w/d) 

PG (2)  1. Young’s Cocosamel Misia. Happy 18mth old Samoyed b, maturing well with excellent bone, substance, spring of rib, depth of chest and strong loin. Good front angulation and well-turned stifles. Pleasing head pattern with strong wedge and flat skull, kind eye and well pigmented tight lips. Moved freely. Res Best AV Pastoral. 

2. Jenkinson’s Kiltondale Spring Evening For Ellishar. Pretty grey Beardie b in super coat and condition. Of the correct height/length ratio, she has a good head with broad flat skull and strong muzzle. Hind angulation good but she was a tad steep in upper arm which affected her reach of neck. She moved with good drive from the rear but a little short in reach at the front. 

Open (4)  1. Young’s Cocosamel Chance. Samoyed b, dam of Res Best AV. Attractive and typical b with well balanced head and body shape, good angulation fore and aft and elegant reach of neck. Good pigmentation, bone and substance, and ample spring of rib. Moved freely and powerfully and had the edge over 2 (and her daughter) on movement. Best AV Pastoral. 

2. Jenkinson’s Bryonyhill Tickle’s My Fancy Of Ellishar. Attractive grey Beardie b with pleasing body lines and well-balanced head with kind, gentle expression. Little unsettled today which showed in her movement. 

3. Tansley’s Border Collie, Bilyara River Ranch ShCM


Gp 1. Irving’s Pembrokeshire Corgi, Born To Be Your Salt Dog At Twinan (imp Hun).  

Elegant and typical 2yr old d, took my eye as he entered the ring. So full of  style and with a delightful temperament, he showed off his virtues non-stop and  moved freely and with good drive. Delighted to see him go RBIS under Liz  Cartledge. 

Gp 2. Rowan’s Shetland Sheepdog, Ch Degallo The Vindicator At Rowancrest JW 

Gp3. Crane-Duplock & Duplock’s OES, Shaggy Blue Bobs Way To Go With Mirene JW   (imp Deu). 

Gp 4. Whites’ Rough Collie, Mejola Dangerous Liaison 


PGp 1. Brandon’s GSD, Lornaville Classic Jewel. Sadly she did not stay for the BPIS 


PGp 2. Whitaker’s Rough Collie, Siluto Over The Blue Moon 

PGp 3. Kirkwood & Mair Jones’ Samoyed, Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya

PGp 4. Irvings’ Pembrokeshire Corgi, Twinan Life’s A Blast 

Pat Hutchinson (Judge)