• Show Date: 09/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Newmarket & District Canine Society

NEWMARKET, June 9/10, 2018

WORKING NSC – P (1,1a) G (2,2), O (2) 1 Winterton & Singh’s Arabica av Tasermiut at Sledog, quality Greenland bitch in excellent coat & condition, very feminine in outlook, well boned & well muscled, moved true on good feet, excellent body proportions with a good tailset. BOB; 2 Barrett’s Benkerin Targaryen, Russian Black Terrier dog who was beautifully presented, not so settled on the move but set up showed a good outline & balance, good head & expression, correct neck & shoulders, well set & carried tail. RBOB. ALASKAN MALAMUTES – J (4,2) 1 Lond-Caulk’s Icewolf King Of The North, only a 6 months puppy with a lovely temperament & outlook, moved so well for his age, excellent head & expression, well placed shoulders with a good neck & topline, well set tail, in lovely coat & condition, a lovely boy with lots of potential. BP & RBOB; 2 Fiege’s Chivas Regal Malamute Sanctuary, this junior was playing up today & would not move correctly, in excellent coat & condition, just preferred the eye & expression of 1 at present. Good body proportions. PG (1,1) O (2,1) 1 Lond-Caulk’s Icewlf Devil May Cry, mature boy with an masculine head & expression, well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, good depth of chest, in lovely coat which was well presented, moved soundly & true. BOB. GIANT SCHNAUZERS – J (1,1) PG (1) Roe & Stewart’s Echodream Athena, excellent bitch of quality with a very feminine head & expression, good ear placement & correct length of neck into well placed shoulders, held a strong topline set up & moving, she moved a dream in profile in the breed but unfortunately in the group she kept dropping her head on the move & was not so settled, shame as I was very taken with her. BOB. O (1,1). LEONBERGERS - J (2) 1 Bodle’s Debbollinby Just Kruzin’ into Kitarn, still young but this excellent boy has such potential, he is so sound & I could watch him move in profile all day, masculine head & expression, good coat which was well presented, good front & hind angulation, good body proportions, well boned legs & feet. BOB; 2 Hurren’s Debbolinby Mini Kruz avec Shaleodust, litter sister & no mistaking her sex, just slightly behind her brother in development & not so steady on the move but I feel that could be just because she has to rush in the ring. I didn’t mind waiting at all & thanks for bringing her, for she is in excellent coat & condition & a lovely type, such a feminine head & expression. PG (2) 1 D Just Kruzin’ into K; 2 Niall & Rothery’s Davenheath Exciting Times, a quality bitch who today unfortunately was out of coat but this only meant you could see her correct conformation, think the heat got to her, for she was not moving as her construction said she should, she was a bit lethargic. Very feminine in outlook, excellent head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, good topline & well set tail, well boned legs & feet, lovely type. O (5,4) 1 Hurren’s Angel Kingdom Cake Caramel Ekkor Shaleodust, pretty bitch who moved well in profile, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, just enough coat but it is the wrong time of the year for coats! Good depth of chest & body proportions. RBOB. MASTIFFS – Y (2,1) 1 Dickinson’s Mullak Tantalizing Teagan, pretty bitch who was so very sound & feminine, good mover for a baby of only 11 months, coating badly at present but she is a lovely fawn with a good depth of chest & a strong loin, well muscled for age. L (1) 1 Zadeh’s Faynad Iron Man, brindle who movement was so sound on well boned legs & feet, he is well grown for his age for he is only a puppy, excellent head with good proportions & a good eye, strong topline & loin, well muscled hindquarters, lovely depth of chest already, he is quality & he took BP & RBOB. O (2,1) 1 Facey’s Hexnorden Everlong for Nordicface, feminine fawn girl who was a sound mover on well boned legs & feet, good body proportions, loved her head & expression, good neck, dewlap & shoulder placement, strong topline & well set & carried tail, well muscled all through. BOB. ROTTWEILERS – P (3,1) 1 Parker’s Coltrana My Cool Dude, very masculine in head & expression, well muscled & a good size, good neck & shoulders, good profile movement, he is very balanced & a lovely type, showed well to win here & take BP & PG4; 2 Miliauskaite’s Bella Is Rojaus Slenio, feminine bitch with a lovely neck & shoulder, still needs to settle in movement but set up she is well balanced & when she settles she should enjoy her career for she is only just starting her career. Y (0) PG (2) 1 Lee’s Leebee’s Simply The Best, beautiful head & expression, lovely balance with a lovely neck & shoulders, strong topline & well muscled hindquarters, well set & carried tail, of a good size & outline held both set up & moving with a good head carriage. BOB; 2 Sobkowiak’s Dahlroo First Impression, heavier bitch who could lose a bit to advantage for she has a beautiful head & expression, well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders with a strong topline, moved well on strong legs & feet, very close up to 1 but the extra pounds just told. RBOB. O (0) AV WORKING – P (3,3)G (6.4) 1 Baldock’s Gunnersnewfs All Or Nothing, a young Newfoundland bitch with a beautifully presented coat, balanced head & expression which was so feminine, well boned legs & feet, moved soundly in profile, excellent neck & shoulders, just a touch more weight than I felt she needed; 2 Connelly’s Shirdees Top Gun, Bernese boy of just over 2 who is maturing nicely, masculine head & expression, he was well coated with clear colours, good ribcage & well boned legs & feet, very close up to 1. O (4,4) V (7,3) 1 Simms’ Esquimaux The Chosen One at Arcticskies, what a cracking Siberian Husky boy who doesn’t look his age, in such fit condition & this showed in his excellent movement with a lovely profile outline & head carriage, in excellent coat which was well presented, lovely bone & feet, masculine head with good ear carriage & a good eye, he is quality; 2 Niall & Rothery’s Ch Davenheath Dark Secret, a lovely Leonberger who I am sure I have liked before, she is just coming back into coat, she is balanced & moved so well on well boned legs & feet, lovely mask on her feminine head, strong topline held set up & moving, well set & carried tail; 3 I Devil May Cry. WORKING GROUP – G1, Santoriello’s Korifey Amulet, brown dog from the top drawer, excellent head with the correct eye shape & colour, well set ears, lovely arched neck leading to an excellent forequarter, strong topline & well set & carried tail, excellent depth & width of ribcage, strong loin & well muscled hindquarters, he is a showman & when he moved he just ate up the ground with ease, could not deny him the group, he just shone on the day; G2, Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo Quicksilver, yet another quality Portuguese Water Dog from this kennel, another showdog who dared me to put him down, excellent head & expression, in good b/w coat with a strong hindquarter, he is very balanced & moved so true, handled to perfection to win his place; G3, Mercer’s King of Helluland Keep Distance at Larkharbour, what a lovely outline on this beautiful black Newfoundland bitch, excellent head & expression, in excellent coat & condition & on the move kept her shape with a well carried head, well boned legs & feet, still showing her socks off at the end of a hot group; G4, Crooks’ Uptonponds Making Waves, what can I say about this quality Boxer bitch except heads you win! Such a beautiful head with lovely well set eyes & ears, so balanced with a crested neck & good forequarters, excellent topline & well set tail, strong, well muscled hindquarters & good depth of chest, when she moved, once she settled, she cover the ground with ease & determination. WORKING PUPPY GROUP – PG1, Tousent & Ingram’s Jojavik Camorra, how lucky was the breed judge, Darren Clarke, to have two such quality dogs in his entry! This black dog is from the top drawer & his outline is so balanced when he is set up & he moves so true for one so young, excellent head & expression with a lovely neck & shoulder, strong topline & tailset, good depth of chest, well muscled hindquarters, he just showed & moved so well that I could not resist him; PG2, another lucky judge was Chris Humphries, for he sent through the Boxers, this one was Lott’s Britesparke Glenda Spender, who again had that excellent head with correct proportions & eye shape & set that I was looking for, excellent crested neck & good topline & depth of ribcage with good hindquarters, moved so true holding her topline both set up & moving, she is very feminine in outlook & a good size too; PG3, Brown’s Polarcreek Taiya, this young Siberian Husky bitch is still young but shows much potential, pretty head & expression, of a good size & balance, good topline & well set tail, put down in excellent coat & condition, moved so well for one so young, lovely type; PG4, Coltrana My Cool Dude, Rottweiler.