• Show Date: 27/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales & The West of England


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and the West of England held their open show in conjunction with the Bath championship show. What a good idea this venture is, as it gives exhibitors two chances to show on one day. There was a lovely atmosphere at the ring, which was a good size. Thank you so much to Rachel for taking me to the show & to also stewarding and also to Kevin Burdett-Coutts for also helping steward. It was lovely that the chairman was able to take photos of all the winners. What an active committee you have to put on a very enjoying event. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of judging your dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Best in Show was Lyndgreave Pon Rhythem; RBIS, Rabarbar Astarte Gold. Best bitch went to Spontan Frania, RBB & BVIS was Ch/Am Ch Applewoods Mojo Flow; & BP went to Lindgreave Pon Chipmonk.

PD (1,1a) JB (1) 1 Schwars & Heavens’ Rabarbar Astarte Gold, this import was an excellent dog to start with, he had the balance I was looking for & fitted the bill perfectly. Masculine head & expression with good width & correct balance, well set & carried ears, good length of neck into a strong forequarters, he is a good size with good proportions, well set & carried tail, loved his head carriage in profile moving steadily round the ring, in good coat, feel he has lots of potentials as he is still young. RBIS. ND (1,1) PGD (1) 1 Burdett-Cutts’ Dobrany Dorianblue Odyssi, felt he could benefit from slightly less weight as this affected his movement, he is on the top size but balanced & in proportion, a very full coat of the correct texture, excellent temperament, masculine head & expression with correct eye & ear placement, good profile movement but was interested in the floor which meant he carried his head a bit low, good ribcage & well made quarters, a good type. LD (3,1) 1 Hillier’s Mybeards Dreamer, not a large dog but in proportion, he was balanced with a good head carriage in profile movement, in good coat & condition, good masculine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, well muscled hindquarters & correct ribcage, showed & moved so well to take this class on his overall soundness & type; 2 Bankside’s Koperek Hajko-Nerita for Quovadis, longer caste dog who still needs to tighten all through, masculine head & expression, good ear carriage & a strong muzzle of the correct length, in good coat of the correct texture, in very hard condition with a well muscled hindquarters, in movement he was just moving a bit close behind but in profile covered the ground well. OD (4,1) 1 Johnson’s Lyndgreave Pon Rhythem, when I looked up I immediately noticed his excellent presentation & showmanship, this boy has an excellent head & expression with a good eye & well set ears, excellent neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, excellent body proportions he is balanced but where he came alive was when he moved, effortlessly moved round the ring with a good head carriage & the correct footfall, still showed well at the end of a long day. BIS; 2 Haresign’s Ch Caselbarn Santa’s Surprise, half brother to 1 & the same quality, just not so balanced as 1, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, held a good topline & a well set tail, put down in excellent coat & condition, the coat being a good texture, well boned legs & feet, excellent profile movement & obviously from the top drawer; 3 Sibley’s Dobrany Dorianblue Malin. VD (2) 1 Haresign’s Arkosz Vom Hirtentraum at Caselbarn, this 7 year old is in excellent coat & condition, loved his head & expression which is very masculine with well set ears, good neck & shoulders, this mature boy moved so well in profile with excellent head carriage, good topline & tailset, nicely balanced with good legs & feet, lovely type & well made, sire of 1 & 2 in OD, so he is passing on his excellent qualities; 2 Hillier’s Ch Mybeards Prince, not quite the balance nor hindquarters of 1 but he has a masculine outlook with a good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, moved well covering the ground like a youngster, this 7 year old has a good coat which has been taken down somewhat over the head but this doesn’t spoil his outline.

PB (1) 1 Lindley’s Lindgreave Pon Chipmonk, only a baby but such a sweetie, at only 6 months old she coped very well with the conditions today, in lovely coat which was beautifully presented, excellent temperament, she is balanced for a baby & obviously moves just as a baby should but with practice she has so much potential, I will follow her progress for she was the one that made me smile with her antics. Alone but so worthy of her first & BP. JB (1) 1 Smith & Daniel’s Derochas Dear Ding Darling, good tempered young lady of a nice type, good presentation of a good coat with undercoat, head still to finish but is of the correct proportions, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, moved well in profile but back & forth she was side winding, when she settles & matures should do well for she is very feminine in outlook & has good proportions. NB (1,1) PGB (5,2) 1 Schwarz’s Dobrany Dorianblue Malenka del Spontan, on the top end of the Standard for size but she is balanced & a good outline, feminine head & expression, good mouth, eye & ear placement, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, good ribcage, well boned legs & feet, moved well at the correct speed with good foot placement; 2 Fionda’s Derochas Piccolina, feminine in outline, she is balanced & moved well with good head carriage, enough coat of the correct texture, feminine head, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & loin, well set tail & good hindquarters, showed well to take her place here; 3 Radestock’s Derochas Poppiola. LB (6,2, 1 W/D) 1 Schwarz’s Spontan Frania, daughter of previous class winner, she is an excellent type, so very feminine with a beautiful head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, moved correctly on well boned legs & feet, this quality bitch is balanced with an excellent coat, put down in excellent condition, she certainly has lots going for her, showed her socks off to win Best Bitch; 2 Davies & Schmidhalter-Bruinstatie’s Tarnica’s Dior, wicked girl who played her handler up but she is a lovely type who is in good coat & condition, moved OK when she settled, she has a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, in good coat & condition, she is balanced & when she settled took her place on quality; 3 Sweet’s Chrevle Zophire. OB (4,2) 1 Burdett-Coutts’ Dewiza Kontekst at Chrevle, balanced bitch who is not overlarge, best mover in class with a good head carriage, if a bit wide in front at present, she is feminine in outlook feminine head & expression, good topline held on the move, good hindquarters, well ribbed up to a good loin with a well set & carried tail, correct coat just lacking presentation at present; 2 Sibley’s Kizwiz Soulmate, such a pretty girl who has lots of coat of the correct texture & undercoat, moved well on well boned legs & feet, good body proportions, nice type & very feminine in outlook, showed well. VB (5,2) 1 Heavens’ Ch/Am Ch Applewoods Mojo Flow, lovely type who is so very feminine yet looks as if she could work, loved her head & expression, moved true on well boned legs & feet, she is balanced with an excellent coat put down in good condition, lovely forequarters & well muscled hindquarters, strong topline & well set tail, couldn’t believe that she was nearly 9 for she was as fit as could be. RBB & BVIS; 2 Neate’s Ch Dobrany Dorianblue Ixcite, slightly bigger bitch but still within the Standard, just preferred the femininity of 1 on the day, correct head & expression with good proportions, good neck & shoulders, moved well with good head carriage & a positive attitude, lovely showgirl who is quality; 3 Smith’s Derochas D’Issey.