• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitstable & District Canine Society

WHITSTABLE, June 17, 2018

AFGHANS – P (0) J (1) 1 Boydell’s Nightwind You Can’t Stop The Beat, still so young but has that sparkle that says he is quality & so right in construction, this black is such a sound mover with the correct head carriage holding a strong level topline & an excellent tailset & ring tail, he is balanced, in excellent coat & condition, still needs to mature but the quality is there. BOB & G2. PG (0) O (2) 1 Boydell & Farquhar’s Kerrijoy The Pyramid King, a gold with black mask male who was on excellent coat & condition, played up on the move until he settled but my opinion of him has not changed, he still has a masculine head & expression with well set ears, good topline & depth of chest, well boned legs & feet, showed well to take RBOB; 2 Boydell’s & Fairburn’s Nightwind The Beat Goes On at Warrenoak, pretty gold with black mark bitch with such a feminine head & expression, she is balanced & moved well, good depth of chest & a good hindquarter, well set tail with a good ring. Again excellent presentation. DACHSHUNDS – MIN L/H – P (1) & J (1) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Sukimac, well coated bitch who at only 7 months showed & moved well, excellent temperament & good proportions for age, such a pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, nice keel, good ribcage. Alone in both classes, but has potential. BP. PG (2) 1 Broad’s Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor, mature dog who moved so well, good head carriage, lovely front, masculine head & expression, in good coat, this red caught my eye enough for me to award him BOB; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Cristobel, pale bitch who at present is not quite in the coat of 1, pretty head & expression, very feminine in outlook, good neck & shoulders, moved well on lovely feet & good boned legs. O (2) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac, cream who kept a good head carriage in profile movement, in lovely coat & condition, masculine in outlook holding a strong topline & well carried tail, good head with a nice eye & well set ears. RBOB; 2 Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic, nice boy of a good type, masculine head & expression, in good coat which was beautifully presented, showed & moved well covering the ground easily with power & purpose. MIN S/H – P (1) 1 Oakley & Pearson’s Ardenrun Affenbach, red brindle dog who is still very young but has the possibility of a good future when he matures, moved well with an excellent head carriage, excellent hind angulation, good proportions with a lovely keel & shoulder placement, held a strong topline. BP & PG2. J (1, 1a). PG (2,1) 1 Taylor’s Our Chocolate Chip to Trageeda, this dog needs a big ring to really get going & use his front extension to advantage, has a masculine head & expression, good body proportions with a good hindquarter & well set & carried tail, showed well although alone. RBOB. O (3,1) 1 Bullis’ Goodtry Ruby Tuesday at Amaffrey, what a lovely moving bitch who in profile movement has an excellent head carriage, good neck & level topline, well set & carried tail & a good hindquarter, such a pretty head & expression, the more I watched her the more I was taken with her, she is balanced, if on the top size but has so much to like that I had no hesitate in giving her BOB & Group 1, I understand that later she went on to take RBIS, congratulations & thanks for bringing her; 2 Oakley & Pearson’s Pamela Motown at Ardenrun, leaner bitch of a good type, moved well on well boned legs & feet, plenty of air under her so her profile movement was good with a good head carriage, nice keel & good hindquarters, well set & carried tail & a good topline & ribcage. MIN W/H – P (1) Walker & Brooker’s Dexidax Whistling Dixie, absolute baby but what a cracking young bitch she is, at her first show but she took to it like a duck to water! She has so much potential that I look forward to following her progress, in good coat for age & she moved well, although alone, bet she will win in good company too. BP & PG4. J (3,2a) 1 Badman’s Tecklebridge Ashinee, this young bitch is in good coat & condition, needs to settle on the move but she has a feminine head & expression, good neck & good length of body, good ribcage & loin, moved OK when she settled, again needs space to get going. RBOB. PG (2) 1 Badman’s Tecklebridge Anneliese, litter sister to Ashinee & same comments apply, pretty head & expression with a good eye, she is balanced with good feet & good head carriage on the move, nice type & size; 2 Crow’s Martinks Drives You Dotty, heavier built girl who showed well, good front & well muscled hindquarters, moved well holding her topline, very feminine in outlook, showed well. O (3) 1 Walker’s Starhill Little Miss Sunshine at Dexbenella, cracking bitch of a lovely type, she is balanced with a pretty head & expression, in good coat & condition, moved well with a good head carriage & well set & carried tail, good keel, neck & shoulders. She is quality. BOB; 2 Badman’s Kenquince Caramel Latte, she is a nice type who moved well, good shape & size, shame she was having a phantom which affected her coat but I am sure she will have better days soon, she is dam of the RBOB; 3 Crow’s Martinks Drives You Dotty. L/H – P (0). J (1) 1 Clarke’s Tekalhaus Diamond Life, beautiful bitch, so balanced but not so keen on being indoors, beautiful head & expression, lovely neck & keel, good shoulders & a strong topline, moved well with good head carriage covering the ground with purpose, in excellent coat & condition. RBOB. PG (1) 1 Sutton & Pankhurst’s Lilia Roseat Damai, good height to length proportions, pretty head & expression, good neck, shoulders & keel, moved ok on well boned legs & feet, nice ribcage & topline, good tailset. O (1) Clarke’s Tekalhaus Million To One, what a showing fool she is! She is balanced & moved steadily with a good head carriage & holding a strong topline with a good loin, tailset & tail carriage, such a feminine head & expression, good keel & shoulder placement, this quality girl is in excellent coat & condition. BOB & G4. WHIPPETS – P (2) 1 Aylett-Bishopo’s Richclass Tylers Girl, what a girl to start with! This dark brindle bitch is so balanced & a beautiful type, so very feminine, she is only 6 months & at her first show but took it all with ease, she is quality with such a pretty head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, good ribcage for age & lovely shoulders, despite her age, she moved so soundly. Loved her. BP & PG1 & BPIS, congratulations; 2 Knowles’ Lolani Storm Rider, more developed fawn boy with a black mask, he is balanced & very masculine in outlook moved & showed well, well boned legs & feet, good depth & width of chest & a lovely hindquarter with good second thigh. J (4,3) 1 L Storm Rider. PG (6,1) 1 Trsh & Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Minnie Da Minx, balanced bitch with good scope, excellent hindquarters & second thigh, feminine head & expression, well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, good bone & feet, this fawn moved well with a good head carriage & a good forward reach. RBOB: 2 Thompson’s Likiria Pocket Full Of Stars, such a sound moving fawn who is balanced, close up to 1 & showed so well to win her place in this interesting class, pretty head & expression, there is no mistaking her sex for her feminity is there for all to see, good length of body & a nice ribcage & tailset; 3 Smith’s Welstar Airs And Graces at Cryhavoc. O (8,5) 1 Thompson’s Surrio Sweet September for Likiria, another cracking fawn so is very feminine & a lovely type, she is balanced with lovely hindquarters, good bone & feet, feminine head with a good eye, lovely neck & shoulders, good depth of chest & loin, moved so well in profile with a lovely head carriage. BOB; 2 Farrant & Witham’s Likiria Moonshine Song, beaten today by his dam! His sister was 2nd in PG too, so this lovely type is certainly making a mark, he is a scopy dog who is very masculine in outlook, masculine head & expression, moved a dream covering the ground with ease, in excellent coat & condition; 3 Shemist Party Girl. HOUNDS NSC – P (2,1) 1 Allchin’s Barbelka Betty Boop of Carolon, this Norwegian Elkhound baby girl was a delight, at only 6 months & at her first show, she showed so well & moved like a big girl. She is well coated with a pretty head & good ear carriage, she is balanced with a well set & carried tail, good bone & feet, she is quality & must have a good future.BP & PG3. J (3,2) 1 Jansons’ Nixophel Crystal Rose, 15 months old Deerhound bitch, in good coat, lovely floating movement, good depth of chest, still a bit loose in front movement but there is plenty of time for her to tighten, very feminine in head & outlook, good balance & type, showed well. RBOB. PG (4,2) 1 Valentine’s Tiffwazz Robin, balanced Smooth Dachshund bitch, this b/t moved well, she has a feminine head & expression with well carried ears, good neck & shoulders, nice keel & ribcage, good topline held on the move with good head carriage, well set & carried tail, showed well; 2 Jansons’ Nixophel Carnelian Red, this Deerhound male is litter brother to Crystal Rose & the same type just not so balanced as her & still needs to finish but he is a nice type but a slow mature, moved well & showed with style, in good coat & condition, well muscled all through. O (4,2) 1 Valentine’s Morailsa Secret Script Tiffwazz, b/t Standard Dachshund with an excellent keel, good neck & shoulder placement, strong topline held both set up & moving, he is balanced with lovely bone & feet, masculine head & expression, looked particularly good in profile movement which he did with ease & determination. BOB; 2 Allchin’s Laakso Kia’s Cracker of Carolon, very feminine Norwegian Buhund bitch who is busy losing her coat at present but what she has is of good quality, she is a nice size with good proportions, very feminine in head & expression, well set & carried ears & tail, good topline & ribcage, moved & showed well. AV HOUNDS - P (3,3). J (1) N Crystal Rose, Deerhound who won her class & RBOB in NSC Hounds. PG (2) 1 Farrant & Witham’s Hamiltonhill Sidney Pye to Nixophel, placed in a very strong PG breed class earlier this fawn Whippet with a b/m is a well balanced dog of a nice type, good neck & shoulders, good length of body with a well set & carried tail, moved well here with good head carriage & front action using his well muscled hindquarters; 2 N Carnelian Red, Deerhound. O (2,1) 1 L Kia’s Cracker of C, Norwegian Elkhound. HOUND GROUP – G1, Goodtry Ruby Tuesday at Amaffrey, Min Smooth Dachshund; G2, Nightwind You Can’t Stop The Beat, Afghan; G3, Hills’ Luluwells Major at Donay, very masculine & clean cut Beagle, good balance & type, moved well on well boned legs & feet, masculine head & expression with well set & carried ears, good strong topline with a well set & carried tail, good depth of chest & nice hindquarters; G4, Tekalhaus Million To One, Longhaired Dachshund. PG1, Richclass Tylers Girl, Whippet; PG2 Ardenrun Affenbach, Min S/h Dachshund; PG3, Barbelka Betty Boop of Carolon, Norwegian Elkhound; PG4, Dexidax Whistling Dixie, Min W/h Dachshund.