• Show Date: 29/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Oona Pesonen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/07/2022

Boston & District Canine Society

Shetland Sheepdog

P (3,1) 1 Jacobs & Johnson & Johnson's Willowthorn's Wasting Light. Promising 7 month old tricolour bitch. A bit taller but still in the allowed ideal size. Lovely jet black colour with good tan, coat only coming now at this age. Would prefer a bit more definite stop and shorter head which is quite strong in the muzzle, but beautiful dark eyes and small perfectly tipped ears gives her that sweet expression. Correct bite. Very good length of neck which allows her to carry her head well, especially when moving around the ring. Chest still needs more time to fill to be deeper. Balanced angulations in front and rear. Excellent strong bones, lovely flexible and strong pasterns in front, promising body proportions overall. Low set long tail that is reaching over the hock, carried very well in the movement. Moving beautifully already at this age, especially when coming and going. Lovely temperament. BP and later awarded PG4.

2 Fenton's Shannmie Morning Cloak. A sweet tricolour boy, just 6 months and 2 days old. Promising expression with very nice small ears. Lovely dark eyes that are well set. Definite stop and good topline of muzzle, but would have preferred a bit better forehead to make the head overall more balanced. Correct bite. Good laid back shoulders giving correct length of neck. Level back. Very well angulated from upper arm giving him very nice front movement at the moment when going around the ring. Chest hopefully develops with age to be a bit deeper. Straight forelegs when seen from front, adequate strength of bones for the age. Good angulations behind, but at the moment very narrow from hocks when viewed from behind, also affecting the movement a lot. Promising size. Very nice temperament and was showing well already.

J (3,1) 1 Hanson's Hillhenry Secret Kiss with Basilbrooke. Lovely 13 month old feminine tricolour bitch with beautiful shape. Jet black colour with really good amount of coat, also with just the right texture. Very sweet expression with well set dark brown eyes. Lovely parallel lines of the head. Excellent width and depth overall in skull that is flat. Ears are just a bit too big and heavy, otherwise she has that lovely characteristic expression. Well balanced angulations in front and rear, allowing her to move gracefully around the ring. Very good strength of bones, straight in legs when seen from front and back. Excellent deep chest for the age with well sprung ribs. Good topline with level back. Great low set long tail. Loved her silhouette and very typical outline for the breed. Lovely temperament.

2 Willowthorn's Wasting Light.

PG (3) 1 Boxcer's Kelgrove Lady In Black. Very classical tricolour with the lovely shape and outline for the breed. 7 years old, surely at her best age, she was absolutely the best mover of the day. Beautiful dark eyes, maybe just a bit too round, but combined with her small and well tipped ears her expression is really sweet. Excellent parallel lines of the head with rather definite, however not too strong stop. Correct bite. Well arched neck, head carried proudly all the time. Shoulders well laid back with overall good topline and level back. Great angulations front and rear. She was moving around the ring with lovely lithe and smooth gait with excellent drive, that just got better the more she was moving. Balanced body proportions, great depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Excellent bones and feet, lovely flexible pasterns on front. Very nice low set tail that was carried well. Lovely intense black colour and good tan, coat was in superb condition today. Lovely temperament and she was showing well all the time. Really pleased to award her BOB.

2 Abbott's Milesend Miss Bee. A nice 2 year old sable bitch with very good breed type. Good characteristic expression with well set ears and nice dark eyes. Flat cheeks and well rounded muzzle. Correct bite. Nicely arched neck, would prefer a bit more angulation on the upper arm, lovely topline with level back. Enough but balanced angulations front and rear, letting her move gracefully around the ring but would like to see a bit more drive into it. Nice body proportions and when standing on the ground she looks really lovely, but she should get a bit more confidence when standing on the table. Good amount of coat with right texture, loved her shaded colour.

3 Daniels & Taylor's Pepperhill Cruise Control.

O (7,1) 1 Woolley's Pepperhill In The Moment at Valjon. Almost 2 years old. Very eye-catching masculine tricolour dog. Elegant refined head with just the right parallel lines. Excellent characteristic expression with beautiful dark almond eyes. Perfect, small well set ears that have just the right way of tips falling forward. Flat skull and cheeks, slight and definite stop. Correct bite. Good body proportions and well sprung ribs. Lovely overall shape and silhouette when standing, carrying head well. Level back, nice feet and good bones. Would prefer more laid back shoulders. Very well angulated from behind. In the movement he has enough drive, going and coming straight, but lacking a bit of the perfect ground covering front movement today. Nice low set tail with adequate length. Excellent jet black colour and rich tan, lovely temperament.

2 Daniels & Taylor's Pepperhill In The Zone JW. Almost 5 year old blue merle with outstanding blue colour marbled well with jet black. Masculine head and expression. Excellent medium sized eyes with correct almond shape. Skull and muzzle toplines parallel, definite stop. Well set ears, would prefer them a bit smaller and lighter. Correct bite. Very good body proportions and good strong bones all over. Good reach oh neck that ocntinued to well carried level back. Would have preferred a bit more angulation of the upper arm. Moving well coming and going, on the side gait moved with better reach on the rear. Straight and strong forelegs and hocks. Well textured coat in lovely condition. Excellent temperament and showed himself well.

3 Holmes' Raylisa Jitterbug Boogie.