• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Olivia Danks-Kemish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

Chelmsford and District Canine Society 

7th May 2018 


I would like to thank the committee for a warm welcoming for my first judging appointment, the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me, and to my very efficient steward on the day. It was a very hot day, and the dogs seemed to cope very well with the heat in the ring. 

Puppy (3,0) 

1st Dewar's Gwendariff Willy Wont He. 

An 11month old mature male in good condition. He possesses a pleasing head with a kind dark eye and low set ears. This puppy has good bone and has a lovely deep mahogany coat. Nice tidy feet and well set on slashing tail. Moved well. BP 

2nd Bougen's Gwendariff Hot Ticket.  

This 7month old puppy bitch has a nice head and ear set, a beautiful outline all through. She has good angulation fore and after which gives her that lovely gentle sloping top line an irish setter should have. Good tailset which lashed all the way round. Not as steady on the move as 1. 

3rd Lane's Wolfy Jacob 

Junior (1,0) 

1st Dewar's Gwendariff Willy Wont He

Novice (1,0)

1st Dewar's Gwendariff Here I Come 

This 1yr old dog has a pleasing head, with a kind, unshelled almond shaped eye, and low earset. He was presented in good coat and condition. Good angulation fore and after with a nice gently sloping topline. Nice tight feet. Movement was slightly erratic today. 

Post Graduate (3,1) 

1st Nicholls' Romarne Under Orders JW

At nearly 4 years old, this beautifully presented dog owned the ring today. He possesses a well chiselled masculine head, but still retaining elegance. Good lay of shoulder accompanied by good angulation fore and after. Good topline. Moved well with drive . Pushed open winner hard for BOB.

2nd Lewis and Levene's Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn At Valasarch 

A slightly heavier dog throughout than 1. Nice head with pleasing eye and low set ears. Good angulation fore and after, good topline. Moved well. Handled well.

Open (2,0) 

1st Gratton's Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine 

Took my eye as he entered the ring. I just loved everything about this dog. Just my type of head, masculine but retaining elegance and well chiselled, kind dark unshelled almond shaped eyes. Flowed from neck to shoulders, continuing with a beautiful top line and well set on tail. Good angulation fore and after. Presented in good hard condition with a gleaming full coat to finish the picture. Moved with drive and pizzazz. BOB 

2nd Lewis and Levene's Bardonhill Ginger Nut At Valasarch 

Again, a slightly heavier dog throughout than first, but still has many qualities. He has a masculine head with nice eye and good ear set. Good angulation, good topline and tailset with nice tidy feet. Unfortunately left his coat at home today. Not as steady on the move as 1. 

Olivia Danks-Kemish