• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Olivia Carty-Parge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Havanese Club Of Great Britain

Havanese Club of Great BritainBreed Open Show 08/04/2018

Special Awards Classes

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Havanese Club of GB for inviting me to judge the Special Awards Classes, at their recent Open Show. I was delighted with my entry and consider it a great privilege and an honour to go over your dogs. I am very grateful to each exhibitor for affording me that opportunity. I was pleased with the overall quality of the havanese on the day, I did not find one bad front and all dogs presented to me were clean and in good condition. I did find some tighter tails that lay flat against the back, as opposed to being carried over the back –something that may need to be watched. However I must commend the fabulous temperaments of the dogs presented to me, most of who were joyful and animated on the move – a real pleasure to watch. 

Class SA1 J D/B (7,1) A very nice class, with many promising youngsters, one who sadly went unplaced, however this was more to do with the fact that he was having such fun on the move, that I sadly could not assess his movement. However I found him to be a very promising youngster to go over on the table and I’m sure a bright future awaits him. 

1st Morris’s Dyffrynsands Lady Cecelia. Sable Bitch of nice size and happy disposition. Excellent head, with correct broad skull in perfect balance to her foreface. Her large almond eyes and folds in her ears give her that typical havanese expression. Correct scissor bite. To go over she is very sound, with the correct rise over the loin. Shown in super condition, with a lovely volume of silky coat. Well set tail, carried in a beautiful plume over her back. She has beautiful free movement, demonstrating the typical havanese jaunty movement and is sound both coming and going, she presents a nicely balanced outline in profile. Shown off to her best advantage by her gentle and competent handler. It is a real pleasure to watch the bond between this handler and his charge. A very promising youngster indeed, who I look forward to watching mature.

2nd Fitzgerald’s Immeleon Galactica For Beaugem. Black and Tan bitch. Another promising youngster with a super temperament. Nicely balanced head, with a pretty and feminine expression, correct scissor bite. Very sound to go over on the table, correct rise over her loin and coat in excellent condition. On the move, she is true coming and going and demonstrates typical joyful, jaunty movement. At the moment, she is just a fraction longer than I would prefer, however she is very young and her proportions are likely to change as she develops and matures. I liked her a lot.

3rd Westgate’s Wizzizz When I Need You

Class SA2 PG D/B (6,3)

1st Fitzgerald’s Mybeards Valentina. Quality Sable bitch of nice size and excellent proportions. A bitch I judged as a puppy, and am pleased to find that she has matured as well as I had hoped. She is so very typey, with a fabulous head and animated expression. Her head is beautifully balanced. Well placed ears with correct folds, together with her dark almond eyes, give her a typical expression. Beautiful black pigmentation. Correct scissor bite. Although she oozes femininity, she is sturdy to go over, with an excellent forechest and straight legs. Lovely clean neck, flowing into correctly laid shoulders. Excellent topline, with correct rise over the loin. Nicely set tail, carried over her back. On the move, she demonstrates that typical springy, havanese movement that is a pleasure to watch. She presents a beautiful outline stood and is shown to her best advantage. Excellent coat texture. Overall, she is an impressive bitch, of excellent breed type, who I hope continues to do well in the future.

2nd Westgate’s Wizzizz Desperado. Sable male of nice size. He is also very typical, shown in excellent body and condition. Nicely balanced head, correct scissor bite with beautiful large, clean teeth. To go over, he is very sound, with good forechest and straight legs. Balanced outline, with correct slightly longer than taller proportions. Correct length of leg. Strong topline with correct rise over the loin and well set tail, carried over his back. Sound on the move, with a lively gait. Handled very well. Today, I just preferred the animated expression of the winner, but he was a very close second.

3rd Mybeards Perky

Class SA3 O D/B (8,4) I must say this class was a real treat for me, full of quality.

1st Starleisha Heavens Secret Sh CM. Sable Bitch of excellent quality and breed type. Shown in pristine condition and handled to her best advantage. Fabulous head of excellent proportions. Her dark, almond shaped eyes are framed by beautiful black eyeliner, which creates a feminine and charming expression. Excellent muzzle, with correct scissor bite –beautiful large, clean teeth. Well placed ears with correct folds. Lovely length of neck, which flows into well placed shoulders. Strong topline, with correct rise over the loin. High set tail, carried beautifully over her back – which together with her proud head carriage, creates an outline which is undeniably that of a havanese. On the move, her lively and elastic gait demands your attention. She has an excellent volume of coat, without being overcoated, it is silky and wavy. It is also of correct length, long enough create an element of glamour, whilst still showing daylight underneath. It is light and airy - one that would certainly catch the breeze in Cuba. Overall she is a super bitch, of excellent quality and breed type.

2nd Wootton’s Jetandra Jahkira. Brown and white Bitch, eight year old, shown in fantastic body and condition. Very typey, broad skull with well-set ears and correct folds. Good balance between skull and foreface and dark, almond shaped eyes. Correct scissor bite with large, clean teeth. Very sound to go over on the table with correct rise over her loin. She is balanced, with correct slightly longer than tall proportions. She has excellent muscle tone; she is sturdy, yet feminine. On the move, she is lively and exuberant showing her excellent temperament and happy disposition. Sound coming and going, and creates a lovely outline in profile. Another quality bitch.

3rd Mrs R.A. Harris’ Tiggafield Double Delight at Mantafield