• Show Date: 09/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Norma Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Penrith & District Canine Society


9th December 2018

Judge Norma Ellis NORMBAR

Lovely show with friendly atmosphere, some quality dogs to go over very pleased with my winners, some nice dogs had to go cardless another day another show.


Hungarian Vizsla Puppy

2 entries 1 Abs

1st and best puppy Munro’s Bitcon Flame Dancer B.

Lovely baby just right for her age. Correct eye and expression good head and strong length of neck, good shoulders and depth nicely muscled quarters moved soundly.


2 ent

1st Munro’s Wolfmeyer Glen Cannick

Masculine boy beautiful noble head keen expression, good neck and shoulder good depth of forechest elbows tight. Stood square with rounded well muscled croup. In tip top condition and didn’t disappoint on the move. BOB

2nd. Bains Dunnydals Ajna is Gracious B

Such a sweet bitch classic head keen eye, correct shoulders good bone and feet, kept top line well on the move well muscled quarters.

Flatcoated Retriever Puppy.

3 Ent.

1st best puppy Curtis Tallistar Midnight Tango B

Gorgeous head and expression keen eye, tail never stopped wagging, good neck and shoulder,deep long rib cage and short coupled body flat ribs. Moved happily and soundly.

2nd Chandlers Bitcon Midnight Lace B

Nice long head and intellect eye, reasonable neck flowing into correct shoulders, good depth of chest and straight front, good dense coat and lashing tail on the move. Moved well with handler.

Graduate 1 ent

1st Chipperfield & Higginbottoms Islstrom All Of A Storm at Howlingale D

Good all round male liked his nicely moulded Head and body proportions, good ribbing and depth, good coat and lashing tail spot on condition.

Open 2ent

1st Chipperfields & Higginbottoms Wistaston The Black Diamond At Howlingale D.

Good long head correct shoulders and tight front, flat ribbing and free flowing movement using his tail well. Good flat coat and condition. Stood and moved soundly. BOB & G 4

2nd Ross Go With The Flow Ebony in Harmony at Qlocontrail Imp. JW Sh

Showed well moved with verve round the ring, best of heads and clean neck ribs well let down. Coat in gleaming condition. Splitting hairs between them close up.


Labrador Puppy 3ent 1 abs

1 st Maclean Afinmore Aimiable B

Smart girl took my eye good broad skull kind expression, clean neck, shoulders long and sloping, good bone and deep chest, best of double harsh coat laying flat to body, moved soundly using her tail. Best puppy & G 3

2nd Cooks Miss Georgina Exelby b

Smart puppy good head and expression strong neck into correct shoulders, barrel ribbed and presented a nice picture when stacked carrying just a little too much puppy fat.

Graduate 3 ent

1st MaCleans Afinmore Acacia b

Nice girl good broad skull with defined stop strong boned and well sprung ribs, good depth of chest and strong well muscled quarters, good otter tail lashing on the move. Best of coats

2nd Cooks Exelby Salsola D

Strong masculine boy cracking head and eye, strong neck and shoulders, well boned and well ribbed, chunky but not coarse, moved soundly using his tail.

Open 3 Ent

1st Parker’s Poniel Reason to Believe at Bruadarach ShCm D

Stood square on good arched feed. Great top line kept well on the move, free mover covering ground well, good breadth of skull with correct stop, good shoulders and width of chest good waterproof jacket, powerful well muscled rear finished with correct otter tail. BOB

2nd Maclean’s Afinmore Absolut JW D

Splitting hairs between these 2 lovely boy looked liked he could day a days work, best of heads and strong forequarters, well muscled up, good double coat, moved so soundly using his tail.

Cocker Spaniel

Puppy 4ent 2 abs

1st Redpaths Aardan Highland Spring b

Eye catching puppy in gleaming condition and full coat. Good square muzzle with stop clean head and cheeky expression, best of neck and shoulders good depth of brisket, strong compact body looked a picture stacked moved happily for her handler. Best puppy

2nd Bacons Timbric Star Catcher b

Another gorgeous puppy liked her very much, classic head and soft expression, straight front and cat feet, in good coat moved merrily.

Graduate 4ent.

1st Davies Annasides Starring Role b

Lovely bitch spanking condition, best of heads and sweet expression, stood straight fore and aft, correct sloping shoulders and depth of chest, short back and good ribbing, tail set on correctly such a happy mover and covered the ground well showing her socks off BOB

2nd Peterson’s Dreamist Forever Rainbows at Atherbron b

Loved the type so close up classic bitch with no exaggerations best of heads and kind eye. Good sloping shoulders and short back rounded rump. Moved soundly using tail well.

Open 5 ent

1st Peterson’s Carson Moonbeam JW b

Such an honest girl lovely to go over looked well stacked and moved merrily, most gorgeous head and soft eye, text book shoulders and lovely topline good quarters and tail set. Spanking condition. Splitting hairs for BOB

2nd Thomas Colenda Chooseday b

Such a classic girl good rounded skull and good expression, good heart room and depth with well rounded ribs, coat in good condition nice level topline, moved soundly.

AV Gundog Vet. 6 ent 1 abs

1st McGuffie Golden Retriever Drumkilty Oisin of Milltimber d.

My goodness this boy showed like a youngster belying his 11 yrs. Excellent condition and form, best of heads and strong skull well balanced. Good strong neck and depth of chest Good tight feet and bone, moved like he owned the ring Best Veteran

2nd Davies Cocker Spaniel Annaside Moonbeam b

Gorgeous girl good head and soft expression, good topline held well on the move used tail well and moved soundly. In tip top condition.

AVNSC Puppy 2 ent 1 abs

1st Tudors Gsp Torranpoint Tenille b

Honest pup looked well stacked and didn’t disappoint when asked to move drove well from rear and good straight front, best of heads and dark eye correct shoulders and good depth, nicely muscled rear and tail used well, good harsh coat in excellent condition. Best AVNSC Puppy & Puppy Group 2

2nd Cains Weimaraner Schonhund Show Tallulah b. Another cracking pup good colour, medium size, good head and keen eye, shoulders well sloping and good depth of chest. Well turned stifle and well let down hocks. Moved effortlessly.

AVNSC Open 4 ent 1 abs

1st Browns GSP Newlands Pass To Montalbo b

In tip top condition best of harsh coats, nice head and eye, strong neck shoulders well layed back good depth of chest, straight front and tight feet. Well muscled quarters and second thigh, mover soundly driving well from rear Best AVNSC & Group 3

Gundog Group

1 - Calverts ESS Beresford Night Spell B

Good width of skull moderate stop, ears close to head, strong muscular neck clean throat, straight front and well rounded feet, good depth of chest and strong over the loin, coat in excellent condition with correct feathering, powered round the ring with her young handler using her tail.

2 - Davies Cocker Spaniel Annasides Starring Role b

3 - Browns GSP Newlands Pass to Montalbo

4 - Chipperfield & Higginbottoms Flat Coat Retriever Wistaston the Black Diamond at Howlingale.

Gundog Puppy Group

1 - Wilkinson’s Pointer Stocksfell Seldom Seen b

Classic Pointer best of heads and expression, clean arched neck into well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest and tuck up. Good topline which she kept well on the move. Nicely muscled quarters and good second thigh moved so sound with lashing tail.

2 - Tudors Torranpoint Tenille

3 - Maclean’s Labrador Retriever Afinmore Amiable b

4 - Calverts ESS Calvdale Stowaway Magic b.

AV Gundog Open 1 ent

1st Douglas & McGuffie Golden Retriever Milltimber Moonriver d

Well balanced boy classic broad well chiselled skull kind eye, powerful neck well layed back shoulders, level topline and strong muscled quarters, best of coats and excellent condition, powerful mover.