• Show Date: 09/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nigel Price Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Newmarket and District Canine Society

Open Show Sunday 10th June 2018 (Day 2)

Littleport Leisure Centre Littleport, Ely Cambs.

Judge Nigel Price (Landover)

I would like to thank the Secretary and his band of hard working committee members for inviting me to officiate at such a well run event.So nice to be able to have an all outdoor show.

BORDER COLLIES, 4 classes, 14 entries, 1 abs, 1 repeat = 12

PUPPY (1, 0)

1. Buxton’s Meisterwerk Twist. 11 month old Blue Bitch well put together which showed on the move and was alert and responsive for a youngster. Good in length and balance with a decent coat for age and weather. Pleased to award BP


1. Buxton’s Meisterwerk Last Chance Blue Dog 10 months old very good front and kept topline on the move. Head was a very nice blunt wedge with good presence of underjaw. Well presented. Well-deserved Res BOB today.

2. Carley’s Jupavia Echota. Blue Bitch 22 months old and very attentive when showing, moved with drive and had well-muscled second thigh. Slight drop in top line on move but should settle with maturity.

3. Land & Gittins Casmawllan It’s All Rosie.

POST GRADUATE (1,0,1rpt)

1. Lee’s Master of Illusion Young Male who performed well in the ring being well handled and presented. Lovely top line on the move. Quite the different exhibit to his previous attempt in the PG class.

2. Elliot’s Goytre Bamburgh Beach Babe. Tri Bitch 3 years old, well turned out and seemed to enjoy her time in the ring, still a little loose on the move however

OPEN (4, 0)

1. Beaumont’s Kanamaren Trick of the Tail at Borderbeau JW

Solid 23 month old Male presented in excellent condition. A beautiful head capturing true collie expression. Well-made front assembly which came to the fore on the move. Pleased to award BOB

2. Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden 6yr old Blue merle Bitch slightly shorter in head than class winner but well proportioned. Excellent front and excelled on the move

3. Carley’s Jupavia Just For You

ROUGH COLLIES, 4 classes, 14 entries, 1 abs, 1 repeat = 12

PUPPY (No Entries)

YEARLING (2,2) both absent


1. Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina Sable and white Male 3 ½ years old well-presented and good on the move. Good head pattern with well-placed ears creating a well-balanced head with a handsome expression, showed when asked. A worthy winner of Res BOB.

2. Philpin’s Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn Tri-Colour 5year old Male, heavy in Coat and Body which made for a slightly less freer mover than the class winner

3. Stillwell’s Bellawave Cast A Spell

OPEN (5, 0)

 1. Benton’s Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. Sable and White Bitch 3 years old and in top form. Lovely shape to eye combined with excellent ear carriage gives this girl a happy expression even standing still. Excellent front assembly which showed on the Move. A very worthy BOB

2. Collino’s Imaginist Waxing Lyrical. Shaded Sable Bitch again beautifully presented with the sweetest of heads. Unfortunately she wasn’t as in tune as the class winner with her handler today and it was on the move this was most apparent.

3. Stillwell’s Seryphina So in Love with Bellawave

SMOOTH COLLIES, 3 classes, 2 entries, 0abs, 0 repeat = 2


1. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis at just 12 months old this Blue merle bitch came into the ring like it was all hers. Very commanding, beautifully presented and stood and showed well. Head needs to clear but plenty of time for that. Whilst the Blue is extremely clear for my own personal preference she carries a little too much white, but that is being extremely picky after all it’s nowhere unsightly and nothing that wouldn’t be hidden on the coated variety Res BOB.

LIMIT (No Entries)

OPEN (1, 0)

1. Benton’s OakestelleVenus De Milo Its difficult to know where to start extolling the virtues of the beautiful 5 year old Blue Merle Bitch. She stands and shows like the professional she is. I have had the pleasure of Judging her previously indoors where she took reserve to her mother. Outdoors she becomes a different animal. Her Movement is superb its almost more of a lesson in geometry as she moves effortlessly around the ring, driving from the rear and making everything look so natural. I do hope someone has filmed her as it could be a training aid for all. If I had to be hyper critical I would prefer a slightly dark Tan but that is the only thing I could find. It was a shame she stood alone as amongst her peers you could see exactly how good she is. Suffice to say she was my BOB today.

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS, 4 classes, 8 entries, 0 abs, 0 repeat = 8

PUPPY (No Entries)


1. Smith’s Kazeti Uri 13 month old B&T Male with an outstanding coat and a joy to go over and moved with drive and purpose.

2. Gledhill’s Ferdi Aus Silkenwood Another youngster at just 15 months old this time a semi-coat. Good on the move but head still needs time to clear as does his coat.


1. Millington’s Cunannun Ellis Solid Black and Gold male, Beautiful head, well turned out and showed to his advantage

2. Gledhill’s Sadira Beau Beautiful B&T bitch lovely head. Whilst excellent on the move she was unfortunately a little reticent when stood still but still worthy of her placing.

3. Doran’s Starkherz Issy

OPEN (3, 0)

1. Nolcini’s Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon JW ShCM – A solid Sable male who performed everything that was asked of him outstanding on the move and I repose. His head is strong in a commanding way rather than a coarse one showing everyone he’s all male. Best of Breed today and Group 3 but have since heard he’s made his entry into the upper house, a worthy new Champion indeed.

2. Smith’s Portnall Elrick zu Sarocal A black and gold youngster who has all the attributes of full honours in the future stood and showed well and moved with grace. Although a need for a few things to tighten up, maturity will bring this. Certainly ‘one to watch’ for the future in my opinion.

3. Doran’s Leighsax Shilah.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS, 4 classes, 23 entries, 5 abs, 2 repeat = 17

PUPPY (5, 1)

1. Durant’s Shougies Winter Wizard at Neraklee 11month old blue merle boy in heavy coat, moved and presented well. This puppy demands attention and certainly got it today BP

2. Aaron’s Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge golden sable Bitch beautifully constructed and in excellent condition. Still a little raw on the table but did more than enough for her placing today.

3. Gabrielczyk’s Lalabay Fervidus (Imp Pol)


1. Hull’s Lizmark Melody Maker, still a youngster at just shy of 18 months this tri male certainly turned heads. Although well-constructed and shown in great condition it’s his movement that is his forte. Kept top line on the move both in profile and in and fore and back movement.

2. Fransham’s Shelcrest Starling Shaded Sable, beautiful feminine head with excellent ear placement and carriage, slightly wider in front than class winner but not enough to adversely affect movement.

3. Withers’ Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale

POST GRADUATE (5,2,1rpt)

1. Root’s (handled by Pettitt) Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen 7 year old shaded sable bitch well-presented and shown in excellent condition. She shows none of her ‘veteran’ traits and it’s difficult to believe her age, especially on the move where she excels. The harmony between handler and dog is astounding with the exhibit showing all day for her.

2. Norris’s Sheltysham Bedazzle at Franmead JW. Tri Bitch lovely head and excellent ear carriage especially as placement is slightly close. Moved well just not as attentive as winner

3. Stock’s Shemist Fairy Mist

OPEN (7, 2,1rpt)

1. Withers’ Stanydale Shot In The Dark JW. 3 year old Tri male with the most beautifully balanced head, almost perfect almond eye with dark pigment and topped with well-balanced ears whose placement and carriage were excellent. Nicely constructed with all round balance and a stance that said he was all male. Moved around the ring with drive and purpose and attentive to handler at all times. A lovely boy BOB.

2. Baker & Pettitt’s Myriehewe Ellie at Lakebank ShCM. A tri colour bitch showing little of her 8 ½ years, moving as she does effortlessly both fore and aft even the slight closeness in profile does not minimise extension or affect the top line. Shown in the height of what is proving to be a wonderfully hot summer she stands beautifully in full coat complete with furnishings positively radiant in the sunshine. Reserve Best of Breed in what was a very close call.

3. Aaron’s Mastermind at Shelridge JW