• Show Date: 05/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nigel Bryant Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern English Setter Society

Northern English Setter Society – 5th May 2018 

Veteran (7,2abs) 

1 Loynd’s Richecca Sea the Stars at Crimbledale  8-year-old blue bitch with a good topline held on the move. Good head shape, long neck leading to well laid-back shoulders. Good rear angulation. Flowed round the ring when moved. Best Veteran in Show 

2 Dykes and McCrindle’s Sh Ch Caleydene Travelling Man At 10 years old, this tri dog is still showing a good outline from head to tail. Lighter in weight than 1 but Still showing good movement.  

3 Lawson’s Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal   

Minor Puppy (7,2abs)  

1st Golby’s Wansleydale Cointreau for Shadymoore Orange bitch with a very feminine head and low ears. Well bodied, straight front and good angulation at both ends. Moved freely and with good drive from the rear. 

2nd Grimsdell’s  Tattersett Dark Honey Giving away 2 months to 1 but still well bodied. Another pretty head, Level topline and straight front. Moved well but not quite the drive as the first. 

3rd Roberts’ Wansleydale Frangelico for Mirkwood 

Puppy (3,1abs)  

1st Taylor’s Wansleydale Quicksilver Tri dog, 11 months old. Good shoulders, level topline and slashing tail action. Straight front and good depth of chest. Easy relaxed movement round the ring. Best Puppy in Show 

2nd Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray Much the same as his litter brother but not standing quite as straight at the front. All the same comments apply. 

Junior Dog (5,1abs)  

1st Wansleydale Dorian Gray 

2nd Jones’ Ravensett Carnelian at Redbornstoke Orange dog, Good shoulders, level topline and good tail set. Pleasing head with good stop. Good length of neck to give the elegant look. 

3rd Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz 

Yearling Dog (4) 

1st Schoneville and Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie Orange dog of good size but perhaps carrying a little weight. Good tail set and rear angulation. Good bone, a real male head with good stop and strong neck. Good front and moved true.  

2nd Ravensett Carnelian at Redbornstoke 

3rd Hartsett Last Waltz 

Graduate Dog (1) 

1st Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec Blue dog in good condition. Lean head with dark eyes. Good depth of chest. Although alone in the class, still a worthy winner. 

Post Graduate Dog (5,1abs) 

1st Goutorbe’s Redhara Billy Whizz A smaller dog and clearly very fit with hard muscle. Dark eyes and tight feet. Moved easily round the ring, holding a level topline. 

2nd Jennings and Sharman’s Canteris Cool For Catz Blue dog, good head and straight front. Shoulders well laid back and good tail set. Not as free on the move as 1 

3rd Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec  

Limit Dog (4) 

1st Stewart and Quenby’s Tattersett Galileo Blue dog with a finer head, good reach of neck, level topline and good tailset. Good angulation to front and rear. Moved well. 

2nd Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder Orange dog, well bodied and elegant on the move. Not easy choosing between first 2. 

3rd Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded By Love for Monbrec 

Open Dog (3) 

1st Loynd’s Sh.Ch. Crimbledale Sea The Skies Clearly a dog that I have liked for some time. Good balanced outline. Good angulation to front and rear. Straight front and deep chest and in super coat. On the move he was on his best behaviour and flowed round the ring. Best dog and Best in Show 

2nd Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Quensha Back To The Future Tri dog, nice head with dark eyes. A free mover with plenty of drive. Pushed the winner hard. Reserve Best in show 

3rd Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer 


Junior Bitch (3,1abs) 

1st Howarth’s Alolfrana Kansas Kate at Moorbrook Tri, well bodied with good bone. Straight front with well laid-back shoulders, good topline and rear angulation. Moved steadily with good width behind. 

2nd Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab Very close to 1, good neck and shoulders, moved cleanly But I just preferred the rear movement of 1.  

Yearling Bitch (2) 

1st Jarvis’ Hawklawn Summer Breeze Small tri bitch. Pretty head. Good bone. Straight front with good shoulders. Moved well. 

2nd Welburn’s Bramstorm Faerie Silk at Oshowa Orange bitch, lighter in bone and longer in body. Good rear angulation giving a decent stride on the move. 

Graduate Bitch (5,2abs) 

1st Taylor’s Wansleydale Margarita Well bodied orange bitch. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Straight front, level topline and correct tail set. Moved well.  

2nd Hawklawn Summer Breeze 

3rd Vallance’s Shanaz Coralinn over Rowanmyle 

Post Graduate Bitch (3) 

1st Dennis, Harris and Morgan Nattaset Sonata Artica at Mariglen Beautiful blue bitch that stood out from the rest. Moved cleanly and elegantly, holding head high and using her tail to good effect. Best Bitch in Show 

2nd Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar Well boned orange. Good rear angulation, was a little awkward on the move today. 

3rd Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope 

Limit Bitch (7,1abs) 

1st Williamson and Derry’s Balvenie Gone With The Wind Well bodied tri bitch with good bone. 

Pretty head and lean neck, straight front. Well sprung ribs. Good rear angulation, moved well. 

2nd Dennis’ Mariglen Sweet Pea Orange bitch, balanced head, good ribs. Let herself down on the move by galloping. 

3rd Loynd’s Crimbledale Seaing Stars 

Open Bitch (3) 

1st Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Quensha Shadows of The Night Small tri bitch. Well boned and short coupled. Lovely reach of neck, good shoulders, level topline into good tail set. Moved perfectly to decide the class. Reserve Best Bitch 

2nd Stephenson’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston Orange bitch, of a longer type than 1. Pretty head with good stop and a deep chest. 

3rd Williamson’s Balvenie Sheer Surprise