• Show Date: 24/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nicola Sturrock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sutton Coldfield & District Canine Association

Sutton Coldfield & District Canine Association  24th February 2018. Many thanks for the committee for inviting me to judge this show, it was a lovely friendly atmosphere and I really enjoyed my day.  German Shorthaired Pointer  Puppy (2,0)  1st -  INDIJAZZ DESIGNER GENES (Mrs E M Stedman). 6 month old dog, who presented a good and graceful outline when stood with enough depth to sternum. Pleasing head with correct wide nostrils. Slight arch to neck, which led into a well angulated at front and rear. Good tail set that was not carried high. He moved around the ring with drive and purpose. RBOB & BPIB.   2nd – FLEETAPPLE FLORIN (Miss S R Teece) – This young girl gave her handler a hard time in the ring, nevertheless I managed to see enough to see her qualities. She is a good size and also presents a graceful outline covering good ground. Nice head with correct eye, well placed shoulders leading into straight front. Presented in a good condition and moved OK.     Junior (1,1)  Post Graduate (2,0)  1st – SPAROWBRIDGE CRAZY DIAMOND (Mrs T & Mr S Baines). Solid black bitch nearly 2 years old. Head well proportioned to body, broad skull with correct ear set, leading into good length of neck in to correct lay back of shoulder. Straight front, with deep and well sprung ribs. Well angulated and wide hindquarters, which were used to drive well around the ring. BOB.   2nd – MALMELSA FLIRTY FLEURI (Mr N & Mrs P Gardiner). This bitch had a good outline but was carrying a lot of weight today. However, pleasing head with good angulation in front and rear. She was short in body and moved OK around the ring.   Open (0,0).     Hungarian Vizsla’s  Junior (1,1abs)  Post Graduate (1,0abs)  1st – HIGHFORCE ONE VISION (Bradley & Green). This was a lovely young bitch to go over, although she had a tendency to fidget with her handler but this will improve with time. Lean and noble head with a moderate stop but could have a little more depth to muzzle. She had good front angulation leading into a straight front and moderate rear angulation. Her outline was spoiled as carried her tail high on the move, but she moved well with good drive.     Open (2,0abs)  1st – VIZSLANYA VIVMANY BY HIGHFORCE JW SHCM (Bradley & Green). Lovely bitch, of good size and presented a balanced picture when stood. Good head with plenty stop and eyes correct oval shape and dark colour, ears low set. Good strong neck leading to good layback in shoulder. Slightly wide in front but nonetheless had good depth. Ribs well sprung and had good rear angulation with correct tail set. Moved well with good drive around the ring. BOB  2nd – SILVESTRE BLAZING SADDLES (Gibbons). Strong powerful dog, well off for bone. Pleasing head with plenty of stop, eyes dark with low set ears. Strong muscular neck leading into good spring of ribs and well-muscled hindquarters. He just didn’t have the same angulation as 1. Moved well. RBOB.    Weimaraner’s  Junior (3,2abs)  1st – KALIMOR CLAUDE AT PARMELLY (Palmer). Young male who is of good size and presents a balanced picture when stood. Good head with moderate stop, correct round eyes of good colour. Strong neck leading into good layback of shoulder. He is narrow in front but has good compact feet. Correct amount of rear angulation with well-muscled hindquarters. Top line held and carried level on the moved well with drive. RBOB  Post Graduate (2,2abs)  Open (1,0abs)  1st – KALIMOR QUARTZ AT PARMELLY JE SHCM (Palmer). What a lovely 5 year old male. Presents such a great balanced picture. Lovely head with enough stop and enough depth of flew. Has well laid-back shoulders and good front angulation leading into a straight front, another with good feet. He has well sprung ribs and strong over the back. Good rear angulation and tail set correct. Really comes together on the move, where he has real reach and drive. BOB.     Judge: Miss Nicola Sturrock (Forfarian).