• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mountsorrel & District Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for this appointment. I would like to thank my stewards, Linda & Martin Esders & Steve Myring, who kept the ring running with proficiency.


Puppy: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Bown & Wilfort’s Sundabish Frantic Romantic. 10 months, bitch. Already such a powerful girl with such great proportions. Lovely square head that was strong, yet feminine. Correct 1/3 length to muzzle with good colour/pigment. Stood 4 square with straight front and rear. Chest is coming on well. So solid in backline, with great muscle & condition throughout. Excellent angulations, both front & rear. Such a great side gait & perfectly sound coming & going. She showed beautifully in the puppy group, with a steady purposeful gait. BP/WPG2.

Graduate: 3 entries 1 absent

1st – Bown & Wilfort’s Sundabish Candy Crush. 4 years, bitch. Another good proportioned head, with great breadth to the skull. Nice colour/pigment & correct muzzle length. Such a strong neck into a solid backline. Lovely body proportions, with correct angulations. Chest was broad with correct depth. Stood with forward facing feet, strong pasterns & hock joints. Broad thighs. Excellent muscle & condition throughout, strong loin. Excelled in movement, shown at a steady speed, her side gait was powerful & agile. Showed soundness coming & going. In the group, her movement won it for her. BOB/WG1.

2nd – Thomas’ Optimus Euphoria. 14 months, bitch. Good square head, but with a little more wrinkling. Chest is coming on, just needs time to mature into her height. Super strength to her neck, into a really solid backline, held on the move. Well muscled. Stood well & moved with purpose in side gait. Just a touch close at the rear on the move.

Open: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Howell’s Whiteseal Calpurina. 2 years, bitch. Lovely square head with correct muzzle proportions. Good colour & pigment. Strong neck & backline. Good muscle. Correct depth & width to chest. Stood well, feet forward facing. Excellent body proportions. Good angulation at the front, ok at the rear, would prefer a broader thigh. Great strength to pasterns. Moved with strength & purpose, but couldn’t match the movement of G. ResBOB.

A.V. Working Veteran

Veteran: 5 enties 0 absent

1st – Butler’s Arcticdawns Free And Easy At Kaytoo. Alaskan Malamute, 10 ½ years, bitch. What a fantastic example of the breed at this age. Correct body proportions. Good head, correct bite, eye a touch round. Strength all through. Excellent strength in pasterns, front & back, strong hocks. Solid topline, held on the move. Such great muscle & condition. Good shape & size to feet. Correct coat texture. Correct tail set & carriage. Excelled on the move, her side gait was powerful & faultless. Sound coming & going. BV. I was delighted to see her go on to be awarded RBVIS.

2nd – Blaney’s Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin ShCM. Alaskan Malamute, 7 years, bitch. Another great example of the breed. Beautiful head, small ears well set, eye a little round. Correct bite. Lovely arch & strength to neck. Solid topline, with gentle slope. Well angulated front & rear. Correct body proportions. Good size & shaped feet. Correct tail. Well muscled. Didn’t want to move with purpose today, saw glimpses of steady, powerful side gait.

3rd – Binnersley’s Esquimaux Call My Bluff At Myaoladream ShCM. Siberian Husky, 7 years, bitch. Moderate all through. Correct foxy head with good bite. Eyes well set & correct shape. OK topline, correct croup. Correct coat texture. Good muscle & condition. Moved well, agile & light on her feet in side gait.

A.V.N.S.C. - Working

Puppy: 4 entries 3 absent

1st – Van-Heerden’s Miss Daisy Dukes. DDB, 10 months, bitch. Lovely head with broad skull. Strong, solid neck with correct circumference. Well muscled shoulders. Chest depth coming on, good width. Nice body proportions for age. Good condition. Didn’t want to move today.

Graduate: 5 entries 2 absent

1st – Grierson’s Griffindane Athos. Great Dane, 14 months, dog. Excellent strong head, correctly proportioned. Eyes could be better. Super head carriage into a beautiful neck. Great angulations to front & rear. Stood well, elbows in. Lovely chest depth. Well muscled loin. Correct tail length. Super arch to feet. Moved well when settled. ResBOB.

2nd – Mcenaney & Oldman’s Bravadogue Lord Claude. DDB, 20 months, dog. Super head, with powerful muzzle. Excellent strength in neck. Good shoulders & well developed chest for age. Correct body proportions. Straight front. Good topline. Well muscled throughout. Great coat condition. Correctly dropped his head when moving, but was a touch lethargic.

3rd – Middleton’s Taysca Must De Cartier. Great Dane, 11 months, bitch. Very feminine in the head. Nice head carriage. Chest is coming on. Lovely arch to feet. Good condition. Solid topline with arch to loin. Moved well in side gait, sound coming & going. BP

Open: 3 entries 1 absent

1st – Leak’s Madire Snow Blade ShCM. Tibetan Mastiff, 5 years, dog. Beautiful, broad, masculine head. Correct bite. Correct muzzle proportions. Strong neck into solid topline. Well developed loin. Correct body proportions. Well angulated front & rear. Chest well developed depth & correct width. Nice sized feet. Strong pasterns front & ok rear. Correct tail. Well muscled. Moved with power. The exhibitor showed great sportsmanship, after an unfortunate incident with another exhibitor’s dog. BOB

2nd – Southgate’s Bombadier Boy Via Leamap. Great Dane, 2 years, dog. Impressive outline. Masculine head, with great carriage. Lovely well arched neck. Well angulated front & rear. Good topline with muscled, arched loin. Unfortunately, movement was a little erratic to assess. Needs firmer handling in the ring.

Working Group

1 – Bown & Wilfort’s Sundabish Candy Crush. Bullmastiff. (See breed)

2 – Loades’ Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. Alaskan Malamute, 3 years, dog. Beautiful headpiece, with correct small ears. Nice eye shape & set. Strong neck into a solid, gentle sloping topline. Great angulations front & rear. Correct shape & size to feet. Strong pasterns, front & rear. Nice broad thigh. Well muscled. Good pigment & correct coat texture. Good bone. Excelled in side gait.

3 – Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye. Bernese Mountain Dog, 17 months, bitch. Super outline to this girl. Great head with correct, strong muzzle. Well muscled neck into a solid topline with rounded croup. Stood well, straight from front & rear. Lovely body proportions. Nice chest development for age. Well angulated front & rear. Strong pasterns front & rear, strong hocks. Nice feet. In beautiful coat & condition. Such balance in side gait with reach & drive.

4 – Springthorpe’s Millthorpe Mr Rochester. Newfoundland, 9 months, dog. Impressive outline, showing such strength & balance. Strong head with correct breadth for age. Strong neck into a level topline. Lovely angulations both front & rear. Excellent chest development for age. Good sized feet. Straight front & strong pasterns, elbows close. Well muscled loin & strong, broad thigh. His movement was faultless for one so young. Even though he is young, he deserved a reward in the adult group for his balance, movement & ring presence.

Working Puppy Group

1 – Springthorpe’s Millthorpe Mr Rochester. Newfoundland. (See adult group 4) I was delighted to see him go on to be awarded BPIS.

2 – Bown & Wilfort’s Sundabish Frantic Romantic. Bullmastiff (See breed).

3 – Tinker’s Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid At Lolotea (imp pol). Siberian Husky, 10 months, dog. Smart outline to this youngster. Foxy head that is masculine without being too course. Almond eye shape & good set. Nice ear size & set. Correct bite. Strong neck into a solid, level topline, with correct slope to croup. Good height to length. Ok angulations in front & well angulated at rear. Correct chest depth & rib. Well muscled. In great coat & condition. Moved with a light, effortless sidegait. Sound coming towards & fair going away.

4 – Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar At Maddiecass. Rottweiler, 10 months, dog. Masculine head with correct muzzle proportions. Correct height/length outline showed strength & power. Strong neck into straight back. Well off for bone & substance. Good muscle throughout. Fair angulation in front & well angulated in rear. Good chest depth for age. Correct feet size. Showed lovely, powerful movement when settled.

A.V. Pastoral Veteran

Veteran: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Such’s Norlyght Biassono. PSD, 7 years, dog. Nicely shaped head with correct muzzle length. Eyes were expressive & well shaped. Correct body proportions with a well developed chest. Well angulated both front & rear. Solid topline, with short croup. Correct low set tail. Stood straight in front & ok at rear. Strong pasterns in front. Very smart mover with lightness to gait. Sound coming & fair going. BV.

2nd – Mullard & Barnes’ Ch Fayrelander Xoe With Kintaro. GSD, 8 years, bitch. Lovely shape head with good muzzle length. Strong neck. Stood straight in front with strength in front pasterns. Not so strong in rear pasterns. Correct body proportions for height/length showing a good outline. Good sized feet. Well muscled. Excellent coat & condition. Moved well in side gait, just a little close in the going away.

A.V.N.S.C. Pastoral

Puppy: 5 entries 2 absent

1st – Forman’s Suzdans Severus Over Blue. GSD, 7 months, dog. Male all through, with an impressive head & strong neck. Super shoulders, well angulated in rear too. Chest coming on for age. Stood straight with forward facing feet. Strong front pasterns & good feet. Ok hocks. Correct height/length. Moved with power in side gait. Sound coming towards & fair going away. BP/PPG2.

2nd – Fuller’s Ones Passionate Affair Della Terra Del Falco Among Jacanshe (Imp Ita). Australian Shepherd, 11 months, bitch. Loved this girl, she was exactly the outline I would look for in this breed, at this age, showing such balance. Her head was in proportion with a correct muzzle. Good bite. Arched neck into solid level topline, which was held on the move. Stood straight in front & rear with forward facing feet. Excellent angulations both front & back. Great strength in pasterns & good size & arch to feet. Well muscled. In great coat & condition. Agile in side gait & perfectly sound coming & going. She was just excessively shy, not just reserved, which was such a shame. I hope you persevere with her, as she really is lovely.

3rd – Such’s Norlyght Terzo Millennio. PSD, 6 months, dog.

Graduate: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Smith’s Portnall Elrick Zu Sarocal. GSD, 2 years, dog. Strong masculine head with correct length of muzzle. Excellent shoulder angulation with lovely forechest. Front pasterns just a touch more slope than ideal. Good sized feet with arch. Lovely coat & condition. Well muscled. Moved with power, just a little close behind. ResBOB.

Open: 5 entries 1 absent

1st – Mullard & Barnes’ Kintaro Catalonia. GSD, 2 years, bitch. Strong but feminine head, correct bite & muzzle length. Ear size & set correct. Loved this girl’s outline, perfect body proportions. Great shoulders with such a lovely forechest. Excellent depth of chest. Straight front into strong pasterns & well arched feet. Solid topline standing & moving. Well angulated rear with sound rear pasterns & hocks. Excelled in movement & was sound. BOB/PG3.

2nd – Forman’s Suzdans Frozen In Blue ShCM. GSD 3 years, dog. Strong masculine head, correct bite. Outline was a little long in length. Good shoulder angulation & correct depth of chest. Great forechest. Straight front into slightly too sloped pasterns. Toes a little long. Strong neck into a solid topline. Well muscled. Good coat & condition. Moved with plenty of reach.

3rd – Such’s Norlyght Biassono. PSD (see AV Veteran).

Pastoral Group

1 – Edward’s Roxilyn Mission Control JW. Bearded Collie, 21 months, dog. What a super outline to this dog. Completely sound standing & moving. Excellent body proportions with perfect angulations. Well muscled. Excelled in movement with such ground covering gait. I was delighted to see him go on to be awarded RBIS.

2 – Ellwood’s Amberynlea Dark Desire With Ellhar (Imp Ltv). Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), 2 years, bitch. Lovely foxy head. Solid topline, held on the move. Correct body height/length. Well angulated. Stood with forward facing feet. Moved with balance.

3 – Mullard & Barnes’ Kintaro Catalonia. GSD (see AVNSC).

4 – Jackson’s Troumerle Chewbacca. Border Collie, 5 year, dog. Nice masculine head with correct stop. Correct bite. Fair height/length ratio. Good substance & bone. Excellent muscle. Lovely coat & condition. His balanced movement won him his place.

Pastoral Puppy Group

1 – Collinson’s Nikara Secret Love By Norjack. Samoyed, 7 months, bitch. Very smart puppy, with such a balanced outline. Strong but feminine head. Well angulated front & back. Solid topline & loin. Correct feet. Lovely coat & muscle. Super movement, powerful side gait and sound coming & going. I was delighted to see her go on to be awarded ResBPIS.

2 – Forman’s Suzdans Severus Over Blue. GSD (see AVNSC).

3 – Noble’s Pemcader Peregrin (NBT). Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), 10 months, dog. Correct foxy head. Nice outline with fair topline. Good angulations both front & back. Just didn’t want to move freely today.

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)