• Show Date: 17/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gloucester & District Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for this appointment. I would like to thank my steward, Lewis, who kept the ring running with proficiency.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Post Graduate: 1 entry 0 absent

1st –New’s Meadowpark Just Dreamy. 16m dog. Excellent outline, good substance & bone. Body proportions were correct. Lovely head with good stop & correct bite. Strong neck. Fair angulations both front & rear. Excellent sized feet. Good colour & markings. Just stood & moved a little 10/2 in front. Would prefer stronger rear pasterns. Fair side gait. BOB.

Open: 0 entries 0 absent


Junior: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Scrivin’s Scrivbox Star Review. 15m bitch. Lovely shape & outline. Beautiful head, with lovely depth & breadth to muzzle. Nice dark eye & no haw. Strong in neck. Lovely depth of chest for age. Good shoulder angulation. Excellent rear with correct angulation & good strong rear pasterns. Lovely muscle definition. Stood 4 feet square & facing forwards. Good size & depth to feet. Movement, when settled, was powerful & balanced.

Post Graduate: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Scrivbox Star Of The Dawn (wore the correct number for this class but incorrect dog for this class). 4y bitch. Really super square shape & proportions. Nice head, ok muzzle. Nicely arched strong neck. Lovely depth of chest. Strong front & rear pasterns. Stood straight in front & rear, well angulated. Well held sloping topline & short muscled loin. Good muscle in rear with broad thigh. OK size feet. Super movement, both coming & going & in side gait. BOB.

Open: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Kenquince Master Of The Glen At Scrivbox (wore the correct number for this class but incorrect dog for this class). 2½ y dog. Good outline with correct bone & muscle. Nice head & ok muzzle. Strong neck. Stood parallel in front & rear. Correct chest depth. Would prefer a broader thigh, but well muscled. Good strong topline. Movement was ok when he settled. Lovely temperament. RBOB.


Junior: 2 enties 1 absent

1st – Groves’ Lateagain Falling For You. 16m bitch. Super girl, loved her outline. Lovely head with good depth & length of muzzle, correct planes. Correct bite. Stood parallel front & rear. Strong neck. Good body proportions & chest coming on for age. Strength in both front & rear pastern. Would prefer a slightly broader thigh. Loved her movement, true coming & going & powerful in side gait. RBOB.

Post Graduate: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Groves’ Lateagain Falling For You. As Junior.

2nd – Goves & Lafford’s Lateagain Satisfaction JW. 16m dog. Excellent body proportions. Good head, a little strong in stop, excellent depth of muzzle. Good bite. Good angulations. Lovely strength to neck. Super rear, well muscled & broad thigh. Stood 4 square with forward facing feet. Firm topline & strong loin. Good feet. Movement not so together as his sister & did pace on occasion.

Open: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Groves’ Lateagain Herat Of Gold. 4y bitch. I absolutely loved the outline on this girl. Such a super wedge head with correct stop, correct bite, lovely depth to muzzle & excellent planes. Strong, elegant neck. Excellent forechest. Great angulations front & rear. Correct depth of chest & close elbows. Perfect topline & strong loin. Nice tail set & carriage. Well muscled throughout. True coming & going & outstanding balanced movement in side gait. Such a delight to hear she went on to win BIS. BOB/G1.

2nd – Groves’ Lateagain Falling For You. As Junior.


Junior: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Smith’s Westfalen Because I Am One. 8m bitch. Very nice outline, good height/length proportions. Good broad head, with correct muzzle & bite. Dark pigment. Good strong neck & correct length. Good, well balanced angulations front & rear. Chest coming on for age. Well muscled throughout. Stood parallel front & rear. Moved well in side gait. A little timid. BP/RBOB/PG2.

2nd – Matthews’ Ausrie Rockey Top. 7m dog. Fair head, muzzle a little short in proportion to breath of head. Good bite. Excellent substance & bone. Tends to stand a little 10/2 in front & a little cowhocked in rear. Good condition & well muscled. Moved well when settled.

Post Graduate: 0 entries 0 absent

Open: 1 entries 0 absent

1st – Lewis’ Minaelea’s Astrid. 2y bitch. Super outline on this girl. Feminine but good substance & bone. Excellent head with correct proportions & good bite. Lovely strength to neck. Well angulated both front & rear. Stood & moved parallel both front & rear, strong pasterns both front & rear. Good chest depth for age. Super strength in movement. Held her topline well. Well muscled & great condition throughout. BOB/G2.

Siberian Husky

Junior: 0 entries 0 absent

Post Graduate: 1 entry 1 absent

Open: 3 entries 1 absent

1st – Taylor & Taylor-Morris’ Pelenrise Chat A Lot JW. 19m bitch. Beautiful condition. Fair body proportions & leg length. Lovely feminine head, good muzzle proportions, perfect stop, would prefer a more almond shaped eye. Correct ear set & size. Lovely angulations front & rear. Good feet. Excellent strength in both front & rear pasterns. Perfect topline & strong loin. Well sprung ribs. Correct croup & tail set & carriage. Parallel movement coming & going and standing. Such light & effortless movement in side gait. BOB/G4.

2nd – Cunningham’s Icebex Show Me The Money. 3y dog. Lovely outline for height/length proportions. Such good length of leg. Good moderate bone. Nice head, stop just slightly heavy. Good bite. Nice ear set & size. Good arch to neck. Super angulations both front & rear. Well muscled throughout, strong loin. Unfortunately, held his topline with a slope. Correct size, shaped feet. Would prefer stronger rear pasterns. Moved well when he settled. RBOB

A.V.N.S.C. Working

Junior: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Greenway’s Regalrouge’s Ice Queen. DDB 13m bitch. Nice broad head with powerful muzzle. Excellent bone & substance. Strong neck. Broad chest with correct body proportions. Solid loin. Well muscled all through. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to move today.

Post Graduate: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Greenway’s Regalrouge’s Cold Warrior. DDB 13m dog. Powerful outline. Super head, broad & strong. Nice stop & good filled cheeks. Correct eyes with no excess haw. Good ear set & shape. Lovely neck for strength & size. Straight front. Broad chest & good depth for age. Strong, short loin. Just a touch cowhocked at rear. Sound movement & nice head carriage on the move. BOB

Open: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Greenway’s Imperatrix Purpurisso At Regalrouge JW ShCM. DDB 2 ½y bitch. Lovely broad head with nice muzzle proportions. Nice eye with no haw. Strong neck & good size. Just stood a little 10/2 in front. A touch long in body, heavy chest development. Well muscled rear, but a little straight in stifle. Nice feet & well up on toes. Good movement but not as free as PG. RBOB

A.V. Working

Puppy: 4 entries 2 absent

1st – Smith’s Westfalen Because I Am One.

2nd – Matthews’ Ausrie Rockey Top.

Open: 3 enties 2 absent

1st – Groves’ Lateagain Falling For You.

Veteran: 1 entry 1 absent

Working Group

1 – Groves’ Lateagain Heart Of Gold. Dobermann

2 – Lewis’ Minaelea’s Astrid. Rottweiler

3 – Fithern’s Monikoona Isildurs Light Lux Jch. Alaskan Malamute. 2 ½ y dog. Very nice outline, good body proportions. Broad masculine head with correct bite. Lovely depth to muzzle. Good ear set & size. Very nice angulations front & rear. Chest coming on. Good bone, nice sized feet with good depth. Firm topline, held on the move. Well muscled, loin could be a touch more lean. Correct tail set & carriage. Sound mover with good reach & drive.

4 – Taylor & Taylor-Morris’ Pelenrise Chat A Lot JW. Siberian Husky.

Working Puppy Group

1 – Warren & White’s Copperfield Muddlebrains. Bullmastiff. 11m dog. Powerful outline, lovely substance & condition. Beautiful broad head with correct breadth of muzzle. Good pigment. Good depth & width of chest for age. Stood & moved parallel in both front & rear. Good angulations both front & back. Muscular throughout. Lovely backline which was held on the move. Moved with power & balance. Really liked this boy, a little immature in the adult group, but very deserved win in the puppy group.

2 – Smith’s Westfalen Because I Am One. Rottweiler.

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)