• Show Date: 19/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

MPD (1,0) 1st Carr-Tomlinson’s LEDESHAM PETER PIPER (MRS J A CARR-TOMLINSON). Well- conditioned Blenheim pup in lovely condition. Well broken coat pattern with rich chestnut and added bonus of defined lozenge. Gentle expression. Very well constructed forequarters. Moved with drive and sound away and back. 

JD (1,0) 1st Crane’s CRANVARL WASHINGTON (MRS L CRANE). Happy young Blenheim dog just out of puppy. Coat changing and would like better broken saddle. Dark round eye and correct proportions to muzzle. Straight in front with good lay of shoulder. Lacked drive on move today. 

  PGD (2,0) 1st Bloor’s LORANKA'S EDGE OF THE STARS. A very well constructed Blenheim with straight front, well laid shoulders and good bend of stifle. Large, dark round eyes full of expression. Paler nose. Coat in good condition; chestnut colour a little solid on the back. Would prefer an inch less in his loin.  2nd Taylor’s BEAUTIFUL MAN (S TAYLOR). Mature Black & Tan dog with raven black coat and rich tan. Very happy stood and on the move. Not as short coupled as required and did not have the confirmation of the winner. 

OD (6,1)  1st & BD Carr-Tomlinson’s LEDESHAM WILBUR (MRS J A CARR -TOMLINSON). Super muscle tone on this 3 yr old Blenheim. Coat beautifully broken and good feathering; not as straight as required in some areas. Soft, gentle expression with dark eye. Ears set high. Good length to rib and short coupled. Low set tail. Really scores in confirmation; such a clean front. Very steady rhythmic movement.  2nd Waddington’s SPINDLEPOINT PRESIDENT JW. Another attractive Blenheim dog who instantly appealed for size and shape. Very balanced in outline. Dark round eye and clean in muzzle with good fill under the eye; such a sweet expression. Straight coat in excellent condition. Prefer more break to chestnut body markings. Moves with real drive but not as clean coming towards as the winner today. 

MPB. A very promising class of 7 month old pups. (6,2) 1st Whitehouse’s EMBETH JESSIE JAY AT DENAIN. An elegant Blenheim puppy with a very well broken coat pattern and perfect blaze. The sweetest of expressions and well-proportioned head and muzzle. Short-coupled with low set tail. Very free movement and sound in all directions. In very good condition and silky straight coat developing well. Just prefer darker chestnut which I hope will develop as she changes coat. Will follow her career with interest. 2nd Carr-Tomlinson’s LEDESHAM POLLY-ANNA. Another exciting young Blenheim. Such a gentle expression with dark round eye. Very well broken coat pattern with the deepest rich chestnut colour. Compact in body with low set tail. Well laid shoulders and straight front. Such a happy pup but her exuberance meant she was less coordinated on move than the winner.    

PB (1,0) 1st Kilcoyne’s CHALMRAY CAROUSEL FOR GRANASIL. Happy Black & Tan pup with well- developed coat. Feathering developing well. Balanced overall in body shape. Short-coupled in body level back and sound on move. Would like a darker eye.   

JB (9,3) 1st Kilcoyne’s GRANASIL CASTANET. Ruby bitch puppy who initially takes your eye for her overall shape and balance and then you have the added benefit off her expression. Coat is so rich in colour and well developed for age with feathering evident. Her head is very typical with flat skull and long high set ears. Her large round eyes are set wide apart and are so dark which just makes her overall expression. Very well constructed forequarters. Level back and perfectly short coupled. A real character and such an outgoing personality. RBOB & BPIB. 2nd Greenhalgh’s LACERVALI ANGEL EYES. Well as her name suggest she certainly has beautiful, dark round eyes and gentle expression. A correctly marked tri-colour with very symmetrical head markings. Loved her correct size and overall balance. Super make and shape. Level top line stood and on move. Low set tail. Moved with drive and had freedom of movement. Another very typical example of the breed. 

PGB 3,0) 1st Owen’s NARAYDEN MISS EMILY. Raven black and rich tan markings. Lovely soft expressive eyes and ears set high. Would like more width to head. Well sprung ribs but longer in loin than ideal. Well set tail. Moved with drive and sound coming towards. 2nd Byrne’s CHANTISMERE CHANSON D'AMOUR. Very pretty in head with gentle expression and dark eyes that could be a little larger for ideal. Liked her overall size and shape. Compact in body with low set tail. Coat well developed with feathering. Not as accurate on move as winner and lacked drive going away.  

OB (5,2) 1st, BOB and later G2. Miller & Ryan’s CAVALLI BEAUTIFUL LIFE (IKC) JW SHCM. Such a pretty Blenheim toy spaniel of ideal size and with the most gentle of expressions. Long, well feathered ears. In immaculate condition. Straight silky coat with plenty of feathering. Well broken rich chestnut markings. Overall confirmation allows balanced movement with real drive – just effortless on the move with tail wagging but never carried above top line. I judged her as a youngster at a Club Show and loved her then and think she has got better with age. Delighted the Group judge also fell for her many virtues too.  2nd Lunt’s OAKTREEPARK MAGICAL DREAMS. A tri-colour with a well-proportioned head and high set ears. Dark eyes. Would like more break to markings on back. Likes her dinner which detracted from overall outline. Moved away with drive. Very happy which on move caused her to fly her tail. 

Nick Gourley (Judge)