• Show Date: 29/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Luton Canine Association

It was an honour to judge all the Groups and Best in Show at this well established and very professionally run 454 class Premier Open Show. I would like to congratulate the dedicated and hard-working Officers & Committee for their fantastic entry. Their company, support and hospitality ensured a very enjoyable weekend indeed. I had plenty of choice in the seven Groups/Puppy Groups which made for some exciting short-lists with a number of very promising exhibits having to go unplaced. I had some very exciting Minor Puppies including some debutantes whose careers I shall follow with interest. 

BSD (Terveuren) I had to stand in on the day and judge this breed; sadly only one present. 

O (2,1) 1st & BOB  Elliot’s Sulanevaeh Raul Thane. Stood alone but a worthy BOB. Liked his long narrow head and high set ears. Very alert expression and dark eye. Very balanced overall shape with low set tail. Coat of very good length and correct harsh texture. Moved swiftly with typical daisy cutting action. 

Hound Group 

1st Garrat & Oakey’s Saluki Ch Caryna Neferti JW Sh CM. An elegant beautiful pale cream bitch with dark pigmentation which enhances her far-gazing expression. Beautiful head with perfectly ears. Her overall balance cannot be overlooked and she has perfect footfall – she literally floats round the ring with a dignified head carriage and perfectly set tail. In tip top condition. 2nd & BPIS Miller & Ryan’s Long Haired Dachshund Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook (AI). This was my take-home dog of the show and already quite breathe taking despite her age. Perfect length and balance to her head with the best expression. A mouth full of large strong teeth. Super neck; elegant yet strong. Her top line already shows strength and her overall confirmation could not be faulted. Fore chest well developed and overall body proportions text book in terms of depth of keel and height at withers to overall length. Despite being pushed hard by the ‘baby’ Springer her ‘freshness’ and attitude (that regal head carriage and the odd look-at-me glance) clinched the deal for BPIS. 3rd Storey & Piehl’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW. Impressive both stood and on the move; a very attentive show dog who worships her handler. Strength to head, slight arch and strength to neck. In rock hard condition with beautiful rich colour. Shows rhythmic reach and drive with perfect footfall when not moved too fast! 4th Hunt’s Dachshund Carpaccio Clarice Cliff JW. I admired her spirit and patience given the change of handlers and standing next to her kennel mate. Typical head and expression and in peak of health and condition. Holds top line very well supported by good length of rib. Well angulated forequarters. Just needs to strengthen a little in hock but only just out of Junior. 

Hound Puppy Group 

1st Miller & Ryan’s Long Haired Dachshund Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook (AI). 2nd Parrish’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottzridge The Girl Is Mine. What a wonderful overall entry of RR including this exciting Minor Puppy who did not put a foot wrong. Loved her head and expression. Looks balanced both stood and on the move. Rich colour with immaculate coat and condition. Very sound both ways and drives from her hocks with extension creating impressing side gait. 3rd Mycroft & Brown’s Whippet Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supeta (imp Ned). Young eye-catching dog puppy showing very good promise. Loved his head and expression enhanced by such dark pigmentation. Elegant in neck which flows into his top line. Fore chest developing well and good length to rib. Created a good overall picture on the move and sound away and back. 4th Adams’ Wire- Haired Dachshund Teckelgarth Gatling. Another 7 month old dog pup who was in the very best condition and most definitely fit for purpose. Very balanced head proportions with strength to underjaw and a mouth full of strong teeth. Body of correct length being twice that of height at withers. Well angulated forequarters with straight legs matched with bend of stifle and strong hocks. Moved freely and parallel.  

Utility Group 

1st Sutherlands Shar Pei Ch Witchgait Secret Keepsake. My daily heat winner of the Ch Stakes earlier in the year and never put a foot wrong again today. Exquisite in head with moderate wrinkle, clean eye and broad in muzzle. High set, thick, equilateral ears. Compact in body and so well, balanced overall. Lovely harsh coat. Sound and free moving showing good pace. Totally focussed on job in hand and as flirtatious as ever. 2nd Anderson’s Lhasa Apso Zentarr Sapphire. Another eye catching bitch from another very talented breeder. A beautiful head and expression. Perfectly proportioned.  Dark oval eye and clean, straight reverse scissor bit. Well arched neck. Straight front and strength to her hocks. Level top line. Heavy coat of good length, hard texture and immaculate presentation. Sound away and back and typical jaunty side gait with proud head carriage. 3rd Tingey’s Dalmatian Dallyador Secret Addiction. Exciting Dalmatian bitch puppy with a charming, care free personality. Stayed 90% focussed on the job in hand (only distraction was the judge who she had to say hello to). Free stands naturally already showing good strength to hocks. Head well-proportioned with dark eyes and very good pigmentation set well apart. Ears fine and set high framing the head perfectly. Shows good uniformity of black spots and covering whole body. Effortless rhythmic side gait and sound away and back. 4th Dunhill-Hall’s Japanese Shiba Inu Vormund One Punch Man. Another exciting very minor puppy form this famous Shiba kennel. Already knows what it’s all about and has great ring presence. Loved his head and expression with small dark, almond eye and small erect ears carried typically slightly forward. Slight arch to neck into well laid shoulders. Ideal proportions to body. Level back and tail thick coated and curled over like a sickle. Moved with freedom and perfect footfall in side gait. 

Utility Puppy Group 

1st & Group 3 Tingey’s Dalmatian Dallyador Secret Addiction  2nd and Group 4 Dunhill-Hall’s Japanese Shiba Inu Vormund One Punch Man. 3rd Wallis Baga’s Tibetan Spaniel Follow Balthasar to Velrock (imp Swe). Very balanced overall, ideal in body being just longer than tall. Very typical head, good width to chin and well cushioned muzzle with that typical chimpanzee expression. Silky coat developing well for age with plume already evident. Showed freedom in movement and sound away and back. 4th Morgan & Ling’s French Bulldog Agramer’s No Alibi at Tytorro (imp Cro). Sturdy and compact with real personality. Nice and square in head with high set bat-like ears and typical expression. Wide nose with open nostril. Body well rounded and narrowing to strong loin. Showing strength to hocks allowing plenty of drive. 

Toy Group 

1st Hitchcock’s Pug Bobitch Daisy Duke JW Sh CM. An ideal size and in fabulous condition. Definitely a big dog in a little body and plenty of attitude. Never stopped showing and free stacks perfectly. Beautiful head with just right amount of finish, good width through and eyes large dark and sparkling. Very square and cobby. Neat, tight curl. Very sound and looks particularly impressive in side gait with her head carriage and slight arch to her neck complemented by her compact frame. Never stopped showing in Group or the next day in BIS line up. 2nd John’s Bichon Frise Manoir’s Man For All Seasons. Very eye catching with typical outline and for overall balance. Presented to perfection. Correct head proportions. Dark round eyes with excellent pigmentation and desired halos. It is on the move that he really comes into his own. Sound away and back and has free flowing, rhythmic side gait. 3rd Cayton & Welbourn’s Maltese Zumarnik Blurred Lines. Perfect size and overall shape. Another white dog presented to perfection. His coat was immaculate. Scores in had proportions and dark oval eye with good pigmentation. Elegant in neckj allowing proud head carriage. Short and cobby with tail set well. Sound on move. 4th Soulsby’s Pomeranian Aizens Dream Of Being A Star at Trenarwyn (imp Esp). Young black Pomeranian with foxy head and typical expression. Small neat ears set high. Compact in body. Straight front and neat paws. Tail set high and carried flat over back. Top coat developing really well with harsh top coat starting to create that overall desired ‘football’ shape. Has great rapport with his handler. 

Toy Puppy Group 

1st Long’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Arroline Eclipse. A very pretty tri-colour with the sweetest of expressions. Large dark round eyes set well apart. Ears set high and long framing her face. Slight arch to her neck. Short coupled with level back. Really well balanced overall. Very happy puppy who moved soundly with grace. Coat developing really well for age – perhaps a little more broken pattern for ideal. 2nd Morley & Hitchcock’s Pekingese Greyport Rosebud at Lizlanmor. A beautiful head piece. Flat skull with width right through and dark round eyes set well apart. Short, thick neck and compact in body. Flat top line and high set tail. Coat developing well for age and presented perfectly. Moved out soundly and confident on the move.  3rd Miller & Ryan’s Papillon Feorlig Smart Cookie. Very pretty bitch of dainty proportions but confident and alert attitude. Loved her head; fine pointed muzzle and dark eye with typical ears set like a butterfly wings. Very good in top line and body developing well for age. Coat in immaculate condition with silky texture. Free flowing and light on feet in side gait. 4th Frostick’s Yorkshire Terrier Mysherie Romantic Direction. Very well presented with a steely cold silky coat. Admired his overall balance from the initial stack and again on the move. Alert expression with high set ears. Elegant in neck and well laid shoulder. Level back and tail carried just above top line. Moved briskly and sound away and back.  Coat of dark steel blue and tans well developed. 

Best Veteran (Day 1) & BVIS Davidson-Poston’s 8 yr old Papillon Ch, Ir Ch & Ch Ned, Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW Sh CM CW14. What a credit to his owner/breeder. I recognised him from 4 or 5 years ago when I awarded him the Toy group at an Open Show at Reading. A beautiful head; fine in muzzle with perfectly set butterfly ears with fringes. Compact in body with tail set high and plume carried over back. Fine boned and in such good body condition. He is so sound. Stamps himself perfectly four square and has super straight front. Personality really comes through on the move – total show off. 

Terrier Group 

1st & RBIS Gee’s Norfolk Terrier Watercroft Pink Fizz. What a personality - she really does love herself and wants everyone to notice her. So keen and animated. Well-proportioned head with good width to skull. Strong jaw with big clean teeth and perfect bite. Neat v-shaped ears dropping forward. Short on body and well spring rib. Love her neck shape into her shoulders. Holds top line level on move. Super harsh wiry jacket. Low on leg and really drives on the move.  2nd Davison’s West Highland White Terrier Smash Strong For Victory (ATC Swe). Very alert with dark eye and eyebrows giving typical expression. Ears small and erect. Shows strength of muzzle and width to jaw with large clean teeth. Length of neck to balance and into well laid shoulders. Compact in body with harsh outer coat of good length. Tail erect and to balance. Moved with drive. 3rd Brookes & Wildig’s Fox Terrier (Smooth) Zetamaz Carbon Copy JW. Very smart in outline and really up on his toes. Alert expression and balanced head. Small dark round eye. Ears set high and dropping to cheeks perfectly. Straight front and compact round feet. Compact in body with strength of back. Positive on the move. 4th Irving’s Border Terrier Dandyhow Captain Morgan. Of ideal size, shape and overall balance. Otter like head with strength to muzzle and small neat ears dropped close. Spanned easily. Deep in brisket and strength to loin. Tail short and thick at base tapering. Moved well in profile. 


Terrier Puppy Group 

Four very promising puppies. 1st Bamsey’s Irish Terrier Holbam Celtic Wizzard. What a show-off. Made sure I was watching him from the moment he entered the ring. Loved his head proportions and such an alert expression. Long marrow head with neat, high set ears. Dark eye. A racy outline and body of good depth and length with strength of top line. Tail set perfectly. Coat harsh. In hard muscular condition. Moved parallel and presents a balanced picture in profile with proud head carriage. 2nd Martin’s Bedlington Terrier Grace Iz Moskovsky Bemty. Very elegant in outline. Mildly affectionate when stood with just a slight acknowledging wag of the tail. Beautiful dark eye. Low set ears. Typical horse shoe front. Well-proportioned body with rise over loin and low set tail. Coat thickness developing well showing twist. Moved soundly; light on feet. 3rd Purchon’s Airedale Terrier Jokyl Draw The Line. An impressive youngster who just needs times to settle. Impressive head both long and lean with flat skull. Showing typical character in expression with neatly dropped ears set just right and small dark eye. Powerful jaw with strong teeth and perfect bite. Short in back with ribs well back and deep chest. Tail set high.  Coat thickness developing; already hard with slight wave. Showed good footfall in profile. 4th Keeves’ Cairn Terrier Seveek Cherry’s Dream. Keen and one her toes at all times. Good width to head and small triangular ears. Dark eyes set well apart and defined stop. Good length to neck and well laid shoulder. Chest and depth of rib well developed for age. Short tail set high. Already showing strength of hind quarters which she uses on move. Sound away and back 

Working Group 

1st Dunn, Bradley & Ingram’s Doberman Ch Jojavik Super Chief JW Sh CM. Has tremendous ring presence. Powerful dog in rock hard condition. Excellent bone. Alert and focussed at all times. Head well-proportioned with wicked eye and strength to underjaw. Well laid shoulders, square in body and gentle slope to level top line. Accurate footfall in side gait and drives with strength from his hocks and extends well in front.  2nd Williams’ Portugese Water Dog Ch Rarjo Quicksilver. Another consummate showman and clearly biddable in nature. Loved his broad head and nails you with that penetrating expression. Short well-muscled neck. Well balanced overall and moves soundly at desired brisk trot. Profuse coat with slight wave. In very good condition.  3rd Cameron’s Newfoundland Camnoire Ghost Kaito. Very promising Newfoundland puppy bitch who caught my eye initially in this strong group for her overall balance and certainly impressed on the move. Plenty of bone and in muscular condition – definitely looks as though could do a day’s work. Lovely broad head with short, square nuzzle and small dark eyes set well apart to give such a soft, gentle, expression. Dense coat in immaculate condition. 4th Simm’s Siberian Husky Snowmist’s Isaac Of Articskies JW Sh CM (imp Can) Benelux Winner 18. A focussed and devoted showman who must be a joy to show. He stands so naturally and has an alert yet friendly expression. Had a distinct overall look of power and athleticism as the standard demands. Level in top line and well set tail. Light on his feet and moved soundly in all directions with slight converge at speed.  

Working Puppy Group 

1st Cameron’s Newfoundland Camnoire Ghost Kaito. 2nd Ingram’s Doberman Jojavik Devil’s Ivy. Perfect combination of power and elegance. Already showing a loyal intelligent disposition and focusses on the job in hand. Ling blunt wedge with strength to underjaw. Small, dark almond eyes. Long, well-muscled neck. Square in body with gentle slope to top line. Accurate in footfall and sound away and back. 3rd Miles’ Bernese Mountain Dog Jaybiem Modus Operandi. Maturing well for age with coats already thick and silky with beautifully clear markings in all right places. Head broad and strength to muzzle. Kind expression. Muscular neck and compact in body with chest well developed. Hind quarters showing strength with well-rounded rump, good bend of stifle and strong hocks. Moved with freedom striding well out with drive from behind.  4th Bamforth’s Dogue De Bordeaux Bellamiabam La Vie Est Belle. Most impressive in head and ideal size and shape. Stands majestically and rock solid on her feet. Breadth to her skull with perfectly set ears and symmetrical wrinkling with no exaggeration. Eyes set well apart with desired frank expression. Defined stop and strength to muzzle. Undershot with width to underjaw; tight lipped and clean foreface. Moved with drive and good extension; head lower in full stride.  


Pastoral Group 

1st & BIS Allan & Winfrow’s Australian Shepherd Ch Allmark The Sequel JW Sh CM Benelux Winner 18. Such a natural and dedicated showman. A dog you want to see move as soon as you get your hands on him. Unmistakeably a dog but of medium size and so well balanced; body just longer than height at withers. Very balanced head with expressive eyes and dark pigmentation. Slight arch to neck and such well laid shoulders. Coat in immaculate condition with slight mane enhancing his overall shape. Level top line held on the move. So animated and eye-catching on the move.  Rhythmic in side gait with perfect foot fall; looks as though could go all day. 2nd Walters’ Border Collie Sh Ch Goytre Daddy’s Saucy Girl JW. Beautifully proportioned and shows such balance. Well-proportioned head with dark brown eyes set well apart and gentle yet intelligent expression. Good length of neck with slight arch. Chest deep, well laid shoulders and level top line held on the move. Very impressive on the move, swift with accurate footfall and, like the winner, could go and go and go.3rd Winfield’s Shetland Sheepdog Carolelen Classic Star by Oakcroft JW. Very alert youngster and quite the show girl. Refined head with dark almond shaped eye and small neat ears set high with tips that fall perfectly and uses to advantage; sweet expression. Coat of just right length to enhance shape of body with mane developing well for age. Harsher top coat and soft dense undercoat. Light on her feet and moved soundly with graceful flow in side gait. 4th Irving’s Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Twinan Shake The Tree. Only just 7 months and taking it all in her stride. Who could resist her head and expression? Typical foxy head with balance from top of nose to tip of ears. Gentle yet alert expression. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Fore chest already well developed for age. Straight, short legs and tight at elbow. Body well-proportioned and tapers slightly to hind quarters. Good strength of hock. Moves so positively already driving well from behind. 

Pastoral Puppy 

1st Irving’s Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Twinan Shake The Tree. Group 4 and pushed hard for top honours in BPIS challenge but just starting to flag at very end. 2nd Moody & Haffenden’s Samoyed Novaskaya Xanda Leffay. Loved his personality and disposition – such a happy smiley Samoyed. Wedge shaped head with dark almond eye with full black rims and ears of right size, erect and set well apart. Carries head proudly. Already deep in chest and in muscular condition. Straight front and well angled stifles. Coat is well grown for age with dense soft undercoat and harsh outer coat; clean and brilliant white. Moves with real freedom and sound away and back.  3rd Pointon & Woods’ Old English Sheepdog Vigilats Rhapsody In Blue (imp Ned). Impressive looking pup. Square in outline; short and compact. Head square with defined stop and dark eyes set well apart. Large black nose. Straight front and gentle rise to top line. Moved with expected roll away and back and has good stride in side gait. Coat well developed for age; shaggy with harsh texture. 4th James’ Shetland Sheepdog Mohnesee’s Mayd Marion at Valmay. Very pretty head with sweet expression. Ideal length and proportions. Used her ears very well; they are set close together and tips already over. Compact in body being just longer than tall. Coat developing well. Moved briskly carrying tail nice and low. 

Gundog Group 

1st & RBPIS Casey & Cavallo’s Springer Spaniel Eastriding Sheer Love at Sandicam. Only very young but stands out and catches your eye for her overall balance and breed type. Her personality also shone through wanting to please her handler but wag of her tail and eyes told me she really wanted to get to know the judge too. Well-proportioned head with broad skull and muzzle to match. Almond eye and ears set at eye-level and already well feathered. Compact in body with chest nice and deep and strength of loin. Real symmetry to her fore and hind quarters which create perfect footfall on the move. Effortless in side gait and parallel away and back. Very well marked with dark liver and pearly white enhanced with typical freckles. 2nd Lien’s Pointer Kanix Lotus via Reambeck. Very balanced overall and outline just flowed from her nose to the tip of her tail. Correct head proportions with defined stop and slight ‘dish’ to muzzle. Kind expression with dark eyes set midpoint on head. Long neck into very well laid shoulders. Strength to top line and short coupled. Tail set just right following line of back. In hard muscular condition. Showed desire combination of power and elegance. Moved soundly with excellent deportment on the move. 3rd Woodward’s Welsh Springer Hinxwood Fire And Ice. Of ideal overall size and compact shape with balance and no exaggeration. Skull and muzzle of equal length. Dark eye and kind expression. Lightly feathered tail and ears. Moved accurately with drive. 4th Upton’s Hungarian WH Vizla Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal. Eye-catching powerful dog who looks as if he could work all week let alone all day. Well-proportioned head with broad nose and strong jaw. Intelligent expression. Deep chest and ribs well back. Strength of loin. Liked his overall balance and just longer than tall in body. Holds top line well on move. Like his reach and drive in profile.  

Gundog Puppy Group 

1st Casey & Cavallo’s Springer Spaniel Eastriding Sheer Love at Sandicam. 2nd Styles’ Clumber Spaniel Tweedsmuir Mimitae to Ragellie. Totally raw puppy who already has a superb temperament – there well definitely not an ounce of aggression and never will be I’m sure. No denying her overall type and balance. Confident and focussed. Large broad, square head with defined occiput, stop and square muzzle. Clean, dark eye. Thick neck into long body with low set tail. Well boned. Already has such positive movement – sound away and back and accurate footfall in side gait.  3rd Adam’s & Scales Pointer Fisherbloom Re’encounter. Handsome youngster with a balance all through. Head already well developed with defined stop and pronounced occiput. Long neck and strength to top line. Nice and short coupled. In tip top condition with muscular hind quarters. Showing power on the move with real drive but sometimes a little over zealous. 4th Sandiford & Sutherland’s Gordon Setter Harbinger Highland Treasure (imp Canada). A raw baby whose type and overall balance I really admired. Fabulous temperament; kind, intelligent eyes, happy and confident disposition. Depth to head with correct proportion of skull and muzzle. Large nose with open nostril. Slight arch to neck. Depth of chest developing well. Level top line. Coat of shiny black and rich tan with no curl. Feathering developing well. Has hind quarters that create real drive from low hocks. Just needs a little more coordination which I am sure will come with time. 

Best Veteran Day 2 Broadbent’s Retriever (Flat-Coated) Hallbent October Toccato Sh CM. In tough competition with three very attractive examples of their breeds and in ’show/work ready’ condition for their ages. Handsome dog with kind expression and typical ‘smile’ – ideal disposition just never stopped wagging. Sound on the move away and back and fee flowing movement in profile. Jet black coat in fabulous condition.