• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Nichola Marshall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Estrela Mountain Dogs

Class: 303 – Junior

0 entries

Class: 304 – Post Graduate

4 entries 1 absent

1st 678 McWade’s Bellalua Albaldah

A sturdy, red brindle 18 month male, oozing activity, strength and vigour. Superbly muscled in excellent condition. Lovely head profile, with black mask reaching to the middle of the skull, long, strong with well developed jaw but not too deep or heavy and tight skin. Amber eyes, correctly set with prominent eyebrows, not so calm as clearly enjoying his day out but certainly intelligent. Perfect ears and neck. Broad, well muscled loin, correct, gently rising underline. Withers higher than croup. Would like a little more length of leg, as overall picture is very slightly long and low. Tail reaching hock with loose hook. Movement free and easy.

2nd 674 Chisholm’s Bellalua Nushaba at Belezaocao

Very pretty red brindle bitch, litter mate and similar to 1st; darker eye than brother and charming expression, calmer than her brother but still full of vim and intelligence set off by moderate taper to muzzle, black mask extending above eyes and perfect ears. Hocks more let down and croup a little shorter and steeper than 1st. Tail reaching hocks with rigid hook. Moved straight and true.

3rd 677 Joy’s Seara Nova da Ponta da Pinta (imp PRT)

At first glance, this was my class winner. A 2 year old, yellow fawn bitch with a traditional mask she presents a beautiful profile with a long, well balanced skull that merges gently with her muzzle giving muscular cheeks, a moderate stop and correct occiput. Skull and neck are harmoniously sized with an equally well balanced body; superb angulation, well laid back ribs and an outline that is so typical I expected to see goats at any moment. Correct let down of hocks. Tail reaching hocks with rigid hook. Ears correct in all respect except carried flat against the side of the head, not noticeable from the front, and did not spoil expression or outline. Superbly muscled and in excellent condition. From the front; somewhat narrow throughout - an impression exaggerated by being out of coat. Sadly she just did not settle on the move, throwing out her front and dishing behind. I think I saw a few, fleeting step of correct movement and would l love to see her again when she is fully mature, in coat and settled in a bigger ring.

Class: 305 – Open

3 entries 0 absent

1st Frater’s Ulyxes da Quinta do Espinhal D’Adephagia (imp PRT)

Well this boy gave me a pleasant surprise! A large, 5 and a half year old, rich fawn male; big head, big coat, big bone – I was not expecting him to be so light on his feet! That utterly typical jog trot made me very happy to give him BOB. From the side needs more aquiline muzzle, less stop and less depth to the skull. From the front, correct broad, slightly rounded skull, big black nose, big teeth, correctly set and black muzzle tapering slightly out into face. Calm, intelligent expression with no loose skin despite size. His forte is the length and placement of bone in his moderately sloping shoulder, fore arm and croup, allowing plenty of muscle attachment, giving that strong, rounded outline to the fore and hind quarters and that wonderful, easy jog trot. Good lay back of rib with gradually rising underline, croup slightly higher than withers which is no problem by the FCI standard but a fault in the UK. Tail reaching hocks with rigid hook. Coat lovely texture although wouldn’t want it any longer length.

2nd Chisholm’s Essanelle Mad as a Hatter at Belezaocao

Loved this girl’s expression and attitude. 6, nearly 7 year old fawn bitch with her traditional mask somewhat obscured with grey. Profile correct on top although would like more chin / more developed lower jaw. Teeth are correct scissor bite, lips somewhat loose and with something of a dewlap. From the front she is so typical with correct eye set, eyebrows, slight stop and muzzle blending into foreface. The darkest eyes of the day, showing a calm but alert expression and clearly said that whatever goes down, this girly will deal with it. Ears are correct size and shape but carried away from the head much of the time and curling out at the edges. Excellent lay back of rib. Correct let down of hocks. Active movement, straight and true, easy jog trot. Tail reaching hocks with rigid hook.

3rd McWade’s Brunilde da Quinta Moinhos das Almas at Bellalua (imp PRT)

A more compact bitch, red fawn with black shading and black head. Head not too deep, moderate stop, amber eyes, correctly set with broad, slightly rounded skull with correct occiput. Muzzle too short and tapered excessively. Intelligent, alert expression, showed beautifully, a real credit to her handler. Withers higher than croup, underline rises sooner than some although not an excessive tuck. Broad, strong loins. Tail reaches hock with soft hook. Well muscled and presented in excellent condition. Movement was excellent in that it was active, straight and true but structure – shorter, steeper croup, more let down hocks etc - meant a more running, less jogging, style of movement.

Nichola Marshall (Drimbea)