• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Natasha Bell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wombwell & District Canine Society

Wombwell & District Canine Society Open Show -01/07/2018


Judge-Ms Natasha Bell

With thanks to the committee for my invitation to judge at this well run show whose hosptality is to be commended, Also to the exhibitors who turned out on what proved to be one of the hottest days of the week, All hounds present were in good, clean condition albeit a little unsettled, they coped well with the heat,

P (4,2 abs)

1. Hardisty's Blunderhall Moonrock

Smart 11mth olf Tri bitch of a smaller mould, carrying a little extra weight today, Presents a lovely head of equal planes, correct bite, dark eye and well set leathers of good length, Adequate neck into well laid shoulder and level topline she does have a tendancy to roach when unsettled. With tight feet and good round bone she is well muscled throughout with nicely sprung, well back ribs resulting in the correct length through the couplings, Would like to see a little more length to leg and cleaner rear to complete the picture,

2. Stoddard's Poppyville First Dance

10 mth old Blanket Tri bitch slightly longer cast than 1, Pretty feminine head with correct bite & earset, she has a good length of neck into well placed shoulders, firm topline and and good set on, Would prefer a cleaner front & more forehand, Unsettled on the move today resulting in her throwing her front off, Well presented and in good condition,

PG (4,0 abs) A really varied class in type,

1.Lovatt's Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf

Blanket Tri male rising Two of good proportions, liked his size and overall balance, Correct head with good bite, eye and leathers, Reachy neck and level topline he is strong through the loin and nicely ribbed with a well set stern, Pleasing bone and shapely rear quarters he moved out well to win his class but gave his handler a harder time in the challenge where he was unsettled fore & aft and just didnt move at his best today,

2. Laughton's Brimbleway Beaufort Bloom

3 yr old Broken Tri bitch in a smaller mould, Her colouring can be deceiving on the stack, She has a good head with the sweetest of expressions, kind dark eye, correct bite and pleasing leathers, She has a more than ample forchest with well sprung ribs of good length and depth and is short coupled with well let down hocks and a nicely angulted rear, her feet may not be her fortune but she moved out true and was parallel fore and aft showing good reach and drive and an accuarate footfall. Her very promising young handler just needs to relax a little and keep working on her presentation to get the best from her charge,

3. Stoddard's Poppyville First Edition

Really liked this 10mth old young man, He is up to size and still so very raw but shows much promise, All male with a pleasing expression & reachy neck into a correct shoulder he is well muscled  throughout with pleasing bone, strong loin and correct ribbing, Presenting a clean straight front he shows good return of upper arm and covers the ground with ease, Needs to develop a little more in the rear & second thigh and to find a steady pace on the move, Pleased to award him BP & to see him go HPG1 


4.Hardisty's Blunderhall Sunray

O (4,3abs)

1. Laughton's Redcap Sherbet Pips For Brimbleway

Pleased to go over this T/W bitch rising two, She is of good size and is so nicely balanced as one would expect from this quality kennel, She presents a lovely outline in profile and on the move where she holds  her topline well, Correct bite & leathers, dark eye and good pigment i would prefer to see a slightly softer expression, Well presented, her neck flows beautifully into a fine layback of shoulder and with straight elbows well under her she has a clean front and nice tight feet. Shown in good hard condition and presenting good front and rear angulation i was a little dissapointed to see her moving close behind but with her overall attributes i just couldn't deny her BOB today, Well done. (BOB,HG4)