• Show Date: 09/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Oakengates & District Canine Society

German Short Haired Pointer  

Junior - 1 entry  

1 Rose & Gaffney. Pingarypoint the way to Kavacanne 

7 month liver & white who has quality in abundance and displays a typical outline. Feminine clean-cut head, correct eye shape and colour giving such desirable expression. Exceptional neck into well placed shoulders. Maturing nicely in body with a short firm topline. Balanced angulation both ends. Sound & purposeful on the move holding her lovely outline. BPIB. 

Post Graduate - 3 entries  

1 Rose & Gaffney's Pingarypoint the way to Kavacanne  

2 Burford Pingarypoint Legolicious  

Liver ticked, pleased in outline and has a quality head and eye, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders with good ribbing. Well angulated rear quarters she was also in hard condition. Moved with drive, just preferred the shorter back and more positive rear movement of the winner. 

3 Burford Kavacanne Morgan You Know. 

Open - 6 entries (3 absent)  

1 Milligan's Isara Kurzhaar All Spice  

Balanced exhibit, medium sized with enough substance. Her head is clean cut, but I would prefer her eye a shade darker. Straight front, stands on correct shaped feet she is free of exaggeration, has balanced angles and pleases in shortness of back. Close lying coarse coat. Has everything in moderation displays functional sound movement and is so typical. Really pleased to award her BOB in a quality entry of GSP’s. 

2 Burford's Pingarypoint Hot Topic  

More substantial than 1, another with a gorgeous head and has a more appealing eye than 1. Good length of neck but not as clean in shoulder as 1 she is mature and fit, well ribbed and has depth to her body. Stands on quality legs and feet coordinated and sound on the move.  

3 Burford's Pingarypoint Eye Candy 

 Labrador Retriever 

Post Graduate - 1 entry  

1 Hodgkiss Dinnozo Yellow Diamond  

Pleasing type and substance, has balance to head, I would prefer darker pigment. She is well made all through with well barrelled ribs and a good topline. Well set thick tail which was well used. I would like a straighter front and more width of thigh to complete the picture moved with purpose. 


Open - 2 entries (1 absent)  

1 Hodgkiss Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie  

Yellow litter brother to diamond and almost out of the same mould. He impressed for body size and type and was better in front and rear than his sister giving him the edge to take the breed. 

English Springer Spaniel 

Post Graduate - 1 entry  

1 Thomas Tigerrock Super Ted  

Neat compact dog of good substance, pleasing head and eye with well-placed ears. Dark liver and white boy. Moderately angulated and sound moving but lacked drive today.  

Open - 2 entries (1 absent)  

1 Hipgrave's Ternspringer Jazz Singer  

Gorgeous character and presence she really was high on energy but so endearing to handle. Lovely soft expression with balance to head, good length of neck and well-made body of balanced proportions. Would prefer her more muscle toned, she was better on the move than standing. She was so exuberant but did enough to take BOB. 

Welsh Springer Spaniel 

Post Graduate - 3 entries  

1 Yacoub Laithmoor's Red Grenadine  

Pleasing type with classic head and expression, typical make and shape and lovely flat shiny jacket. Moved with drive. 

2 Philpson's Menstonia Meteor 

Lovely baby who appealed greatly, raw but most promising for type. He has so much to like, his head and expression are a joy. He has good bone and feet and balanced angles. He just needs time and he has plenty on his side as he's only 8 months. BPIB  

3 Thomas Glenbrows Fire Starter  

Open - 3 entries (1 absent)  

1 Philpson's Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman ShCM  

I was surprised to hear this dog had only recently gained his title at 7.5 years old he has so much to offer his movement was breath-taking. He is the ultimate show dog he is soundly constructed, everything fits together, and it displayed in his sound movement he really covered the ground. I couldn't believe how fit he was he is just starting to pale in colour due to his age but that is the only thing giving it away. I just loved his type and could have watched him go all day. A fine example who should always command attention. BOB  

2 Yacoub's Laithmoor's Alinka  

Lovely bitch of nice type loved her head and expression. Soundly made body, good colour and free from exaggeration. Shown in good condition, a smooth powerful mover.  


Post Graduate - 4 entries (2 absent)  

1 Gosling's Glasarian Amethyst  

A Quality exhibit, pleasing head. Nicely bodied with close fitting elbows, good length of rib with firm loin and good tuck up. Strong well-turned hind quarters, standing on quality legs and feet. Sound up and down with good carriage in profile. BOB. 

2 Mcdowall & Rutlands Sireva Hotline to Khamsyn  

Super type and paler in colour than 1st and that bit more elegant, she impressed for size and outline and looked a picture stacked. Moved well but not as positive today as 1st, close call between these two very nice examples of the breed. 

Open - 3 entries (2 absent)  

1 Enryb Party Act at Glasarian  

This 8 year old bitch is still retaining her lovely outline. She is of good size and well-proportioned. She has good length and return of upper arm, well off for bone and has tight feet. Well-developed quarters moved well with good carriage.