• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Wales GSD Club

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Thankyou to the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge this show, one I have fond memories of handling at throughout the years. I’ve had a few good wins here, CC’s and Best in Shows. It was nice to be around the breed again and spend time with my two friends and mentors of the breed from yesteryear Rita Spencer (Andrich) and Margaret Crispin (tracelyn). I was very taken with my best dog and bitch, two that I would like to think could easily gain their titles. The bitch for obvious reasons had the edge in maturity and was just totally in tune putting on a flawless performance with the best profile. The best dog being the puppy was so forward and sound for his age loved his outline long sloping shoulder, high wither and capacious side gait, he will be one to watch.  


Puppy Dog. 3 Entries (0 Abs) 

1.Stanleys & Bibby’s Silkenwood Poldalk of Blanik  

Sable, who commanded attention for his overall outline and proportions. Alert lovely head and keen expression, well-conditioned and composed for a 10-month baby. Powerful stance without being overdone in anyway. Correct confirmation exhibited in his sound effortless gait he had excellent forehand superb legs strong pasterns with excellent feet was all together for his age so much, so he was easily BEST DOG and Best Puppy in Show. 


2.Wardles Our Shining star at aleraws  


3.Finnigans Reyakosa Brando 


Junior Dog. 2 Entries (1 Abs) 

1. Hughes's Conbhairean Ronaldo Black Gold 16 month more compact 

type of dog of medium size/ strength with good bone and substance he has a Masculine head keen expression well boned with good feet and Pasterns would prefer more length to body and a higher wither he Moved soundly and was well coordinated but lacked the forward reach of the younger male so was Res Best Dog.  


Special Long Coat Junior Dog. 1 Entry  


1st – Withheld. 2nd - Roberts Goliath Samuel  


Novice Dog. 1 Entry 


1st - Stanley&Bibbys Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik 


Post Graduate Dog. 2 Entries (0 Abs) 


1st Jones Morolwg Lorenzo Nearly 2, Medium size male with good overall balance. Rich Black and gold quality exhibit. slightly light in eye but pleasing head. Moved very sound away and back just lots out in profile as didn't settle into his stride and was high stepping rather than displaying the reach which I only saw glimpses of when he relaxed into his stride. 


2nd Askham & Ranshaws Reyakosa Azon  


Limit Dog. 3 Entries (2 Abs) 


1. Stanley's Lokean of Blanik Sh.CM Mature 3.5 year old Black and Gold would prefer more of him, correct over and underline with correct length to croup sound when viewing from any angle, effortlessly covered the ground. Nice head proportions, would prefer a darker eye. 


Open Dog. 2 Entries (2 Abs) 


Special Long Coat Open Dog. 1 Entry (0 Abs)  

1. Askham & Ranshaws Sylcarr's Sabre at Reyakosa 

Sable gave me a bit of a head ache because he pleased in outline but chucked it away on the move losing his shape and he carried his tail high, just lost focus and seemed distracted on the move how ever there was enough to warrant his first place. disappointing as Stood he gave a balanced picture. I would however like him stronger in head for a male.  


Veteran Dog. 1 Entry (1 Abs) 


Puppy Bitch. 2 Entries (2 Abs) 


1.Finnigans Reyakosa Blitz Black/Gold 11months well bodied medium size and strength with moderate angulation carried more condition than her litter sister. Very differing in type, 1 had the edge in maturity and body on the day, but both very immature on the move and gave their handlers a difficult job they just wanted to play not easy showing two siblings in the same class. Res Best Puppy  


2. Askham & Ranshaw Reyakosa Breeze  


Junior Bitch. 2 Entries (0 Abs)  


1.Stanleys Blanik Geevana 17 months bl/gold fluid floating trot had reach and drive with minimal effort very sound uncomplicated confirmation, balance and harmony all through. No hard curves or edges, 17 months old alert but steady in character in firm condition, she put on an excellent performance. And was just what I was looking for being very much the type I consider correct. Ideal size and strength she looked the part never faltering posed or gaiting. Best Bitch, Best in Show.  


2. George's Marinita Briana of Kymara  

Close up and unlucky to be outclassed by 1 liked her overall quality and conformation so called in to challenge for RBB unfortunately was a little unsettled and lost to Tuna whose steady gait appealed in the final go around.  


Maiden Bitch. 1 Entry (1 Abs) 


Post Graduate Bitch. 4 Entries (0 Abs) 


1.Turners Tuna Com Mit Tassle Sh.CM Easy winner in good company very soundly made and free from exaggeration has strength, whilst maintaining feminine qualities.  

Black/Gold good neck into well laid shoulder, a picture of balance with straight top line to well moulded croup. Pleasing parallel lines when viewed from front and rear. She was sound away and back Displaying excellent reach and drive in profile movement. Res Best Bitch  


2.Askham& Ranshaws Reyakosa Azia  


3.Hughes's Marinita Saskia  


Limit Bitch. 2 Entries (0 Abs) 


1. Stanley's Blanik Ivana Sh.CM bl/Gold of Pleasing size, shape and confirmation had amply substance for a female very sound and moved with plenty of drive. She was in hard condition well-muscled and fit showed a keen expression and was always alert.  


2. Wardel's Alrewas Amie  


Open Bitch. 6 Entries (5 Abs) 


1.Finnigans Shotaan Claudia Vom Kotikaana Sh.CM mature bitch liked her correct head and expression. Excellent bone and substance, strong topline well-muscled rear quarters, moved with purpose and drive. Just lacked the presence of the younger exhibits. 


Special Long Coat Open Bitch. 2 Entries (1 Abs) 


1st Britnells Blanik Georgia 10 years young in good order Black/Gold with a lovely expression well placed and used ears. Good size and proportions slightly steep in croup well coated she was lacking in drive but still sound. Best Long Coat  


Veteran Bitch 3 Entries (2 Abs) 


1st Stanley's Blanik Georgette litter sister to previous class winner showed with move drive and energy, moderate size balanced angles pleasing topline and croup. Best Veteran in Show