• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Lewin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Amman Valley Canine Society

Amman Valley Canine Society 3 November 2018 I would like to thank the Secretary and committee of this well organised show for their kind invitation to judge the gundog group and to the exhibitors for the sportsmanship in accepting my decisions. Golden Retrievers J 1 Williams’ Thornywait Full Monty at Trebettyn, 17mth old dog, full of quality with pleasing head, dark kind eye and good pigmentation. Correctly proportioned he was having a bad hair day but moved well. BOB. Labrador J 1 Philips’ Rowanhol Moon River at Sheenaron, 7 month old yellow, well grown young lady and full of confidence. Typical in head with intelligent expression and correct pigmentation. Strong neck and soundly constructed all through with quality bone. Positive and sound moving, one to watch BP & PG1; 2 Essenhigh & Bishop’s Brynlluan Barn Dancer, also 7 months & yellow but less mature than 1. Well put together with a lovely outline and moving well. PG 1 Millward’s Snowy Steffi at Rentas for Brimbleworth, yellow bitch with feminine head and good pigmentation. Good angles fore and aft and handled to advantage, moved well; 2 Phillips’ Sheenaron Merry Povelo Yellow, just under 12 months with pretty head and strong neck into well laid shoulder. Good pigmentation there is much to like. O 1 Essenhigh & Bishop’s Brynlluan Star Turn, 4 year old yellow bitch. Pleasing head with good strong neck into well constructed front. Well balanced with correctly set tail and in tip top condition. Pleased to award her BOB; 2 Miles’ LLanstinan Sugar Daddy Yellow, dog of the correct size and proportions with masculine head, good forequarters, well let down rear and quality bone. His Ever wagging tail completing the picture. Irish Setter J Both exhibits were very typical of their awkward age but were immaculately presented and sympathetically handled. 1 Burke’s Alolfrana Hot Temptation, 15 mth old bitch with typical head and expression. Soundly constructed all through, slightly more mature than 2 Lewis’ Quensha Dreama Dream, beautiful type and head with good depth of muzzle. A very pretty baby but raw. BP. PG 1 Webb’s Redeshka Simply Perfect, impressive looking dog in full coat, masculine head with correct depth of muzzle, good length of neck and pleasing outline. He moved soundly. BOB; 2 Bentley’s Tredura Roselyn, pretty bitch of a nice size with much to like. She need to gain confidence but has time on her side. O 1 Webb’s Redeshka Sweet Gypsy Rose, fully coated bitch, typical head with pleasing expression and correct depth of muzzle. Good length of neck and well put together. Moved more soundly than 2 Lewis’ Quensha China Girl at Kristesha, quality bitch from a smaller mould with much to like and in good coat and condition. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers 1 Johnson’s Seahaven’s Gloriana By Tarnlaikers, 5 year old bitch, of lovely type and size. Soundly constructed and in hard condition, was looking for her original handler in the group unfortunately. BOB; 2 Adshead’s Danehaven Vermilion for Afonbach, similar to the winner, also of a nice size and well put together but not looking as finished today. English Setters 1 Lewis’ Belton Pearls A Kind Of Magic, this dog was the best constructed in the class and immaculately presented. He was muscled allowing sound movement on tight feet although a different type to the others. BOB; 2 Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec, very typical looking dog with pleasing head and good length of neck. Would prefer better lay of shoulder. Nice rear angles and sympathetically handle. Pointers PG 1 Fleetwood’s Pendan Georgette, pretty liver and white with lovely head and expression. Good length of neck and pleasing proportions. Moved well. O 1 Skinner’s Bonnygate Miss Quiz at Juennerfly, feminine bitch with nicely proportioned head and good length of neck, soundly constructed with correct topline, quality bone and tight feet. BOB; 2 Fleetwood Millpoint Simply I Catching, liver and white bitch, up to size but nice make and shape and moved out well. Weimaraner PG 1 Burgess’ Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg, upstanding 18 mth old dog with some maturing to do. Masculine head and strong neck in to well made body, free moving with quality bone. BOB. O 1 Burgess’ Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg, 6 yr old dog, typical in head with strong neck and front assembly. Correct topline and handled to advantage but out moved by his younger kennel mate today. German Shorthaired Pointer G 1 Williams’ Winterwell Cut Above at Bodlon, quality bitch of 14 mths, lovely head with correct depth of muzzle. Well put together and correctly proportioned. Good feet and quality bone. She just lacked some maturity in the group. BOB; 2 Davies’ Brozak Blodwen, 2 year old bitch, finer although than 1 but with pleasing outline and moved well. O Davies’ B Blodwen. Hungarian Vizsla O 1 Benson’s Dawnphoenix Forever True, 13 mth old dog with pleasing head and expression. Good length of neck and well proportioned body. Immature as you would expect at this age but moved OK. BOB. English Springer Spaniel O 1 Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund Talking Obsession 4 yr old dog in full coat, masculine head without any coarseness, strong neck into well laid shoulders, soundly put together and in hard condition. Free moving, immaculately presented and well handled. BOB & G1, later delighted to see him go RBIS. Field Spaniel Open 1 Bebb-Sutton’s Cochen Flamenco, 4 yr old liver bitch of correct size. Beautiful head and expression, correct topline, stacked and held on the move. Positive and sound mover. BOB; 2 Griffiths’ Sonnetend Too Funky, black dog just under 2 with much to like. I would just prefer him a size smaller. Cocker Spaniel PG 1 Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich N’Famous, blue roan dog, really looked the part fully coated and soundly put together a free and sound mover. BOB & Grp 4; 2 Stafford & Fuller’s Cassom Mary Poppins at Dizzneestar, 11mth old blue roan bitch, pretty head with good reach of neck into strong and compact body. Positive and sound mover for her age. BP & PG2. O A quality class. 1 Bowen’s Charbonnel Nell N’Shapiro, 3 year old blue roan, very typical in head with good reach of neck, correctly made and well presented; 2 Harvey’s Tomerine Super Trooper, black dog and all male. Pleasing construction all through and immaculately presented I just preferred the outline of 1. American Cocker Spaniel PG 1 Jones’ Alkimadus Ruben James, well made male with masculine head and good length of neck, impressive stacked and on the move; 2 Coley’s Combleywood Jackeline Hyde Combleywood, pretty and typical bitch with OK construction her movement was a little erratic today. O 1 Roberts’ Veltuds Buff Hello Bill from Adiaha, 4 yr old immaculately presented male, masculine head with kind dark eye. A showman with his sound construction allowing fabulous movement. BOB & G2; 2 Jones’ Alkimadus Gwn Beny Gardigan, also well put together and sound moving but not a match for 1 today. AVNSC G 1 Jones’ Dregheda Desert Song, GWP, pleasing head and good length of neck into correctly proportioned body. At the adolescent stage currently and erratic on the move today. O 1 Dooner Tynsil Vera, GWP, 3 year old with correct wire jacket. Good reach of neck and excelling in front construction. Would prefer a darker eye but well muscled with quality bone and tight feet. BOB. AV Puppy 1 Jones’ Germanus Go Back, GWP, well grown 6mth dog with correct jacket. Correctly made with quality bone a promising prospect; 2 Johnson’s Tarnlaikers Red Heffin, NSDTR, 6 months and raw as you’d expect at this age, but very typical. Eyes need to darken. O 1 Dooner’s Tynsil Vera. V 1 Lewis & Bullock’s Trimere Total Obsession with Trixhund, ESS, dam of the Grp winner, moved out well covering the ground easily, lovely dark eye, correct dentition and shown in beautiful condition; 2 Skinner’s Tycarreg SassyFontaine at Juennerfly, b/w Pointer, Very typical and soundly put together bitch who was well muscled and moved well. GUNDOG GROUP 1 ESS; 2 American Cocker Spaniel; 3 WSS, Isfryn Spot The Difference Trebettyn, 3 year old dog, masculine but not over done in anyway, sound construction allowing free effortless movement; 4 Cocker Spaniel. PUPPY GROUP 1 Lab; 2 Cocker; 3 WSS, Nalydris Hakuna Matata, raw but promising baby; 4 Irish Setter. MIKE LEWIN