• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Veal Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Giant Schnauzer Club

Thank you for the invitation to judge at this well run show, to the exhibitors for turning out with their dogs despite the wintry weather and accepting my placings with good grace, and in particular to my stewards, Rob and Sue McGrann, and Jim Parker.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day.    


Puppy Dog (2, 0). 1. Lewington’s Perry Mason Grand Calvera At Leebren (Imp Cze), 11 months, black. Lovely square outline and well balanced all through, strong head with dark eye and good dentition, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, good forechest and depth of brisket, decent rib and bone, nice sloping topline held on the move, good tail and set, moved freely and soundly in all directions until the challenge for BOB, when he decided to pace.  Otherwise, easy to forget he is still a youngster; I will watch his progress with interest.  BD, BPD and BPIB.  2. Railton’s Odivane Master Class With Lefenix, 10 months, p/s. Another quality puppy with a masculine head and dark eye, decent length of neck, presenting a balanced outline with good angulation front and rear, good depth of chest for age but needs time to fill out, well presented, harsh coat, moved well in profile. 

Junior Dog (1, 1). 

Post Graduate Dog (1, 1). 

Open Dog (3, 1). 1. Fletcher’s Fivepits The Mole, 5 years, p/s. Strong, masculine head of good proportions, dark eye, neat ears, very good front assembly in terms of shoulder placement and width across the chest, good forechest and depth of brisket, rear angulation achieves overall balance although longer cast than 2, coat well presented, moved out freely and with purpose.  RBD.  2. Bullock’s Draco Alarm Beskyd For Ouseview (Imp Cze), 2 years, p/s.  Presented a very square, balanced outline, another good head with dark eye and typical expression, good neck and well laid shoulders, deep chest, strong topline, short loin and rear strong enough.  Moved well in profile but today just preferred the winner coming back. 

Puppy Bitch (3, 1).  1. Bullock’s Ouseview’s Causing Chaos, 9 months, p/s.  A very pretty young bitch, with a feminine head, good dentition, a dark eye and neat ears, nice length of neck, a good front with some forechest and reasonable depth for age, at present less developed in body than 2 but has the right ingredients, enough rear angulation and turn of stifle, very good coat, moved out well, steadily and soundly.  BPB.  2. Lewington’s Oshea Khagrass At Leebren (Imp Pol), 9 months, black.  A cobbier type than 1, with a shorter head in proportion and dark eye, front and rear angulation balanced, good spring of rib and depth of body, alert, seemed very pleased to be out and about, so although sound enough was not quite a settled as 1. 

Junior Bitch (2, 2). 

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 2). 1. Railton’s Lefenix Future Majik, 2½ years, p/s.  Pleasing overall make and shape who gave the RBB a good run for her money in the challenge, lovely head with a good expression, dark eye and good dentition, nice front with good shoulders and some forechest, well presented coat of good texture, moved out well.  2. Turner’s Maidluns Halo Helga For Geeseco, 2½ years, p/s.  Feminine head with dark eye and nice expression, balanced angulation front and rear but slightly longer cast than 1, coat of harsh texture, moved well. 

Open Bitch (5, 3). A close call between these two bitches.  1. Bullock’s Ouseview Avid Alena, 2½ years bitch, p/s.  A feminine head, with dark eye giving a typical schnauzer expression, nice neck set cleanly into well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm, slightly longer in body than 2 but well ribbed, and short and strong through the loin, moderate angulation behind but well muscled, very well presented and handled, fit as you like, moved out well with accuracy and purpose. BB and BOB.  Thrilled to see her win BIS later on.  Congratulations!  2. Fletcher’s Fivepits The Detonator, 2 years, p/s.  Square and compact in profile, a decent forechest, depth of brisket, with a lovely head and expression, all the ingredients of very typy bitch. Angulation good at both ends with balance, slightly narrower in body than 1, but nicely made all through, moved well to take RBB.        


A fair number of dirty teeth amongst this crowd today.  I haven’t singled anyone out! 

Puppy Dog (4, 1).  1. McDermott’s Lichstone Good Fur Nuthin, 10 months, p/s.  What a quality puppy.  Beautiful head with a dark eye and neat ears, good length of neck set cleanly into his well laid shoulders, nice front with some forechest, strong back with a good topline, good rear angulation, well presented, harsh coat, moved soundly with good reach and drive. BPIB. Very pleased to see him take BPIS later; well done!  2. Kirkwood’s Dakyla Dual At Dawn, 11 months, b/s.  Another nicely made puppy, who is square and cobby in body, shorter head than 1 but in proportion, with an arched neck set on good shoulders, good depth of body, good behind, harsh coat of good colour, lively on the move and enjoying his day, but glimpses I caught suggested overall soundness.  3. Wright’s Ventus Puer Centurion For Sturdywright (Imp Rus). 

Junior Dog (2, 0).  1. McDermott’s Lichstone Midnight Taboo, 13 months, b/s.  Loved the head and neck on this male, with its parallel planes, neat, forward falling ears and dark eye making him look like a proper schnauzer, good dentition, good length of neck set cleanly into his shoulders, good depth of chest, back held straight with sloping topline, strong though loin, good rear angulation, coat well presented and of good texture, moved soundly and accurately in all directions.  BD and BOB.  2. Holm & Wise’s Lucas Iz Kupchino (Imp Rus), 15 months, black.  Good size, compact and all in proportion, this young man has a nice head with dark eye, good front and rear angulation, depth of brisket and width across the chest and back, short back, strong loin, harsh coat, moved out well with some vigour. Close up to 1 but just preferred the scope of the winner.   

Post Graduate Dog (2, 1). 1. Gudgin & Campbell’s Jennayr Obsession, 16 months, p/s.  Another compact young dog, he has a good head and neck, strong back and topline, with depth of chest, good rib, good tail set, coat well presented, well handled, moved out well around the ring. 

Open Dog (1, 0).  1. Jones’ Hurricane Genstat At Quintastique, 3 years, white.  Up to size, but all in proportion, masculine head of good proportions and dark eye, good length of neck and well laid shoulders, reasonable depth of chest, straight back with slightly sloping topline, good tail set, hocks well let down, moved out well. 

Puppy Bitch (5, 1).  1. Parnell’s Lichstone Miss Teek At Minivale, 9 months, b/s.  A very pretty, feminine bitch, with a nice head and expression, dark eye, neat ears, good dentition, good length of neck flowing into sloping topline, balanced front and rear angulation, reasonable depth of chest for age, nice coat presented very well, initially a bit unsettled on the move but she put that right and moved accurately then in all directions.  Close up for BPB just lost out to the more mature junior.  2. Jones’ Quintastique Tooty Frootie, 8 months, p/s.  Slightly longer and lower than 1 but well constructed, particularly in front, which gave her an advantage.  Nice, feminine head with dark eye and good expression, balanced in angulation, body fairly well developed for age, strong through loin and rear, harsh coat, moved out freely and accurately all ways with purpose. 3. Parker & McDonald’s Risepark Shooting Star.  4. Waterworth’s Surechanz Quartzite. 

Junior Bitch (2, 0).  1. White’s Schnaustar Put A Spell On You, 11½ months, b/s.  Up to size but well made, pretty head, dark eye, good expression, nice arched neck flowing into a strong, sloping topline, body well developed at this age with some forechest, reasonable depth and short loin, she has width across the chest and back, coat well presented with good texture, moved soundly out, back and in profile. RBB and BPB. 2. Boulton’s Canteba Strikes A Pose, 12 months, p/s.  A compact bitch with a pretty head and typical expression, nice short back with strong topline and short loin, front and rear angulation is balanced, coat harsh and well presented, a good mover but not quite as settled today as 1. 

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 2).  1. Gudgin & Campbell’s Jennayr Organza, 16 months, p/s. Pretty head and expression, square and well developed in body, being strong in topline and having depth of brisket, moderate angulation front and back, short loin, well muscled rear, coat very well presented, slightly unsettled initially which did not help her ears, but then gained confidence and moved soundly around the ring. 2. Bisiker’s Juliet Bravo Among Calevie, 2 years, p/s.  Of similar type to 1 but slightly finer, pretty head and expression, square profile, nothing overdone in terms of angulation, coat harsh and well presented, moved well in profile.  3. Klee’s Bagmed Steffi Graf. 

Open Bitch (4, 1).  1. Descere’s Ambercoast Electra, 2 years, black.  A well sized, compact bitch with good pigment, she has pretty head and dark eye with keen expression, feminine neck, good front angulation, good depth of chest and width of chest and back, short back and strong quarters, coat very harsh and well presented, well handled, although she started slightly bum high, she settled down and then moved soundly in all directions and was the best going away of the day. Gave the dog a good run for his money in the challenge. BB and RBOB. 2. White’s Schnaustar Girl On Fire, 16 months, p/s.  Close run thing between 2 and 3, each having good qualities.  Longer than 1, she has a feminine head with good expression and reasonable length of neck, good front angulation, nice topline, moderate rear angles, well presented coat, well handled and moved soundly.  3. Clay’s Bobolinks Heart Of Glass.