• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mervyn Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Aberystwyth & District Canine Society

Aberystwyth and District Canine Society

Open Show Monday 7th May 2018

Boston Terrier Open (2,0)

1st .Connor’s Ringablok Pearly Princess: Nice strength of skull with dark well placed eyes set well apart with a well defined stop. A little more fill under the eyes would balance the head, which should come with maturity. Excellent neck into good shoulder and a straight front when stacked but a little untidy on the move. Good topline, ample rib and an overall pleasing outline. BOB

2nd Connor’s Buddy’s Living Legend of Ringablok Good square skull with an excellent eye and nose placement. Strong neck into a good shoulder and topline. Straight front with enough bone and good feet. Pleasing overall make and shape. Moved soundly and shown well.

Bulldog Grad (2,1)

  1st Briddon’s Baalzebul Phobos Love at Miristar  A strong head with plenty of work but not enough to      be coarse. Good width and depth to the head with an excellent nose placement and ample spread to the     foreface with nicely padded flews and well-filled under the eyes. Lovely fit of under jaw with good turn-up. Correctly tacked-on shoulder with plenty of bone and a compact body shape. BP

Bulldog Open(2,0)

1st Briddon’s Kingrock Tipsy Cola at Miristar: Nice head with a beautifully divided skull with just the right amount of work. She has round dark eyes and well developed cheeks and her nose placement is excellent. Lovely depth and width to the foreface with meaty flews and plenty of fill under the eyes. She has enough turn of underjaw to give a correct fit and such a lovely expression. The squarest of fronts with straight bone down to good feet. BOB

2nd Evans’s Miristar Just The Way You Are :Nicely proportioned head with lovely length of skull and foreface. Nose placed at correct height with good lay-back. Good fit to the under jaw and plenty of spread to the foreface with well-padded flews, square front and pleasing body shape in profile with a most shapely top line, well-made hindquarter and good tuck-up. Moved well.

French Bulldog Open(3,0)

1st Connor’s Judeffrey Jovial of Ringablok Strongly built masculine dog with good skull and well set ears. Well placed nose with large nostrils and adequate under jaw. Good breadth of chest and well boned. Strong pear shaped body and muscular hindquarters. Goes well both ways and is fluid and free moving in profile .BOB

 2nd Connor’s Penymorfa Surabaya Sun of Ringland. Bitch with a very good head, decent forehand with good bone and compact feet. Well ribbed with gentle roach and adequate tuck up. Moved well

 3rd Sheldon’s Vediouis Victory

Min Schnauzer Grad (3,1)

  1st Williams’s Zantanas Something Special Lyzahro imp swe :Sturdy and compact with a lovely   profile both standing and on the move. Correct  head type with neat ears and keen expression, good  forehand with good forechest and well ribbed body and good topline and tailset. Her harsh wiry coat is immaculate and he moves out with a fluid easy driving action. A confident alert showgirl, BP

2nd Williams’s Hababera Eldzh Hope For Lyzahro :Well made and pleasing to handle with good depth and breadth of chest and strong well ribbed body. Good head with neat well carried ears. Particularly good moving with a sound driving rear action.

Min Schnauzer Open(3,0)

1st Williams’s Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro( imp mkd); Smart male with well placed eyes and ears. Correct  head type with neat ears Super neck and topline, good forechest and ribbing, Well laid shoulders, hindquarters soundly made with good hocks. In good coat and body condition, He keeps his lovely topline when on the move, good showman, well presented .BOB

2nd Williams’s Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzharo Liked his clean head with lovely expressive eyes.Strong neck well set. Good angulations front and rear, Good depth of chest and sound in loin. Nicely muscled quarters giving the required action.

  3rd Prevett’s Cloverbud Shining Moment of Raileve ShCM

Japanese Spitz Gad (1,0)

1st Sheldon’s Oozzoo Sno Biz Like Show Biz :Very typical and well balanced and good for both size and quality.Lovely head and expression, dark expressive eyes with good pigmentation. Excellent coat texture and he had well set and well carried tail. Moves ok.BP

Japanese Spitz Open(5,2)

1st Carter’s Charney Shanahan ShCm:In good coat and condition and really pleasing to handle as he is well made with good depth of chest and well ribbed. Pleasing head and expression with good pigmentation and neat ears. and on the move he is sound and has a pleasing light easy action ,BOB

Japanese Shiba Inu Open (5,2)

1st Protheroe and Johnson Shibachic’s Regalia :Very good head type & expression, small triangular ears inclining forward, very dark eye, correct bite, has very well balanced body with level topline & high set tail. Correct moderate angulation througout with well let down hocks. Very energetic & moves brisk and light.

2nd Protheroe and Johnson Takashi Kimiko Kioko Eymi:Excellent head type, dark well placed eye to create a pleasing typical expression, correct bite, good thick strong neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, high tailset well carried in good curl. Well balanced body ratio's. Moved well .B.P

3rd Caughlin and Fracchiolla  Gustafski Flashy Nickers

German Spitz Klein Limit (1,0)

1st Rayment’s Printzagems First In Lime:Well coated He has a lovely head and expression, neat ears,  good mouth. Strong well ribbed body with short loin and high set tail. Beautifully balanced and moves out in a very typical fashion with a brisk, easy action.

German Spitz Klein Open (5,4)

1st Rayment’s Chilite Shoni:Good head, neat ears and well pigmented eye rims. Correct clean dentition, good intelligent expression. Well ribbed with short loin and high set tail. Moves and shows well and his coat was in good condition.BOB

German Spitz Mittel  Open (1,0)

1st Rayment’s Grizwold Lady of The Lake:Well presented  bitch with dense black points. Neat head Good leg length to body proportions. Solid body and good neck. Spitzy head and well set eyes and ears. Well set tail.,Coat of good correct texture moved soundly B.O.B

A/V NSC Utility Puppy (2,0)

1st Walsh and Draper’s Bielcee Roger That (Toy Poodle)Very mature black who has a masculine head and nice expression. adequate neck that he really uses .standing on good tight feet.great body and nice spring of rib.well angulated quarters very smart on the move. initually tended to crab on the move but he settled enough to win this class B.P A/VNSC

2nd Hudson and Steele’s Threadgold Sweeney Todd( Lhasa Apso):Pleasing head and expression, dark oval eye, good mouth and underjaw. Good shoulder angulation, straight front, good body for age, level topline, correct tailset, good bend of stifle and low set hocks, moved very hesitantly

A/V NSC Utility Open (5,0)

1st Bojanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Top (Shih Tzu):Gold and white dog.Very well balanced with everything in proportion. Fabulous head with large dark expressive eyes correct nose placement and dentition set on a good reach of neck. Deep chest well laid shoulders and well sprung ribcage. Level topline well angulated rear and lovely high set tail and carriage.Moved with drive. Best A/v NSC

2nd  Walsh and Draper’s Bielcee Cristal (Min Poodle):Stylish and elegant with a grand head and expression.Good leathers. Decent forehand, short backed and well ribbed. Her excellent coat is beautifully presented and she moved soundly both ways with a light typical action

3rd Stafford and Fuller’s Dinastii Miss Leading (Standard Poodle)

Utility Group 1 Bojanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Top Shih Tzu

  Utility Group 2 Williams’s Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro (imp mkd) Min Schnauzer

  Utility Group 3 Protheroe and Johnson Shibachic’s Regalia (Japanese Shiba Inu)

Utility Group 4 Carter’s Charney Shanahan ShCm (Japanese Spitz)

Utility Puppy Group 1  Walsh and Draper’s Bielcee Roger That (Toy Poodle)

  Utility Puppy Group 2  Protheroe and Johnson Takashi Kimiko Kioko Eymi (Japanese Shiba Inu)

  Utility Puppy Group 3 Williams’s Zantanas Something Special Lyzahro (imp swe) Min Schnauzer

Utility Puppy Group 4 Briddon’s Baalzebul Phobos Love at Miristar (Bulldog)

Best In Show : Lewis’s Trixhund Opium Jw ShCM Dachshund Longhaired : A real showman very alert A very nice sized well balanced red, excellent condition and presentation. Good head, long reachy neck running into well laid back shoulders. Super fore chest, nice barrelled ribs carried well back, , moved with drive keeping a firm level top line.

Res Best In Show : Bojanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Top Shih Tzu

Best Puppy In Show Walsh and Draper’s Bielcee Roger That Toy Poodle

Res Best Puppy In Show Warren and Thomas’s Ospreagle Stop The Press at Hilbeaglin (Beagle) Beautiful head, eye & expression, super neck, shoulder, straight front & good depth of chest. Level topline, short coupled, strong loin, excellent tail set, well made & muscled hindquarters. So sound on the move out & back & a balanced picture in profile.  

Best Veteran In Show Bianey’s Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin ShCM (Alaskan Malamute)

This bitch who stood out as she entered the ring. An awful lot to like about this one. Pretty and feminine, bright eyed and alert. Good bone, forehand and developing topline. Moved superbly well and presented in great condition.

Res Best Veteran In Show Skinner’s Tycarreg Sassy Fontaine at Juennerfly  (Pointer)

Appealing  head, eye and expression, well constructed, depth through brisket, flowing lines, good legs and feet, sound, happy mover, well handled.

Best Welsh Breed  Cross’s Duke of Kurdal At Dewiscor  (Welsh Corgi Pembroke )

A lovely male, correct layback of shoulder which showed in his side movement, with a good turn of stifle. He has an attractive headpiece with dark eyes. Nice bone. Moved well keeping level top line.

Judge Mr T. Mervyn Evans