• Show Date: 29/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meriel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Boston & District Premier Show 29th May 2018  Many thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show.  Post Graduate Stakes 78 (28 abs)  1st Whittaker-Crosby. Coobyco Could Be the last at Mulcair JW Shcm  What an outstanding 2-year-old whippet bitch. She is elegance personified.  Balanced in outline with a gentle rise over the loin.   Her head is long and lean, flat on top and tapering to the muzzle with a slight stop. Eyes oval and bright and rose shaped defined ears, small and fine in texture.  Good strong jaw and correct scissor bite. Long elegant neck leading into well laid shoulders.  Good deep chest; forearms straight and upright. Her ribs are well sprung and has a definite tuck up.  She is strong and broad across her thighs and has well developed second thigh. Stifles well bent and hocks well let down. Feet oval and well split between the toes. Her tail reaches to her hocks. Superb movement and was true coming and going.  2nd Wildsmith & Brown Trimere Tickle me Fancy. English Springer Spaniel. Just over 2 years old liver and white bitch. Compact bitch with that friendly disposition. Skull of medium length fairly broad. Cheeks flat and foreface of proportionate length to skull.  Eyes of medium size, almond shaped and dark hazel. Ears of good length fairly close to head and nicely feathered. Correct scissor bite. Good reach of neck with a slight arch. Strong body and chest well developed, well sprung ribs and elbows set well to body. Hind legs well let down and broad muscular thighs. Good tight feet and tail set low and well feathered. Good movement. At one with her young handler.  3rd Morris. Pennywave Pollyana (Min Wire Haired Dachshund)  4th Chesterfields. Toynbee Gossip Girl at Burnsett . (Lhasa Apso)  AVNSC Utility Puppy.9(2abs)  1st Rogers, Montravia Jealous Guy. Standard Black Poodle of 10 months. What a star in the making.  He is well balanced has a lively spirit. His head is long and fine with a slight peak. He has a moderate stop and his foreface is strong, well chiselled, it does not fall away under his eyes. Lips tight fitting.  Almond shaped eyes, full of fire and that look of intelligence. Ears hanging close to face and his leathers are long and wide. Correct scissor bite in a strong jaw.  Neck well proportioned, leading into well laid shoulders. Chest deep and moderately wide. Ribs well sprung and his back is short and strong. Broad loin and muscled.  His thighs are well developed, and he has tight feet, oval in shape with black nails. His movement is sound and free moving. Best.Uitlity Puppy and B.P.I.S  2nd Hipkiss . In Tina’s Arms Toy Poodle.   7 months old black bitch. She is elegant and has a lovely head and fire in her eyes. Correct scissor bite and good neck and well laid shoulders. Compact and moved true.  AVNSC Utility Junior 12 (6)abs  1st Smeaton Japanese Shiba Inu. 2 years old bitch. Smart and well balanced . Good head with broad skull. Definite stop with slight furrow. Muzzle of good depth tapering slightly. Tight lips with black nose.  Almod shaped eyes set well apart and dark brown in colour. Correct scissor bite . Neck of medium length , shoulders moderately sloping and elbows tight to body. Short loin and level back. Tight feet and moved well.  2nd Kilburn. Suzitzu Lord  Kalum of Blackgangshi  Shih Tzu.2 years old male. Pleasing outline. Head of correct shape and size.Large round dark eyes. Ears large and with long leathers. Nouth slightly undershot. Good Body moved well.  Post Graduate. 9(2abs).  1st Shepherd & McBain. Fecimus the Good Fairy. German Spitz Klein Sable Bitch.  Compact and short coupled with a happy disposition. Her head is of the correct size and she has a medium stop.Clean cheeks and tight flews. Her eyes are of medium size and small ears set high on.  Correct scissor bite. Neck clean and moderately short, leading into well set shoulders. Good body and small round cat feet. Moved well and well handled. Best AVNSC   2nd Mr & Mrs Coleman, Anelmar Chantill Lace at Coldern. 2 year old Japenese Spitz.  Head of medium size and eyes dark and of moderate size. Small erect ears and neck of moderate length leading into moderately sloping shoulder, Body of correct proportions Small round cat like feet and moved well.  Open 6 2(abs).   1st Adams. Denayr’s Gucci Two Shoes. 6 year old  Black Shar pei. He has a relatively large head, skyll flat and broad. Moderate wrinkle on his forehead and cheeks. Lips and top of muzzle slightly padded. Eyes dark and almond shape. Ears very small slightly rounded tip. Correct scissor bite. Neck of medium length leading into well laid shoulders. Good body with deep chest and strong muscular hind quarters. Compact feet and moved well.  2nd Sampson. Dlastorm Eternal Promise JW. White with liver spots dalmatian. Head of fair length ,skull flat and reasonably broad between the ears. Eyes set well apart and liver brown. Ears set on high. Fine in texture and carried close to the head. Neck fairly long . Good body with ample chest.  Ribs well sprung, Cat like feet, her movement could have been truer.  AV. Utility import register. 2  1st Smith and Wisniewski. XOLOITZCUINTLE Mexican Hairless. Black male of outstanding quality.  He is in such hard body condition and his skin gleamed. His head is of the correct wedge shape, broad strong and elegant ,tapering slightly towards the muzzle. Slight stop, cheeks moderately developed and lips tight and close fitting.  Ears set on is slightly oblique and he has a correct scissor bite. Neck is moderately long with a slight arch leading into well laid shoulders. Level topline and good chest and ribcage is deep, reaching to his elbows.  Well developed hind quarters with hare feet. His movement was flawless. Best Import Register and Utility group 2.  2nd Cunningham Youlveong Warrior Princess, Korean Jindo. This young bitch is well balanced and muscling coming on nicely for her age. Head of correct size and is free of wrinkle. Small almond shaped dark brown eyes.Ears  thick and perfectly erect. Correct scissor bite. Neck of medium length leading into moderately laid back shoulders. Good body, with well developed thighsand a moderate turn of stifle. Moved well,keeping her top line.  Utility Group.   1st Messrs Taylor & Johnson. Lhasa Apso, Sifrasons Military Hero.  2nd Smith & Wisniewski Xoloitzcunitle, Mexican Hairless.  3. Rudderham. Tibetan Terrier. Araki Renegade in red with Taxiki.  4th Fielly.  Minature Schnauzer Vonkev Heavenly Star  Utility Puppy Group.  1st Rogers Montravia Jealous Guy. Standard Poodle.  2nd Skaboullous. Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder to Cloudbuster (Imp Fin) Tibetan Terrier/  3rd.Anderson Zentarr Osbourne. Lhasa Apso.  4th Truelove. Eastonite Dark Crystal. French Bulldog  M L Taylor (Judge)