• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meriel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

St Andrews Cupar & District Canine Society

St Andrews Cupar and Fife  Open Show 10th June 2018 

Many thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show 


Junior 4 (1)abs 

1st Adamson. Darade Pacco Rabane 

I year old Orange Sable male. He has a head that is foxy in outline and skull slightly flat. Fine muzzle and free from lippiness. Eyes were bright and dark and ears were relatively small and carried erect. 

Good scissor bite. Neck rather short and leading into well laid shoulders. Straight fine boned legs, with a fairly deep chest. Short back and compact. 

Medium angulation and tight feet,tail carried flat over back.In super coat. 

2nd Black and Black-Bunce. Dilina Royal Biene Maja Mit Zaandam (Imp Rus) 

10 -month old Orange Sable Bitch. Much of the same as my winner, but her movement let her down. 

Post Graduate. 3(2)abs. 

1st Stewart for Manzie. Zaandam Mr Tee. 2 years old Orange Sable Male. His head could be more defined, correct scissor bite. Eyes of medium size and dark. Ear set on correct. A little longer cast Moved well 

Open 4. 

1st Black & Black Bunce. Ch Angel Sent from above to Zaandam (Imp Rus). 4 years old Orange Sable Bitch. What a super example of the breed. Her head is foxy in outline and skull flat. Fine muzzle with no lippiness. Eyes, dark and full of intelligence. Ears small and erect. Good scissor bite and short neck leading into well laid shoulders. Compact body and tight cat like feet. In super coat. Tail flat over back. B.O.B and Toy Group 2. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

Post Graduate 5.(1)abs 

1st Byers. Braemarra Taylor at Linetive. 

2 years old blenheim male. Good head almost flat between the ears. Shallow stop. Correct scissor bite ; Ears set on high with plenty of feathering. Large dark round eyes set well apart. Neck of moderate length, leading into well laid shoulders. Short coupled with a good spring of rib. 

Well turned stifle and tail set on correct, moved well 

2nd. Drennan.Calaten Star Trouper. 2 year old Blenheim Dog. The same applies as my winner,but on the day I preferred the body on 1 

Open. 4 (1) abs. 

1st. Finaly & Kirkwood. Grajenco Cortado at Marisk. 3 year old Ruby male. 

This male is a solid ruby with no white markings. His head is almost flat between the ears and he has a shallow stop. Correct scissor bite and ears set on high,long with plenty of feathering. Eyes dark,large and round. His neck is of moderate length and he has well laid shoulders. Good body with adequate chest and short coupled. Well padded feet and tails set on correct. Moved well. B.O.B  

2ND Drennan. Calaten Star Trouper. 


Junior 1. 

1ST. Reid. Phylcher Heartbreaker. 15 months old Red/White male.Lovely head with correct ear set.Good mouth with correct scissor bite. Good body with correct tail set. Movement could be better. 

PG. 3 

1ST Wilson. Amicae Badger. 18  Month old Red/White & Sable male.  

Lovely for shape and size. Good Ear set and correct mouth. Good body and moved well. 

2nd Smith. Adinaken Pretty Puzzled. 5 year old Tri-colour bitch. The same applies as my winner,just lost out on movement. 

Open 3 

1stReekie Powerforce Hogmanay. 

. 4 year old tri colour male, His head is slightly rounded between the ears and a finely pointed muzzle, with a well defined stop. Black nose and his eyes are of medium size,. Ear set on was correct with good leathers and set towards the back of the skull. Correct scissor bite. Medium reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Forelegs straight,fine bone and elbows close to chest. His body s fairly long,well sprung ribs. Good turn of stifle. Hare feet and tail set on correct. Moved with free flowing action. B.O.B 

2nd Macgregor. Craigaber Timewatch. JW. 

9year old tri colour bitch and what a character. Lovely for shape and size and moved well. 

Chihuahua L/C 

Post Graduate 1 

1ST Chalmers . Bonni Lasi Irs naf (Imp Kaz). 20 month old sable and white male. Correct head with well rounded apple dome. Definite stop and correct scissor bite. 

 Ears set on correct, large and flaring. Neck slightly arched leading into well laid shoulders. Good body and well muscled hind quarters. Moved well.B.O.B 

Open 1 

1ST Deas Tekuda Lulu 

3year old fawn bitch. This little bitch was at one with her young handler 

Good head and ear set on correct. Mouth was ok. Good neck and shoulder, a little longer cast than my winner. 

Chihuahua S/C 

Pg 3. 

1st Black & Howie. Chinzaes Hes Bonzer. 8 month old Chocolate male. What a character. He has a lovely head of the required shape and his ear set on is correct. Good mouth and adequate reach of neck. Good lay of shoulders and good hind quarters. Moved well.  

2ND. Burns & Black. Chinzaes Didgeridoo, Litter sister to my winner and the same applies, but the movement  was better on my winner. 

Open 2. 

1st Black and Howie. Chinzaes Rocky road 

2 year old tri-colour male. Another good example of the breed. Super head and ear set correct. Correct scissor bite. Good neck leading into well laid shoulder. Good Body and moved well. B.O.B 

2nd Deas . Violets Delight. 3 year old fawn bitch, She did not have the head of my winner  and was a little longer cast. Moved well with her young handler  

Min Pinschers. 

Open 2. 

1st Allan Allanbru Pancing’N Prada JW. Black and tan bitch. Good head, skull flat when viewed from the front. Black pigment and nostrils well formed. Correct scissor bite and ears set on high. 

Strong and graceful neck. Leading into well laid shoulders. Forechest well developed.Legs straight with medium bone. Square in outline and well sprung ribs. Well muscled hindquarters; Feet tight with dark nails. Tail carried a little high and moved well. B.O.B 

2ND Allanbru Strictly Tangoed. 3 year old red bitch. The same as my winner applies,but her movement let her down. 

Bichon Frise,  

Open 2. 

1st Bayne & Smith. Manoir’s Mr Moonlight. 

Stunning  15 month old male.His head is of the correct width and his head is in balance with his body.Cheeks flat and a moderate stop.Skull slightly rounded and large black nose. Hi eyes are dark  with black eye rims and surrounded by dark haloes. Fairly large but showing no white.Perfect scissor bite Ears hanging close to his head and set slightly higher than his eye level. Neck carried high and proud, broadening to fit into well laid shoulders. Well developed forechest with a deep brisket. Broad thighs,with well bent stifles.Tight round feet and loved with drive. B.O.B and group 4,even though he played his handler up. 

2nd. Innes. Starforth’s Just Loving you at Pearl White Shcm. 4 year old bitch , smaller in type to my winner. She has a pleasing head with dark eyes and haloes.Perfect scissor bite, good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Forechest could be better developed and she was short on leg. 

Japenese Chin  

Junior. 2 (1)abs. 

1st Bruns & Black Yama Take a Chance. 15 month old male with the startled expression. Good head but not over cushioned. Eyes dark and set wide apart. Ears set wide apart and carried slightly forward. Correct bite. Neck of moderate length and good body with good width in chest. Straight when viewed from behind. Hare feet and moved well. 

PG 2 (1)abs 

1ST Lindsay Anjuli McHaggis. 22 month old male. Another one with a good head and adequate cushioning. Eyes dark and set wide apart. Showing tongue. Moved ok 

Open 3 (1)abs 

1st Grogan, Lindsay & O’Hearty. 4 year old male with that wonderful startled expression. Head of correct proportions and adequate cushioning. Dark eyes set well apart. Ears set high and carried forward. Good Body, moved well 

2nd Burns. Sleepyholllow Calamity Jane. 2 year old bitch. Smaller in statue than my winner. The same applies ,I just preferred the overall movement on my winner 

English Toy Terriers 

Open 6 (3) abs 

1st. Inch. Edaline Grace and Danger. 2 year old male with correct tan markings. 

His head is long and narrow with a flat skull, and well filled under the eyes. 

Eyes dark and relatively small and almond shaped. Ears with slightly pointer tips,placed high on the back of the skull. Correct scissor bite. Neck of adequate length, leading into well laid shoulders. Compact body,with a slight curving from behind the shoulders to the loin. Well rounded loin  and dainty feet.. Good hackney movement B.O.B 

2ND Inch.Edaline Never Let Me Go. Litter sister to my winner and the same applies, aprat from her movement which let her down. 

Chinese Crested.  

Pg. 4 (2)Abs 

1st Frame. Elfallons Little Dragon. 2 year old Hairless male. Cobby in type with good head,with clean cheeks. Lips tight and thin. Eyes dark ,showing no white. Ears  set on low,correct scissor bite. Lean neck leading into well laid shoulders. Elbows close to body and well muscled hindquarter,Extended hare foot. Moved well.B.O.B 

2nd Hitchcock, Bridditch Devil in Disguise. 7 month old White and Tan Powder Puff. Lovely youngster with a correct veil coat.Head developing nicely and correct scissor bite. Good body and moved well. 

Open 2(1)abs. 

1st Frame. Myvallo Inclined to Dance at Elfallons. 3 year old black hairless bitch. Good head with clean cheeks and correct scissor bite. Ears set on low and in level with the eyes. Good neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good body and moved well. 

2nd Moyes and Hunter. Bryelis Private Dancer JW. 2 year old Powder Puff. Another with the correct veil coat. Good head and clean cheeks. Correct scissor bite and ear set on correct. Good body and hare feet. Movement could have been better. 


Open 4 

1st Ferrier. Ingerdorm Affenlicious for Rangmara 

5 year old bitch. With that typical monkey expression.Head fairly small in proportion to her body.Muzzle blunt and short but not flattened. Wide open nostrils. Chin prominent with good turn up.Eyes dark and round with that mischievous expression.Slightly undershot teeth and tongue not showing, 

Neck short and straight. Back short and straight Well sprung ribs. Hindlegs set well under her body. Small round feet,tail set high and carried high as she moved round the ring.B.O.B 

2nd Harvey. Ingerdorm Penelope Pitstop. This 2 year old bitch has plenty to like about her and the same applies as my winner. But on the day she was carrying a little too much weight. 


Junior 4(1)Abs 

1st Johnston Riaje on the Brink. 15 month old fawn male. He has a good head and expression with black nose and fairly wide open nostrils. His wrinkles are defined with out exaggeration. Dark eyes with a soft expression. Ears small and soft . Slightly undershot showing no tongue or teeth. 

Slightly arched neck,strong and thick,leading into well sloped shoulders. Short cobby body and broad chest. 

Strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Moved well with that typical roll.B.O.B  

2nd Finlay. Megipug’s Hotter Than Hell at Gilderoak. 11months old fawn male,who looked a baby in this class. He has many of the virtues of my winner,but he needs to drop into himself,to complete the picture. 

Post Graduate. 3 (2)Abs 

1st Reid Portlycharm  Raffles for Hugieboggie. 3  year old fawn male. He has a good head that is not over wrinkled. Black nose and dark eyes. Ears small and soft. Good neck and strong body. He did not seem to put all in re his movement. 

Open. 3(2) abs. 

1st Reid. Gramatti Laird of the Ring via Hugleboggie Shcm. 

5 year old fawn male. He has a good head and dark eyes and black nostrils. Slightly undershot and not showing tongue. Good Body and  tail set on correct. He was moving wide in front. 

Coton De Tulea 

Open 2 

1stMurray.Happypaws Carefree Shcm. What a super bitch and put down to perfection. Medium Short foreface and her skull is slightly convex, Slight stop and black nose. Round dark expressive eyes with black rims. Ears set  high on skull, slender and pendulous. Black lips and a perfect scissor bite. Medium length of neck,leading into well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket leading to a slight rise over the loin. Small round feet with black pads.Well feathered low set tail,carried above her back as she moved freely round the ring. B.O.B and Toy Group 1. 

2nd Murray. Happypaws Fancy Free. A 12 month old bitch of the same quality, however on the day her  movement let her down. 

Yorkshire Terrier.  

Open 2 

1st Burns. Elasaidamar Forever Love. A beautiful Blue and Tan bitch in superb condition and coat. Head rather small and flat, not long in muzzle. Black nose and medium dark sparkling eyes with that look of intelligence. Ears small and v shaped,carried erect and not to far apart.Covered with short hair and a deep tan colour. Correct scissor bite. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Compact body ,leve topline ,moderate turn of stifle and moved well. 

2nd Macrae. Elsadaimar Classic Desisgn. 4 year old Blue and tan bitch. Another one in good condition and coat. On the day the winner had the edge on movement. 

AV Toy NSC Open 

2 (1) abs.  

1st  Russell. Rothermere Midnight Kiss with Claravi. 3 year old Black and White bitch,  Small and sturdy in appearance and head of the correct proportions. Eyes dark and almond shaped with black eye rims. Ears set just above eye level and correct scissor bite. Neck of medium length ,leading into well laid shoulders. Slight rise over the loin with well sprung ribs. Small tight hare foot and tail set on high, Free movement. 


M L Taylor Judge