• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meriel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paisley & District Canine Society

Paisley and District Canine Society 1st July 2018 

Many thanks to the Officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well run and well attended show 

AV Vintage. 8 (1) abs 

1st Smeall. Themill Samson of Drumbathie 

10 year old Tibetan Terrier who moves like a youngster. Skull of medium length.narrowing slightly from ear to eye. Flat between the ears. Strong muzzle and good scissor bite.  Ryes large and round and ears are pendulous and not set close to head. Strong neck of medium length. Well laid shoulders and well-muscled body.Well muscled hind quarters and good feet. He moves so soundly. 

2nd Mclean and Dickson. Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Repeat. JW Shcm. 12 year old Weimaraner. 

Another one who acts like a youngster. Good head with correct scissor bite. Eyes of medium size with a kind expression. Ears long and lobular. Neck clean and moderately long leading into well laid shoulders. Forelegs straight and strong; Well sprung ribs and moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved with drive. 

Smooth Fox Terrier Open 3(1) ABS 

1st Glass. Nisyros Out of Control.  

4 year old white with black markings. On her toes the whole time. Skull flat and moderately narrow. A little stop apparent cheeks were not full and her jaw was strong with correct scissor bite. Dark eyes moderately small in size, but full of expression. Small v shaped ears setting close to head . Clean muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders. Chest deep , short level back with moderate spring of rib. Strong hindquarters and compact feet. Moved so soundly. B.O.B and group 2 

2nd Everard and McGhie. Born to run at Eskwyre. 2 year old White male with brown markings. A little longer cast than my winner. Good head and eye with correct scissor bite. Ear set on correct. Neck of correct length but he was upright in shoulder and his movement from the rear was stilted 

Mini Bull Terrier,Post Graduate 4 (3) abs. 

1st  Mcpherson and Glass. Gaindyke Cuasin Chaos. 18 month old bitch. She was full of spirit . 

Her head is long, straight and deep, right to the end of her muzzle.Top of skull was almost flat between the ears.Eyes were narrow and triangular and black in colour. Ears small . Correct scissor bite. Good muscular neck and good lay of shoulders. Body was strong with good spring of rib and correct round bone.Muscular thighs and good feet Moved well and B.O.B Group 4 

Open 3 abs 

Australian Terrier Open 4(1) Abs 

1st Brown, Ralindi Fatal Attraction. 6 year old bitch of good breed type. Good head,flat  skull and with  definite stop. Eyes small with a keen expression. Ears small and erect. Good scissor bite. Good neck, leading into well laid shoulders, moved well. 

2nd. Brown, Ralindi Howdy Rowdy.  4 year old bitch and the same applies,but on the day she would not co-operate with her handler 

Sealyham Terrier Open 3 (2)Abs 

1st Bledge & Good. Am Ch Goodspice Dreams are Made of USA at Blomandal. 18 month old male that fulfils the breed standard He was in excellent coat and put down to perfection. Skull slightly domes and wide between the ears, dark eyes well set apart and ears of medium size slightly rounded at the tip. Good scissor bite. Neck fairly long leading into well laid shoulders. Strong forelegs and good broad chest with good spring of rib. Muscular thighs ad tight feet. Moved briskly.B.O.B and group 3. 

West Highland White. Open 3 (1) abs 

1st Fisher, Havasu Head Boy. 2 year old male with that varminty appearance. 

He has a good head,slightly domed. Eyes set wide apart,dark and intelligent. Ears small and erect. Good scissor bite. Good neck leading into well laid shoulders. Compact body and good feet with black pads. In good coat and moved well. 

2nd Fisher Bobo Whiskey Shcm. 4 year old male and the same attributes apply. I just preferred the overall balance on my winner. 

Cairn Terrier Open. 3 (i) Abs. 

1st Lamb & Saltmarsh. Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon.  

14 months old Wheaten Brindle Male. Another outstanding dog from this kennel. Broad skull with a definite stop. Powerful muzzle with a correct scissor bite. Dark hazel eyes and small pointed ears. Neck well set on, level top line and strong muscular hind quarters. Good feet and tail carried gaily on the move. Good harsh coat. B.O.B 

2ND Lamb & Saltmarsh. Birselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon. 4 year old grey brindle male. The same applies,but I preferred the overall balance of my winner. 

Skye Terrier. Open. 

1st Pringle. Esgia the Excisemann. 

7 month old Male,cream with black points. Cream with black points. Very much a puppy but a lot to like. Elegant and diginified. His head is long and powerful with a slight stop. Dark brown eyes and correct ears. Correct scissor bite. Long neck with a slight crest. Good shoulders and chest developing well. Body was long and low. Strong hindquarters, good feet and moved well. 

Soft Coated Wheaten Junior 2(1) abs 

1ST MacAulay. Keridown Western Star 

15 month old bitch. She was very hard to assess as she would not settle. She was lovely for shape and size. Good Body Moved ok 

PG. 4 

1ST,Delaney Braelochyen Ice Quratz. . Lovely for shape and size. A little longer cast and lean although. Good head and correct scissor bite. Good Body Moved well. 

2nd McIntyre. Thsitelbee Imperial Topaz. 3 year old bitch who was  carrying a little to much weight and this affected her placing today, as her movement was not as true as my winner. 

Open 2 (1)abs 

1st McIntyre, Thistlebe Mr Bojangels. 6year old male , with the correct head. Ear set on correct, correct scissor bite. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders . Good depth of chest,in crisp coat . Tail set on correct and moved well. B.O.B  

Airedale Open 6 (5) Abs. 

1st Bain. Unique  in all ways of Malton (Imp Nl) 

2 year old bitch, with head of correct proportions. Dark eyes and ear set on good. Correct scissor bite . Good reach of neek,leading into well laid shoulders. In excellent coat moved well. 

AVNSC Open. 4 (2)abs 

1st Anderson & Watt. Edbrios Explorer at Nisyros. Kerry Blue.What an outstanding dog. He was in excellent conditions and alert at all times. One of those dogs who says look at me!. 

Compact and powerful and yes he is.His head is well balanced, long and proportionally lean,with a slight stop and flat over skull. Foreface and jaw was very strong and correct scissor bite. Eyes darkand his ears were v shaped and carried forward. 

Correct scissor bite. His neck was strong and lead into well laid shoulders,Elbows carried close to body . Legs strong and powerful. Short body and good depth of brisket. Well sprung ribs. His hindquarters are well developed and small round feet with black nails. Tail set on correct and he moved with purpose. B.V.N.S.C, Group 1 and B.I.S 

2nd Grant, Hall and McElhinney. 4 year old wire bitch, He head is a little snipy,ear set on correct. In good body, moved ok 

AV Terrier Special Puppy, 7(2) abs. 

1st Pringle, Esgia Fair and Fairest. Skye Puppy 

7 month old bitch,cream with black points. Cream with black points. Very much a puppy but a lot to like. Elegant and diginified. His head is long and powerful with a slight stop. Dark brown eyes and correct ears. Correct scissor bite. Long neck with a slight crest. Good shoulders and chest developing well. Body was long and low. Strong hindquarters, good feet and moved well. Best Special Puppy. 

M L Taylor Judge