• Show Date: 24/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Melanie Sinclair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

North of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Special Award Classes

Thank you very much to the members and committee for my invitation to judge the Special Awards Classes and to everyone who entered them. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and only wished I had more prize cards because there really were very many quality dogs. I would also like to thank my helpful and experienced stewards John and Shona McConnachie.

Puppy (3) 

1 Johnston and Brown's Revelry Queen of Battle, just days under 10 months old black brindle bitch. I understand this was her first show and she took it all in her stride with that typical Stafford attitude! She has a lovely compact overall outline, representing the ideal blend of bull and terrier. At this age she has a good head shape, deep through with pronounced stop and round, dark eyes. Good breadth and length of muzzle, which is very clean and housing excellent dentition. She is developing well with nice rounded bone, good straight front and tight, well padded feet in good condition. Front and rear angulations complement each other producing nice driving action. She really is a lovely girl. Won the class on superb overall balance and type.    

2 Hamilton, Hamilton and Murray's Magicgem the Phoenix for Shawrigg, 8 months red bitch. Another really nice puppy. She has a super clean head and foreface, with good tight lips. Excellent bite and teeth and nicely developing cheek muscles. Dark eyes and very good pigmentation. Great expression which conveys her Stafford- like joy of life! Used her ears to her advantage. Nice straight front, neat elbows, brisket will drop in time and she presents a very clean outline with well laid back shoulders and very good rear angulation. Her movement was smooth and efficient as she settled into her stride.     

3 Buchan's Mournestaff Maia 8 months black brindle bitch. Only 3 in this class and she couldn't go without a mention. A good head shape with short foreface and dark eye. Well placed ears enhancing expression. I would prefer a slightly more upright pastern. She moved well for her handler. 

Graduate (10,1) 

1 Owens' Tagstane Bobby McGee. A black brindle bitch just under 15 months. This girl has a fantastic expression, she eyed me the whole time just in case I was thinking of looking at somebody else! She has a strong head with broad muzzle and deep through skull and a very dark eye, a commanding expression. She is compact overall with good substance and round bone. Correct length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, a neat and tidy front followed by well sprung ribs and a well defined waist. She has a good turn of stifle, nice short hocks and tight, well padded feet. She moved well with drive holding her top line and won the class on her overall breed type and great condition.     

2 Wallace's Ballindona Crazy Horse. Black brindle dog just a few days past his first birthday. He represented for me a good blend of bull and terrier. Another one with a demanding expression, exuding confidence. He has a strong head that is clean. Straight front leading back to well sprung ribs and a good tuck up. Correct tail set and carriage. His feet are well padded and tight, perhaps his toes on rear feet could be ever so slightly longer. He moved well with drive from his well muscled thighs. Earned his placing by a whisker on his confidence and expression for me today in a nice class. 

3 Owens' Tagstane Tomahawk. 

Open (8,2) 

This was a lovely class to judge, placings were all close.

1 Campbell and Irvine's Diamondstaff Jack'n'Black. A black brindle dog who sparkled in the ring for me today. He has a good head shape with defined stop, broad, clean muzzle and well developed cheek muscles. Dark eyes and a typical expression. He has a strong neck leading into a very clean and straight front, back to well sprung ribs, good tuck up and well defined waist. Good topline standing and moving. Well angulated rear with strong thigh muscles of good length providing him with a smooth, driving action. For myself I prefer a slightly wider dog and this was a very, very close decision but he won the class for me today on his very clean overall outline and 'togetherness'. 

2 Grant's Ruadonis White Blank Page. A white and red pied top-sized dog of great strength who gave me cause for real consideration in the first two placings. He has round, coal black eyes with super pigmentation set in a punishing and yet very clean head. Good teeth and underjaw. He was in fit, hard condition. He has a powerful neck leading into well laid back shoulders and a chest with great capacity. Good width at front. Correct tailset and carriage. He has a powerful rear with enough bend of stifle and short hocks. He powered up and down the mat with good parallel movement. I would love to have had 2 first places but today for me the winner just had the edge, by the smallest of margins on being very well knit together. 

3 Patrick's Welshstaff Last Gasp

4 Boyles' Ashstaff Painted Lady