• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Melanie Reeves Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Class 152

Puppy (2) (0)

1st. Midgley's Native Spirit's Mystyrayn. 7 month old dark grey male. with a touch of buff colouring around head and ears. Typical foxy type head, dark almond, oblique set eyes, good pigmentation, good ear set, well furred. In good coat. Good angulation throughout, moved well,but wide in the rear, still growing, very nicely presented. BP and Puppy G2.

2nd. Midgley's Native Spirit's Legacy. Litter mate to 1st, Lighter grey with buff colouring around head and ears, a foxy type head, good ear set, well furred, correct eyes, dark brown. At the moment this dog doesn't seem as balanced as his brother, this reflected in his movement, very loose and not very fluid or easy going. He is still growing so a lot will change.

Class 153

Post Graduate (2) (0)

1st. Biddlecombe's Tsaritsa Elva. Light grey/white foxy type head, feminine bitch, dark oblique set almond shape eyes, Good length of neck and lay back of shoulder, good depth of chest and spring of ribs. Legs nicely under the body, good muscling, strong top line, gentle slope of croup, slight turn of stiffle, and well let down hocks. Overall lovely proportions throughout, good length of body to height ratio, a beautifully balanced siberian, which moved effortlessly and efficiently covering the ground. RBOB.

2nd. Hart's Zawkkast's Li'l Evey. Dark grey/white, blue eyes, Dark masked, keen expression, foxy type head.Arched neck of good length. Good angulation throughout, slight rise over the loin and good tuck up. Slightly sloping croup, nicely shaped bitch, of balanced proportions, of lighter bone than 1st, a bit unsettled moving.

Class 154

Open (2) (0)

1st. Hart's Arctictrek's Ralph Revels At Zawkkast. White dog with liver pigmentation, blue oblique set ,almond shaped eyes. Lovely masculine head, of correct proportions. Good ear set. Good length of neck, arched. Well layed back shoulder and return of upper arm. Slight slope of pasterns, well sprung ribs, level topline, good slope of croup, and slight turn of stifle. Well let down hocks. Good height to body length ratio. With legs nicely placed under the body. A very well muscled dog, who looks well up to the job, which showed on the move, good hard driving, effortless easy coverage of ground. He also has the most even temperament, welcome to come home with me any day. BOB

2nd. Biddlecombe's Tsaritsa Veyron. Litter brother to PG winner, Light grey/white male, dark eyes obliquely set, with a typical foxy type head, of keen expression and a good ear set. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder. In good muscle. Good depth of chest, slight slope of pastern. level top line. Slight rise over loins, and tuck up, nicely coupled. Good slope of croup, and slight turn of stifle. Well let down hocks. Legs nicely placed under the body. . Height to body length ratio correct. A good overall balanced dog, moved soundly, 1st. caught my eye more with his drive, and coverage of ground on the move.


Melanie Reeves (Korsvig)