• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Melanie Reeves Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society

Thank you Christchurch & New Forest Canine society for inviting me to judge Siberian Huskies at your Open show..

 Fantastic setting and ideal weather for a lovely day out..Thank you to all who came with their lovely Siberians,

 Some really nice dogs lost out on higher places because they were just not settled enough to assess them well enough moving.

Class 266

Puppy (1,0)

1st. Wickers & Munday's Jacalous Catch Me if You Can At Vukasin. Grey and White bitch, just 6 months old, Blue eyes of correct shape and set,

      and dark pigmentation,correct bite., Good ear set.Good angulations front and rear, and level top line. Gentle slope of croup,

       and good set on of tail, which is brushlike. Nice, balanced pup. Moved very nicely, with good reach and drive.

      Although still loose at the front and needs to mature when she will come together nicely.

      Very well handled and nicely presented. BP , Working Puppy G4

Class 267

Junior (2,0)

1st. Norman,s Shades of Midnite. Lighter coloured black/white bitch, dark eyes of correct shape and set. Dark pigment. Foxy type head,

      good proportions and good ear set. Lovely keen expression.

      Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Slightly sloping front pasterns. Good length to height ratio.Slight rise over loin. and good tuck up.

      well coupled. Gentle sloping croup, good set of tail. Slight turn of stifle, and well let down rear hocks. Balanced and good angulation throughout.

      Moved with good reach and drive, when settled.

2nd. Thorne's Lupachiotto's Diamond Sky. A light grey bi eyed bitch, with a bolder foxy type head, and a steeper stop to 1st. Dark pigmentation,

        and a good ear set. Good angulation throughout, and balanced, out of coat this time. A bit unsettled and not as together in movement as 1st.

Class 268

PG (6,1)

1st. Smith & March's Janskcoo Echoes in Eternity. Light grey/white bitch, dark eyes and pigmentation. Foxy, feminine type head of good proportions.

      Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Good depth of chest. Slightly sloping front pasterns. Good topline and rise over loin, and noticeable tuck up.

      A gentle sloping croup and good set on of tail. good angulations throughout of balanced proportions.

     An eye catching shaped bitch, moved with drive and covered the ground well.

      Would of liked a little more reach. RBOB

2nd. Wooliscroft's Zarchenski Challenger. White, dark eyed bitch, dark pigmentation, liver coloured nose. Foxy type, feminine head of good proportions.

        Good ear set. Well laid back shoulder and depth of chest. Slight slope of the front pasterns. Level topline, slight rise over loin and slight tuck up noticeable.

         Gentle slope of croup

      Well set, brushlike tail. Nice turn of stifle and rear hocks well let down. A good height to length ratio. Unsettled initially when moving,

       but did settle enough to see sound movement with good drive. like 1st would of liked more reach. Prefered the shape/outline of 1st.

Class 269

Open (6,2)

1st. Norman's Skimarque Anna Pavlova. White bitch, lovely light amber coloured eyes, almond shaped and obliquely set, on a very feminine foxy head.

      When she used her ears they were of good set and slightly longer in height than width. Lovely keen and kind expression. Dark pigmented.

       Good length of neck and well laid back shoulder, with a good return of upper arm.slightly sloping front pasterns. Level topline, nicely sprung ribs,

      slight rise over loin and noticeable tuck up. Gently sloping croup and good turn of stifle. Rear hocks well let down. Good feet, not tight or flat.

       Good height to length ratio,a nicely balanced moderate bitch. Moved with really good reach and drive...BOB

2nd. Aguilera's Sulaco Hudson. Black/white, dark masked dog. Dark eyes of correct shape and set. Head of good proportions and masculine.

      Good length of neck and well laid back shoulder.

       Good length of leg and slightly sloping front pasterns. Level topline and rise over loin with a noticeable tuck up, nicely coupled.

      Gentle slope of croup and good set of tail.

      Slight turn of stifle and hocks well let down. unsettled when moving, but I did see sound and good reach and drive,

       Could of gained a hight place if he was more focused.


 Melanie Reeves (Korsvig)